Long Handled Razor Extension For Disabled Or People With Limited Mobility

This post of Long Handled Razor Extension for Disabled or People with Limited Mobility is for those people looking for a device to help shave hard-to-reach areas on their bodies. Are you having a hard time reaching your legs by shaving them with a standard razor? Many people struggle with mobility issues due to age, injury, or pregnancy and need some type of device to maintain hygiene. Thankfully, there are many devices that address this area of concern.

Who Might Need A Long Handled Razor Extension?

A lot of people would find using a long handled razor extension helpful, not only the disabled or people with limited mobility. I often hand off this device to my wife after testing them and writing about them. She has used them them to shave her legs with them and stated she likes using them, as it easier to reach areas without a lot of stretching.

  • People who are recovering from physical injuries.
  • People who are recovering from surgeries.
  • Disabled people.
  • Pregnant women.
  • Older people with limited mobility.
  • Arthritis.
  • Small shower.
  • Back pain.
  • Size mobility
  • Anybody…as it makes reaching areas a lot easier.

Best Long Handled Razor Extension

I focus mainly on back shavers on this website, but I just need to state that I have used each product on this list, and although I do not have any immediate physical mobility issues, I can determine the best razor extension because I have a thorough knowledge of testing shavers after years of reviews.

I hope to lay out the current best razor extension in order, starting with the best and allowing you to make the best possible decisions for yourself.

1. Smooth Reach Long Razor Extension Handle

This is my highest-ranked extension handle. For a more in-depth review of this product, go to my page, Smooth Reach Long Razor Extension Handle Review.

Smooth Reach Long Razor Extension Handle - Leg Hair Removal for Women – Razor Extender For Pregnant Women, Limited Mobility Shaving Tool - Back Shavers for Men - Works On All Blade Razors

  • Absolutely no extra movement when properly secured to the handle. The attached razor will not move on you.
  • The handle extends to a long 20.8 inches, more than enough length to shave any body part.
  • It is very lightweight and easy to maneuver.
  • Foam-padded handle for a comfortable grip.
  • An attached lanyard to slip over your wrist. Great for not dropping it and not having to pick it up.
  • They are highly adjustable in length and curve of the handle. It can be bent to help aid in shaving.
  • It will fit any disposable razor blade sold on the market.
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2. UltraFlexx Contour Body Shaving Handle

This is my second choice for an extension handle for the disabled or mobility impaired. Made from stainless steel with a plastic coating, so it should never rust on you. This extension handle uses a Velcro strap to secure a disposable razor to the handle. You can read more about the UltraFlexx handle here: UltraFlexx Contour Body Shaving Handle Review.

The Best!! Back Hair Shaver - Back Hair Razor - Razor Extension Handle

  • Made in the USA.
  • This has a lifetime guarantee.
  • It is very lightweight and pliable. It can be bent to the shape and angle you want and hold the angle when pressure is applied when shaving.
  • There is no movement when a disposable razor is attached. It is locked down solid.
  • It has a looped end for hanging in the shower.
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3. Giraffe Razor Extension Handle

This product is more designed for the ladies, as you can tell by the color, and is targeted specifically for shaving your legs. This has two shaving head attachments to fit any disposable razor on the market, as some lady disposable razors have a wider handle than most disposable razors. Read the full in-depth review here, Giraffe Razor Extender Handle Review.

Giraffe Razor Extension Handle

  • A very long handle, which is 20 3/16″ inches long.
  • Two shaving head attachments. Will fit the wider handles of specific lady leg shaver disposable razors.
  • It makes shaving your legs easy.
  • The pivoting head allows for different angles, thus getting to all areas.
  • Lightweight and extendable.
  • A lanyard is supplied to avoid dropping it when using it.
  • Adjustable handle from 15 3/16″ to fully extended 20 3/16″ inches.
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5. Evolve Body Shaver

This is a straight-handle extension razor that has its own specific razor blades that are used with this handle. It comes with four replaceable razor cartridges when purchased. The razor cartridges have three razors per cartridge for a quick, clean shave. Read more about the Evolve here, Evolve Body Razor Review.

man and women using evolve body razor
  • Blades are made in the USA.
  • Replacement blades are affordable.
  • Foldable handle for easy storage.
  • The handle, when fully extended, is 16 inches long.
  • Razor cartridges have three blades for a close shave.
  • The handle is ribbed for a secure grip.
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5. Ape Scrape Razor Extender

The Ape Scrape Razor Extender is a solid piece of very lightweight plastic. The handle measures 16 inches long and works with a lot of different-sized razors. The razor is held on by an O-ring. Truth be told, I wouldn’t recommend anybody with arthritis to buy this one, as it is hard to apply the O-ring.

Razor Extender/Extension handle patented to hold multiple size or style razor. Made in USA. Good for limited mobility or during pregnancy.

  • O-ring secures holds most razors.
  • It is very lightweight and weldly.
  • It has a hole on the end to attach a lanyard.
  • It indexes well, and you don’t have to think about what angle to hold the razor. It just happens naturally.
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Other Products Which You Might Consider

Aquasentials Easy Lotion Applicator

Another product that goes right along with the razor extenders seamlessly is a long-handled lotion applicator. You can put shaving cream on it and apply it to your legs or other areas of your body. This works great and is essential! You can read my full write-up here Aquasentials Easy Lotion Applicator Review.

aquasentials easy lotion applicator
  • A big pad on which to apply lotions or creams.
  • Long handle 16 1/2 inches long.
  • A mandatory lanyard to keep from having to pick it up after dropping it.
  • Lotion and cream adhere to the foam pad easily.
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If you have any questions or comments regarding these products, I would love the opportunity to answer them below.

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