How I Review Products

The internet can be very helpful, but it can also be very misleading and confusing.

Two examples of this are fake reviews and reviews where the person never used the product. This is pretty ubiquitous online, believe it or not. The reviews are from both well-known, respected websites and unknown websites. Thus making it even more confusing.

Anytime you potentially add money to the situation, it gets muddy quickly.

I enjoy helping people find great grooming products and sharing helpful information, hopefully making someone’s decision more straightforward and less stressful.

Service to others over service to self. It is my life goal. My little way of giving back.

Who Writes The Reviews?

I am the only writer on this website.

My name is Dan, and I own this website. I am the sole contributor. My grammar and writing style are not the greatest (although slowly improving), but sometimes my wife helps with this editing. She is an English teacher, so I lean on her occasionally.

Full Transparency

I will not review a product that I do not own. I only review products I have in my possession and have used.

I, 100% of the time, own and have used the product. Check out my website if you don’t believe me.

How do I prove that statement?

I prove this by posting a unique picture of at least one image, often two or three. This proves I have at least the item in my possession, which is the first step to honestly reviewing a product. Right?

Often, websites use stock photos of the product and never show unique pictures. For me, this is a clue that the review isn’t done in complete honesty.

happy nuts comfort powder spray in hand
A recent example of a unique picture I took to prove I own the product.


I will only state my candid opinion of the product, even if I am affiliated with the company. If a product isn’t worth buying, I will be the first to let you know, and vice versa.

How I Make Money

I make money through affiliate links found throughout my website. This is often a small percentage of the total sale. This offsets the cost of running a website and purchasing products for review.

I also have Google AdSense place ads on my website.

What I Disclose

In my Full Disclosure on reviews or posts, I state whether I am affiliated with the company. If the company sent me the product to review or if I purchased the product with my own money. I often buy products with my money to review them. I have spent many personal funds to bring honesty and complete transparency.

I very often post Amazon links in my reviews. Back Shaver For Men participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

I have also joined and partnered with other affiliate programs.

How I Review Products

  • I own the product I review.
  • I use the product. This can be from a single use to a span of a couple of weeks using the product.
  • I take notes or quickly run back to my computer to type something before I forget.
  • I write a detailed, in-depth review stating both pros & cons.
  • I share my unique experience of using the product.
  • I post it online.

Hopefully, you will find my posts and reviews helpful in saving time and money.