5 Grooming Gift Ideas For Father’s Day

grooming gift ideas for father's day

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and if you are looking for something to buy your special Dad, I have some very special grooming ideas that are sure to please even the most hard-to-please male role model in your life. These are all battle-tested by me personally and perform above the fray…only the best. … Read more

Happy Nuts Anti-Chafe Comfort Stick Review

happy nuts anti-chafe comfort stick review

Will This Perform? Today’s post is Happy Nuts Anti-Chafe Comfort Stick Review. Chaffing can occur from regular everyday activities or exercise. A cream or anti-chaffing stick protects and lubricates the skin, decreasing friction. Happy Nuts recently launched its Anti-Chafe Comfort Stick and sent it to me for review. So, let’s get into it… Full Disclosure … Read more

Beard Club Body & Groin Trimmer Review: Innovative & Effortless

beard club body & groin trimmer review

Is This Your Next Multipurpose Trimmer? Beard, Body, Groin & Back Hair Trimmer? This is my first look at anything from The Beard Club. So, let’s get right into this: The Beard Club Body & Groin Trimmer Review. This trimmer looks very interesting and promising. Full Disclosure I am not an affiliate of The Beard … Read more

Dr. Squatch Coconut Castaway Review: Amazing: 1 Of The Best

dr. squatch coconut castaway review

Dr. Squatch Coconut Castaway Review: I hope to enlighten you and shed some light on this scent and its products. I’ve been a big fan of Dr. Squatch products for years, mainly because of their fragrances and ingredients. These are specifically formulated for men with natural ingredients and scent profiles. What’s not to love? This … Read more

Happy Nuts The Lumberjack Trimmer Review: 1 Of The Most Quiet & Powerful

happy nuts the lumberjack trimmer review

Today’s post is Happy Nuts The Lumberjack Trimmer Review. This is the newest multi-purpose trimmer offered by Happy Nuts. I am happy and excited to be reviewing this product. So, let’s get into it. Full Disclosure I am an affiliate of Happy Nuts. Happy Nuts sent me the Lumberjack Trimmer to review. Links on this … Read more