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You Have Back Hair Too?

Like you, maybe (am I assuming too much right now?)…I was cursed (or is it a blessing?) with primal genetic back hair.

The jury is still out on this one…

Rarely does back hair look sexy or appealing. I went into my 30’s with little to no signs of showing any signs of back hair, but I always wondered because my father sported long and sparsely spotted back hair. I always was frightful of attaining this hit or miss family trait, as my brothers seem to have avoided this, but lucky me, not the case.

Damn luck!

Maturing Into Back Hair…Great!

So as the ’30s came, so did my maturity to growing back hair, life has a way of hinting at what is to come down the line if one pays enough attention and remains open.

So, I suffered with always leaving my shirt on, from then on. Embarrassed of my natural proclivity for growing unsightly hair out of my back.

Enter The Back Shaver

Now, within my mid 40’s it shows no sign of letting up but…NOW, I have a method of dealing with mowing the back hair.

What I find best with dealing with back hair, is having a sense of humor about it and accepting it. Make some jokes about it and don’t look at it so negatively.

Laugh at yourself and the world with laugh with you. This has helped me deal with it.

My page Common Questions About Shaving Your Back is worthy of checking out.

Damn it, I Want To Help You

What I found after finding an efficient method of shaving my back was increased confidence as well as feeling better about myself as well. Society influence, I guess. Well, I had always tried other methods of trying to clear up my back with hit and miss success. Our freaking arms, are not meant to move that way.

So, it is with this new found elevated feeling that I wished to share with the world, a way to alleviate the burden of unsightly back hair. To help share methods of eradicating and removal of unwanted hair that happens to remain in hard to reach spots, our backs.

Welcome All Of My Hairy Beast Brethren 

So feel welcome here!

As no ill judgement will be cast upon you, for we with back hair are BEASTS. We should be proud as we are hairy and above ground ready to conquer the world.

With old traits that served our past lineage well. This is our strength, which we will hide for now. But it will lay hidden within our subconscious and below or outer skin level from this forth on, as our source of strength from our strong and durable ancestors that survived saber-tooth’s, Mammoths, and the giant short-faced bear.

Welcome my brothers, now let’s get to shaving that shit off…


Would love to hear from you, feel free to comment below or if you have any questions.

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