What Is The Best Back Shaver?

What is the best back shaver? Well, I think you have come to the right website. As my site deals with an honest and detailed approach to reviewing back shavers. Some of the other websites dealing with back shaver reviews might seem how should we say “canned“, “inauthentic“, and most importantly never actually used by the person writing the review. Well, well, well…

Enter Back Shaver For Men website. Yes, this is self-promotion, but I have tried and shaved my back with all the products I have used. I don’t have the hairiest back out there, but I do have enough back hair and can offer my opinion on what I believe is a good back shaver, from my experience. When in doubt about the effectiveness of a shaver on extreme hairiness, I use it on my legs, with major hairiness going on my legs. Major. Did I mention major?

What does this have to do with finding the best back shaver?

Well…glad you asked that question, to find the best back shaver you must find someone who actually has used a plethora of back shavers and not someone who just writes about it. After using a variety of back shavers, I have a unique and qualified perspective on understanding and reviewing back shavers.

I understand the dilemma, because, like you, I also had no practical experience using any type of back shaver before. It’s truly a gamble on getting the best shaver for your back on your first purchase unless you spend a lot of time researching. Most people including me again, just say I think this will work and go with that initial decision and buy something.

In this post, I will offer what I believe at the time of writing this, three of the best back shavers, that I currently know of. Now, I will update this as often and as necessary because I am always on the lookout for a new back shaver and patiently waiting for my back hair to grow back in order to test them. The dilemmas of a back shaver reviewer, right?

We all want the best. Don’t we? The best whatever for the best price. Sometimes we are willing to invest some time in research and sometimes not so much.

Thereby getting the best possible product that costs us the cheapest is optimally what we want every time we purchase a product. Before we get into the best 3 shavers, I want to highlight what makes a shaver, a good shaver. As I truly believe some of these shavers an extraordinary in their performance.

Attributes Of A Good Shaver

  • The ability to give a good close shave. Leaving no stubble.
  • Comfortable handle, that is easy to hold and wield in your hand.
  • The effectiveness of the razor. The business end of the shaver is the cutting power.
  • The right angle at which the razor is placed. A bad angle equals lots of strange and uncomfortable movements.
  • Intuitive shaver allows the user a good experience as the product just works naturally can be.
  • The ability to handle the range of light hair to the exceptionally hairy back. Some back shaving systems cannot handle the extra hairiness.
  • Long enough handle to reach all the unreachable areas of your back. This allows for self-sufficiency and not relying on another person.

Some Thoughts On Shaver Vs Trimmer

This post will recommend two of the best shavers, as well as a trimmer/shaver. Both systems have their pluses and minuses. I just thought I would give some additional information pertaining to these methods.

Why would some people go with a trimmer over a shaver? Well, when the hair grows back from shaving it can be quite itchy and bothersome, as this can last as long as a couple of days. For some people, this is a deal-breaker. Some people just shave again on their back when this happens others don’t want to shave that often.

So this is where their trimmer starts to strut his stuff. A trimmer will leave stubble when used, thus you will rarely ever get the itches when you use this method. Some people, just want to knock down the bulk of the back hair and are okay leaving the stubble, and not having to deal with the itch of hair growing back.

For others, stubble is completely unacceptable and a nice dolphin’s smooth back is the only option. I would recommend this if you’re going shirtless a lot, as people will be looking at your back.

My Opinion Of The Best Shaver Currently On The Market

baKblade “Bigmouth” Back Shaver

With the baKblade 2.0 looming just on the horizon, as I am expected to receive one this month for review, the older version is currently my highest rated. It looks like the newer 2.0 is sure to be even better. You can read more about the 2.0 in a post I wrote, What Is The baKblade 2.0?

20170301 092305

But this article is about the current best back shaver and that is the baKblade “Bigmouth back shaver. For a complete and thorough in-depth review of this amazing shaver head on over to my page, What Is baKblade?

To summarize what makes the baKblade so great is that it works great and is easy to use. That means, its design is so anybody can use it without fear of cutting their back while providing a smooth and great shave. It can tackle even the hairiest of Sasquatch back you can throw at it and leave a pile of hair shavings at your feet. The handle is comfortable and long enough to remove all unwanted hair.

With a wide blade, it will greatly reduce the time needed to shave such a large area of skin like the back.

Bro Shaver

Bro, this back shaver called Bro Shaver is another great shaver with different attributes that differ from the baKblade. To dive deeper down the rabbit hole on this back shaver click with your pointer finger on your mouse here to read more, Bro Shaver Review.

bro shaver pic 3

This is the most affordable replacement blade system out there all the while performing the closest shave possible. You can buy a pack of 100 safety double-blade razors for under $13.00. This will last you a very long time. As the Bro Shaver uses three blades to give you a 4 1/2-inch swath of hair-clearing razor.

Did I mention it gives the closest shave too? So close that, it is easy to cut yourself with it, but with care and continued use that can be severely diminished. This is a back shaver for the man that likes to shave with a straight razor or a safety razor. As nothing shaves better than these methods.

A great back shavers choice for the extremely hairy and/or financially frugal.

ManGroomer Lithium Max Back Shaver

I was quite shocked at the performance and design of this trimmer/shaver. This electric shaver has two heads, one for getting rid of the bulk of the hair, via the trimmer and a shaver head to finish up with a nice close shave. I was leery at first impressions of using this but this performs and performs well enough to make my it into my top 3.

magroomer kit

This is the top-of-the-line model for back shavers at ManGroomer, to enlighten yourself further on this back hair slayer click here to read more, ManGroomer Lithium Max Back Shaver Review.

The handle is also comfortable and the adjustable handle gives you multiple angles and extension lengths that will have you effortlessly defoliate your hair back forest.

Just because this is electric and doesn’t have a razor blade doesn’t mean the shave won’t be close, it will be.

The Final Shave

While each of the above methods has its ideal usage (positive and negative) they all bring quality and effectiveness to the proverbial table. Anyone who would purchase any of the three back shavers mentioned above would be happy with the results of ridding oneself of unsightly back fur.

So, in great confidence read and try the one that appeals to you the most with the reassurance of an effective tool.

Would love to hear any experience or comments pertaining to any and all back shavers. Thanks!

4 thoughts on “What Is The Best Back Shaver?”

  1. Dan I am getting the Mangroomer twice the price of BAKblade 2.0 in my country. Unfortunately no authentic source of the bro shaver here. Bro shaver is my choice because we can use cheap blades. What should I do?

    • What country are you living in, as maybe I could look into it? Have you tried getting through Amazon? Bro Shaver is a good back shaver and probably the best for the price when considering the longterm use of blade replacement. You could also try reaching out to Bro Shaver at their website or their Facebook page.
      Hope this helps, let me know if you need more help.


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