Happy Nuts Anti-Chafe Comfort Stick Review

happy nuts anti-chafe comfort stick review

Will This Perform? Today’s post is Happy Nuts Anti-Chafe Comfort Stick Review. Chaffing can occur from regular everyday activities or exercise. A cream or anti-chaffing stick protects and lubricates the skin, decreasing friction. Happy Nuts recently launched its Anti-Chafe Comfort Stick and sent it to me for review. So, let’s get into it… Full Disclosure … Read more

Should Men Trim Armpit Hair? Yes!


You’re Wondering If It’s Normal? Right? So let’s get right to it: should men trim armpit hair? I firmly believe in doing what you want regardless of social norms just to get that said and out of the way. So, if you’re going to trim or shave your underarm hair…do it. If it doesn’t suit … Read more

Black Friday Grooming Deals

black and white banner

This is one of the best ways to get the cheapest prices on grooming products either for personal use or for giving a great grooming gift to that special someone. The kind of deals you see on Black Friday is going to be hard to beat any other day of the year. So, I thought … Read more

Best Books On Men’s Grooming

best books on men's grooming

Books For A Better You These are some of the best books on men’s grooming. Looking for something interesting to read? Are you wanting to become more fashionable, manly, better kept, or more attractive? Well, the answer(s) might come from the old, reliable world of books. Books filled with man stuff like grooming, dressing, and … Read more