How To Reduce Ball Sweat – Practical Advice

Men can struggle with sweaty balls and often times this can be stinky and problematic. I hope to impart some practical advice on minimizing ball sweat and treating it. Nothing is super complicated, just easy-to-implement advice that will help the problem.

Manscape Your Junk

Pubic hair can and does trap more heat. So, it would make sense to remove said hair to reduce the temperatures of the nether region. Pubic hair can definitely trap heat but not only that but it can harbor bacteria and hold on to foul odors.

You have two options here, you can either shave your balls or trim your balls. I prefer using a groin trimmer over shaving. This really makes short work clearing the landscape and using a good quality ball trimmer is also an important aspect. You do not want to use hair clippers down there as it is not designed to handle the skin down there.

If you are wondering what a good ball trimmer is I would suggest the Meridian Trimmer Plus over any other brand I have reviewed. It has never cut or nicked me down there and it is just a well-made device. The highest-quality ball trimmer there is. You can check out more here, Meridian Trimmer Plus Review.

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green hair trimmer
Meridian Maintenance Package is in my opinion the best ball trimmer! The Spray that comes with the Maintenance Package is truly great and highly recommended.

Lose Weight

No judgments just truth. As I often struggle with this myself and can speak from experience too. I feel much cooler in the hot summer months when I am down to 235 lbs. as opposed to when I was a hefty 265 lbs. The heavier I weighed the more uncomfortable I felt and sweated much more too.

With less fat on your body the cooler you will feel. Fat is an insulator and the less you have to cooler you will feel. Find an exercise program that works well for you and stick to a more natural healthy diet to help lose weight. If you have a dog walk your dog more often as walking is a great way to lose weight.

Clothing From Underwear To Pants


It could be just a simple answer of changing your underwear to boxers over briefs. Air can more easily get in and circulate with boxers than briefs. Briefs cling to the skin and can reduce airflow.

I would also seek out underwear that is made specifically for hot weather. There are many brands that make specific underwear to help keep your groin fresh and cool. Seek these specific brands out and find what works for you.


No wonder your balls are hot! You got your balls which are stuck around and next to your biggest appendages (your legs). Stuck in there all nice and around a mountain of pubic hair (maybe Idk). Then you throw some material over that called underwear. Wait we’re not done yet…then you put yet another layer of material over that called pants. Your poor balls are begging for fresh air. But running around naked is very socially unacceptable and we must wear some type of pants out in public.

Maybe your pants are not helping the matter and they are locking in the heat making it much harder to control the sweat down under. Each layer you throw over your skin helps to block airflow and retain heat. You want to make the best determination in the material and thickness of the material.

Cotton is an excellent solid performing. There are other fabrics as well but cotton is pretty darn good at being breathable and light.

cotton in the field
Cotton is a good choice for breathability.

So think about changing the pants you wear and testing out different materials to see how well they feel and perform at keeping your balls dry and cool.

Showering Schedule

This is a must for maintaining a good grooming routine. One should shower and wash oneself either once or maybe even twice a day. The frequency of showering should increase with physical activity or hot humid weather in order to help stave off any kind of stink.

I normally take two showers a day, one shower right before I go to work and the other shower right after I get home from my job. This way I can go to bed clean and wake up feeling refreshed.

Use Shower Wipes Or Deodorant Wipes For A Quick Clean

These multipurpose wipes are great for any area of the body that needs freshening up. There are many different brands to choose from some having a more natural smell to them and others having a perfumy scent to them. I much prefer natural-smelling products.

Use A Ball Cream, Lotions, Or Powder

I used to think all ball creams (including powders, lotions, and creams) were all a joke and not to be taken seriously. But after using and reviewing some I now know this can be a great grooming product to use if you either suffer from sweaty balls, chaffing, or crotch stink. Heck even if you don’t suffer from any of these problems you still might like using a quality ball deodorant. I know I did.

tube of fresh balls
This is an amazing ball cream. Super slick and smells great too!

Even if you don’t have any of these problems like me it still can make life just a little bit better. The creams and lotions often times go on wet but dry quickly and form into a light powder. This powder allows for your man parts to more easily glide around providing a real dry slickness. You get very little bind-age and things just move around better down there.

Some Ball Creams & Powders I Would Recommend Checking Out

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Fresh Balls Lotion Review – Does It Really Work? – This is my favorite ball deodorant I have used.

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The Final Shave

I hope these hints and ideas will help you solve your sweaty ball problems.

If you have any ideas or additional thoughts you would like to share please leave them below in the comment section.

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