Meridian Trimmer Plus Review – Worth Getting? Find Out

Brand New Trimmer From Meridian

Okay, I am super pumped to be reviewing the newest trimmer from Meridian, as their first ball trimmer the Meridian Trimmer was the best ball trimmer I have used or reviewed to date. So, I am excited and eager to try this sucker out, and hopefully, Meridian Trimmer Plus performs even better than the last model.

3 different colored trimmers
Comes in three colors.

Let’s see how well this does…shall we?

Full Disclosure

I am an affiliate of Meridian. I purchased the trimmer in this review with my own money. I will post affiliate links within this review and will make a commission from these links. This is how I keep this website up and running and bringing you honest reviews.

What Is The Meridian The Trimmer Plus?

The Meridian Trimmer Plus is the newest trimmer from Meridian. This is a rechargeable trimmer that is used and marketed to be a groin area trimmer but can be used elsewhere on the body where this is unwanted hair. This trimmer can be used for both women and men.

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You can either use the trimmer without any guide comb for a really close trim or use the Adjustable Guide Comb to alter the height to what you want.

Key Features Of Meridian Trimmer Plus

  • Ceramic blade for long blade life and for better protection for the skin.
  • Waterproof.
  • 6500 rpm motor.
  • LED light.
  • Comes in three different colors. (onyx, sage, and ocean)
  • A fixed guard with 5 adjustable settings.
  • A charging dock.
  • A multipurpose trimmer is designed to trim the hair from the facial, groin area, body hair, armpits, arms, legs, chest, and even back hair if you have someone do it for you.
  • 90-minute runtime.
  • Lithium-Ion battery.
green hair trimmer

What Is Included With Purchase?

1 – Meridian The Trimmer Plus

1 – Detachable Blade

1 – USB Charging Cable

1 – Charging Dock

1 – Adjustable Guide Comb (5 settings)

1 – Cleaning Brush

1 – Instruction Pamplet

trimmer and all parts
Everything is included with this fantastic trimmer.

Specs Of Meridian The Trimmer Plus

The length of this trimmer is 6 1/16″ long. The blade measures 1 1/2″ wide. The guide comb settings are (0mm, 2.5mm, 5mm, 7.5mm, and 10mm).


The battery is Lithium-Ion 800 mah. It can take up to 2 hours to get a full charge. The running time with a full charge is 90 minutes.

Performance – How Well Does It Work? Worth Getting? My Opinion

The original Meridian Trimmer never once cut or nicked me once down under and I’ve been using it for almost 2 years. So…I am expecting a lot here. So how does the newest model fare?

Zero nicks or cuts from the Meridian Trimmer Plus!!! Fantastic results…but to be honest I am not surprised at all. I just found the best groin trimmer in the world.

green hair trimmer

Meridian continues holding the line at providing a quality grooming tool that doesn’t nick or cut you. Believe me, I reviewed a lot of groin trimmers and they all don’t perform as well as Meridian does. Other well-known and marketed brands in this field have left my private area in a bloody mess. Nicking me several times no matter how careful I was.

The Meridian Trimmer Plus is well-designed with quality parts that Meridian just gets it right each and every time. The handle is super comfortable and feels good in the hand. The motor is so quiet and yet never bogs down no matter how dense the hair.

The safest groin trimmer in the world. A must-have and I highly recommend it.

Promo Code

10% off any purchases at Meridian use the code SUMMERFUN10 offer is good until Sept. 30, 2023.

green hair trimmer
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Pros & Cons


  • I experienced zero nicks trimming my balls!!! The design and quality of the parts that are used to make this rechargeable trimmer really solidify this a real winner.
  • Mulit-functional trimmer. Can be all over the body to trim hair. For example groin area, body hair, armpits, and beard hair.
  • It comes in a nice small smartphone-like box and is neatly packaged. The box can be used as a storage container to keep all the parts together once opened.
  • Waterproof so it gives you the option to trim in the shower if that’s your thang.
  • Ceramic blade. This stays sharper for longer and is safer for the skin.
  • Very comfortable in the hand. The handle is texture and fits quite nicely in hand.
  • Surprisingly very light-weight.
  • Super quiet motor. One of the quietest I have used.
  • Quality design and build. This isn’t a cheap trimmer found ubiquitously on the internet. Solid through and through.
  • A fast motor at 6500 rpm.
  • The power button is placed in a fantastic location to avoid accidentally turning it off or on.
  • Comes in three different color options Onyx, Ocean, and Sage.
  • Replacement blades are available for purchase. These are interchangeable from what I can see on their website between the Meridian Trimmer and the Meridian Trimmer Plus.
  • 6 settings to choose from, five from the guide comb and one with no guide comb attached.
  • I love the smallest of this trimmer coming in at roughly 6 inches makes it very easy to maneuver.
  • Very helpful and informational set of instructions from care and maintenance, to proper use.
  • Take the risk out of trimming the groin area. Makes it super easy.
  • LED charging light indicator is great for letting you know how much charge is left on your battery.
  • 1-year warranty.


