Long Handled Razor Extension For Disabled Or People With Limited Mobility

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This post of Long Handled Razor Extension for Disabled or People with Limited Mobility is for those people looking for a device to help shave hard-to-reach areas on their bodies. Are you having a hard time reaching your legs by shaving them with a standard razor? Many people struggle with mobility issues due to age, … Read more

Giraffe Razor Extension Handle Review: Bad Back Shaver But Great Shaving Legs


What Is The Giraffe Razor Extension Handle? This post is Giraffe Razor Extension Handle Review. As the name implies, this is a long handle (like a giraffe’s neck) for better-reaching areas of the body with minimal effort. The Giraffe Razor Extension Handle is a multi-purpose extension razor. An important note here is that it is … Read more

UltraFlexx Contour Body Shaving Handle Review

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Today’s post is UltraFlexx Contour Body Shaving Handle Review. It is another back shaving handle that you attach your own razor to, as this is just the handle to hold a razor. Enter the UltraFlexx Contour Body Shaving Handle. As always, I am eager to review different and multipurpose shavers. Anything that can be used on … Read more