How To Safely Dispose Of Safety Razor Blades

Used Old Safety Razors – What To Do?

This post is about how to safely dispose of safety razor blades. After using many different back shavers with varying uses of some types of razors, I have come to the point of what to do with used safety razor blades, as I do not want to throw them into the trash. That wouldn’t be safe.

I never really thought about it until the time came: How do you safely dispose of safety razor blades?

Some municipalities do not want small metal objects thrown in with the garbage, as this clogs their sorting process.

This can be a serious health question as someone could still very easily be injured by either reaching into the trash bin or cutting through the plastic bag when transporting the bag to the larger waste bin.

So, what is a good solution?

Solutions – Ways To Dispose Of Used Razors

What to do? What to do? Thankfully, there are simple solutions to this potentially dangerous problem.

Blade Banks

They are, just like they sound, a container to store used razor blades safely. Many different companies offer these for sale. They can hold roughly 100 razor blades before they need to be replaced.

Feather Styling Razor Disposal Case

Feather Styling Razor Disposal Case

Bro Shaver Dumpster Razor Disposal Case XL Size 3 pack

3 Pack Razor Blade Disposal Container - XL Razor Disposal Container Safety Razor Case X3 Dumpster Razor Disposal Case XL Blade Bank - Bro Shaver

Sharps Container

These are the containers you see in hospitals and clinics. They can hold a lot more than the blade banks can. They come in varying sizes like quart and gallon.

These are bigger and take up more room, and can be unsightly. They can always be put under the sink or on a shelf. These can be rather bulky and be a problem finding a spot to store them.

Oakridge Products 1 Quart Size (Pack of 3) Sharps Disposal Container – Approved for Home and Professional use

Oakridge Products Sharps Container for Home Use and Professional 1 Quart (3-Pack), Biohazard Needle and Syringe Disposal, Small Portable Container for Travel, CDC Certified

Minkissy Blade Dispenser Case Razor Blade Disposal Case Barber Shop Storage Bank Container for Used Razor Blades Red

Minkissy Blade Dispenser Case Razor Blade Disposal Case Barber Shop Storage Bank Container for Used Razor Blades Red

Make Use Of An Old Pill Container

If you’re using this method, you should try to cross out the label and write “Used Razor Blades” in bold letters or something similar.

The lid should be a child safety cap if young children live or visit.

Tape Is Your Friend

Some people, for a low-cost method, use duct tape to tape the end of their used razors.

Back Shavers That Use Double-Sided Safety Razors

The two best back shavers that use safety razors and are in my top 5 back shavers are made by the same company.

What Company?

Bro Shaver. The Bro Shaver (original) and the Bro Shaver 2.2 Saucy. Both of these back shavers are performers. Both are economical to use as safety razors are pretty affordable, especially compared to other back shaver cartridges, which are usually quite expensive and very overpriced.

Please feel free to check out my reviews below.

Bro Shaver 2.2 Saucy Back Hair Shaver Review

Bro Shaver Review

Also, I highly recommend you check out my page Best Safety Razors For Shaving Your Back. It lists the best razors for longevity and sharpness.

Final Thoughts On How To Safely Dispose Of Safety Razor Blades

Safety should always be first; whatever method you use, please be safe. So, think twice before tossing that used razor blade into the waste bin. I was quilty of this myself but with a little forethought and money it can be solved.

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