  • Keep in mind this is a trimmer and not a shaver as the hair will be slightly above the skin. But it is hardly noticeable and I actually prefer trimming to shaving as it is much quicker and simpler.
  • You must fully charge your trimmer before use. This is to ensure optimal battery life. Not a big deal but a bummer to wait. Mine was almost fully charged and only took a few minutes to charge.
  • Doesn’t come with a wall wart to plug into the wall with the supplied USB cable. Again not a big deal but I have plenty of them laying around.
hair trimmer and box

Questions & Tips

Does This Trim Close Enough To The Skin Or Do I Need To Shave Also?

Trimming and shaving are two separate things. You will obviously remove more hair with shaving but hold on a second here. Using a trimmer is better than shaving and here is why. One, it is much faster and with the right trimmer is safer. I don’t know about you but I don’t have a lot of free time so if I know of a faster way, I am doing the faster way. Two, trimming the hair with the lowest setting is almost like shaving. As it is hardly noticeable both in feel and sight. I have done both shaving and trimming my balls and I much prefer trimming.

But if you are a person who prefers a shaver, trimming the hair first can make it a much faster process too. As a razor will quickly clog with hair and you have to deal with unclogging the razor often.

Does Using This Irrrate The Skin?

Nope! The Trimmer Plus is far less irritating on the skin than other more traditional body hair removal tools. (shaving, depilatory creams, waxing, etc.)

Can Women Use It Too?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

The Meridian Trimmer is designed for both men and women to use it where ever they have unwanted hair. Meridian has been actively marketing this fact recently on its newly designed website.

Can You Remove The Guide Comb?

Although it states on Meridian’s website that the guard is fixed in actuality it is removable. Just press the button on the guide comb and push upwards until it comes off. This is great if you want to get even closer to the skin trim.

It is also important to remove the fixed guide comb to effectively clean out the blade to keep it running optimally.

yellow box with words

How Do You Turn The LED Light On?

Hitting the Power Button once will turn the motor on, then hitting the Power Button again will also turn the light on while still leaving the motor running.

Should I Upgrade From The Orginal Meridian Trimmer To The Meridian Trimmer Plus?

I would generally say no. The original works just as well as the newer model at trimming hair but there are features on the newer model (Trimmer Plus) that makes it better overall. For example, the LED light, charging dock, and newer designed guide comb (which I like a lot more than the older two dual-sided guide combs.

But I also think it is not necessary to upgrade if you already own the Meridian Trimmer. As the upgrades are nice I don’t it as a game changer and a must-have. You will still get the same great trim with either model.

I have written a full in-depth review of The Meridian Trimmer here, Meridian Trimmer Review – Best Male Pubic Trimmer.

Can You Overcharge The Battery?

Yes, do not overcharge the battery. This will shorten the lifespan of the battery. I would recommend charging it when you get a red light from the LED Indicator light.

Is This Waterproof?

Yes. So feel free to use it in the shower or to rinse out the blade.

Is There A Warranty?

Meridian offers a 1-year warranty on their trimmers for any manufacturer defects.

Can It Be Used Elsewhere On The Body To Trim Hair?

You betcha! Works wonderfully for trimming body hair too. Things like armpits, arms, legs, abs, and chest.

How Often Do The Blades Need Replacing?

Meridian recommends that you replace the blade every 3 months. I would say longer than that and would recommend replacing them when you start to notice any tugging or pulling or when you notice the blades becoming dull.

How Does This Compare To Other Groin Trimmers Out There?

This is the best groin trimmer I have reviewed to date. It doesn’t nick you and keeps you pain-free along with that it is a quality built trimmer. A super quiet motor with a ceramic skin-safe blade, all the features you would want in a groin trimmer.

It has the most options and performs the best compared to everything else I have tried.

Simply the best!

The Final Shave

If you are looking for the best trimmer for groin hair this is it, baby!

Get this and don’t look back. When I review a ball trimmer I want something that works well and doesn’t cut the skin. Meridian has always had this feature on lockdown. A quality-made grooming device with great design features. Plus this can be used to trim other areas of the body too.

I highly recommend the Meridian Trimmer Plus!

3 different colored trimmers
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