How Do Men Shave Their Backs?

how do men shave their backs

Some Of Us Men Have Hairy Backs, and Some Of These Men Shave Their Backs How do men shave their backs? This is an essential first step in understanding back shaving. If you are wondering what men with hairy backs use to shave their backs, you have come to the right spot. I specialize in … Read more

The Big List Of Back Shavers

a man's back

Why A List Of Back Shavers? Why a big list of back shavers? I don’t know because it is there!? I thought I would make a post that simply listed all the back shavers both available and unavailable for purchase. Yes…I Have Used & Review All Of Them! Maybe it is like a historical thing? … Read more

The Benefits Of Having A Shaved Back!

man shirtless standing in water

Are you on the fence about shaving your back and want to know the benefits of having a dolphin smooth shaved back? As a man with a hairy back, I would like to share my personal experience with the benefits of having a shaved back. I have enjoyed being a back shaver and can honestly … Read more

Should I Shave Or Trim My Back Hair?

trim or shave back hair

There Are Always Options Men! Should I shave or trim my back hair? That is the question, well the answer is pretty straightforward, it’s what you prefer. Do you want a smooth hairless back or do you want to just trim it? I will present the benefits and negatives of each method as well as … Read more

How To Shave Your Back Yourself

man shaving his back

Shaving Your Back Is Easy! In this post How To Shave Your Back Yourself I will be going over every detail to help you ensure a successful back shaving session. If you are brand new to the idea of back shaving rest assured…it is easy! Maybe the first couple of times that you shave your … Read more

How Often Do I Need To Shave My Back?

mans back

Common questions around shaving your back I get all the time. Like, how often do I need to shave my back? This is the second most asked question I have received, so I thought I would address this question and write about it here to help the newly committed back shavers. BTW, the most common … Read more