Should Men Trim Armpit Hair? Yes!

You’re Wondering If It’s Normal? Right?

So let’s get right to it: should men trim armpit hair? I firmly believe in doing what you want regardless of social norms just to get that said and out of the way. So, if you’re going to trim or shave your underarm hair…do it.

If it doesn’t suit you, it will always grow back. So, it’s no big deal. I trim my armpit hair with clippers. I don’t shave my armpits as I want to avoid the itchiness when the hair grows back. When trimming the hair, I never get any itchiness when the hair grows back. This also allows for hair to be there still but just more manageable.

man trimming armpit hair

Unsightly Hair

Hair, wherever it grows, can be unsightly, and it is only normal to control your appearance by either cutting that hair, trimming that hair, or shaving that hair. Armpit hair is no different, as it can quickly look unmanaged and unruly.

Addressing the issue is taking steps to look and feel better.

How Normal Is It?

In a recent poll from Men’s Health of a survey of 4,044 men, it turns out that 68% of men trim their armpits. So, it turns out trimming your underarm hair is normal and actually more than normal.

men trimming underarm hair graph
Men’s Health Survey

How To Trim Armpit Hair For Men

The best way to trim your armpit hair is with some type of body hair clippers.

This allows you to pick the length of hair you want, from short stubble to any size, as most clippers come with various guide combs. These guide combs also help protect against nicking your skin. Depending on how long you want the hair determines what guide comb you use, as these vary in length.

You only have to lift your arm and slowly run the clippers through the hair. Attacking the hair from different angles is important to ensure you get all the hair to a consistent length.

You Need Some Type Of Hair Trimmer

From my experience, I have used combs attached to regular hair clippers without any guide combs. Powerful hair clippers are not really designed to trim the hair in a sensitive area like the armpit. Unless you use a guide comb, often without a guide comb attached, you will get little nicks and cuts.

I prefer using a quality groin hair trimmer, as I often like to use a trimmer without a guide comb. This way, I am protected from getting nicks or cuts. I have reviewed many trimmers, both beard and groin hair trimmers, and I definitely have my favorites. See below What Is The Best Trimmer For Armpits? for a good recommendation.

How Long Do You Want The Armpit Hair?

  1. Skin Close Shave – This is the lowest you can get the armpit hair. This is accomplished by using some type of razor blade.
  2. Stubble – This is the next step up from shaving your armpits, as there will be stubble left. This is usually accomplished by removing any guide comb and placing it on the lowest setting on the trimmer.
  3. Varying Lengths – Most trimmers come with multiple guide combs. These vary in length from 1/16″ to 2″ in length.
man showing armpit

Benefits & Of Buzzing Off Armpit Hair

There are many benefits of trimming your armpit hair. I will go over some of the benefits and list them below.

Sweat Less

Hair often traps heat. Having less hair means you could potentially be cooler, thus leaving you sweating less.

I have written a post about How To Reduce Ball Sweat – Practical Advice. It is filled with great advice for greatly reducing nut sweat. Check it out!


A well-groomed armpit is more physically appealing than a wild, unkempt one. Grooming is an essential part of being social creatures. As we interact with other people, how we look and appear to people affects how, in part, they treat us.

Cooler Body Temperature

As mentioned above, hair traps heat. Having less hair makes you feel cooler and helps you prevent sweating.

Less Odor

Not only does hair trap heat, but it also traps odors. Hair gives bacteria a place to linger and hold on. Removing this hair gives bad bacteria less area to hang out and breed. Thus leaving you smelling cleaner for longer.

man smelling armpit
Should men trim armpit hair? Having less hair reduces odor.

Deodorant Or Anti-Perspirant Doesn’t Clump

Depending on the deodorant or antiperspirant you use having armpit hair can form clumps of deodorant. This is oftentimes an unsightly mess that no one wants. But trimming or shaving the pits totally eliminates any clumping for antiperspirants or deodorants.

Are You Looking To Change Your Deodorant?

Since we are talking about armpits…do you need an excellent recommendation? Or are you tired of your current deodorant?

I have reviewed a lot of different brands of deodorants and have found some great smelling and performing deodorants. I prefer naturally smelling deodorants that don’t project into the next room and have natural ingredients.

  1. Pete & Pedro Super Fresh Deodorant – This is a true uni-sex deodorant for both men and women that smells, just as the name says, “super fresh.” It is one of the best-smelling deodorants I have come across, and it has fantastic performance, too. You can read my full review here for more info: Pete & Pedro Deodorant Review.
  2. Dr. Teal’s Deodorant – Dr. Teal’s has six scents that all smell natural and fantastic. It’s a great deodorant that performs really well. Check out my page here, Dr. Teal’s Deodorant Review.
  3. Harry’s Deodorant – If you are looking for a very affordable deodorant with great scents, then you need to get some Harry’s Deodorant. Very long-lasting deodorants. To find out more, click here: Harry’s Deodorant Review.

What Is The Best Trimmer For Armpits?

I have reviewed many types of body hair trimmers and have my favorite.

What is it?

The best body hair trimmer on the market right now is the Meridian Trimmer Plus. To find out more about why this trimmer is impressive, head over to my review here: Meridian Trimmer Plus Review – Worth Getting? Find Out!

Promo Code

Buy One, Get One 50% Off Just use the code HOLIDAY at Meridian. Offer expires December 15th at 11:59pmPT 2023.

green hair trimmer
Meridian Trimmer Plus – The best body hair trimmer!!!

Final Thoughts On Should Men Trim Armpit Hair

Whether or not you want to trim your armpit, I have highlighted most of the reasons and benefits of grooming armpit hair. It is socially acceptable to trim your armpits if that is what you want.

Any suggestions, comments, or questions are always welcome.

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