Beard Club Body & Groin Trimmer Review: Innovative & Effortless

beard club body & groin trimmer review

Is This Your Next Multipurpose Trimmer? Beard, Body, Groin & Back Hair Trimmer? This is my first look at anything from The Beard Club. So, let’s get right into this: The Beard Club Body & Groin Trimmer Review. This trimmer looks very interesting and promising. Full Disclosure I am not an affiliate of The Beard … Read more

Dr. Squatch Coconut Castaway Review: Amazing: 1 Of The Best

dr. squatch coconut castaway review

Dr. Squatch Coconut Castaway Review: I hope to enlighten you and shed some light on this scent and its products. I’ve been a big fan of Dr. Squatch products for years, mainly because of their fragrances and ingredients. These are specifically formulated for men with natural ingredients and scent profiles. What’s not to love? This … Read more

Happy Nuts The Lumberjack Trimmer Review: 1 Of The Most Quiet & Powerful

happy nuts the lumberjack trimmer review

Today’s post is Happy Nuts The Lumberjack Trimmer Review. This is the newest multi-purpose trimmer offered by Happy Nuts. I am happy and excited to be reviewing this product. So, let’s get into it. Full Disclosure I am an affiliate of Happy Nuts. Happy Nuts sent me the Lumberjack Trimmer to review. Links on this … Read more

What Makes A Good Ball Trimmer?: 15 General Guidelines

what makes a good ball trimmer

Features That Make A Good Ball Trimmer – Things To Look For In this post, What Makes A Good Ball Trimmer – General Guidelines, I will discuss many features and questions surrounding ball trimming. Grooming groin hair in the last couple of decades has taken off and become quite popular. There are many features to … Read more

Manscaped The Body Buffer Review: 5-Star Quality-Worth It?

manscaped the body buffer review

Looking For A More Hygenic Body Scrubber For The Shower? This Might Be It!!! In this Manscaped The Body Buffer Review, I will help you determine if this product is right for you by providing my experience and helpful insights. I’ve been using many different types of shower scrubbers/exfoliators lately and can share my thoughts. … Read more

Best Christmas Gifts Under 25 Dollars

best christmas gifts under 25 dollars

#amazon #amazonfinds #amazonbrands @MYHAPPYNUTS   Whether stocking stuffers or just gifts, these best Christmas gifts under 25 dollars ideas will help cross off names on your list and let you enjoy the holidays. For only 25 bucks, you can give a very functional and practical gift. I will give an error of margin for $5.00. Prices … Read more

Best Christmas Gifts Under 15 Dollars

best christmas gifts under 15 dollars

This post is about finding the best Christmas gifts under 15 dollars. The drama is so real!!! The stress is real. Finding a practical but meaningful gift that won’t be tossed in a corner and forgotten is difficult. Plus given the fact, we only have 15 dollars to do it! Let’s see what I come … Read more