How To Use A Back Shaver

Back shaving is easy!

Thankfully shaving your back is super easy. I actually think shaving your back is easier than shaving your face, it is that easy even though it is much larger than your face and neck. So, in order to help people that are new to using a back shaver, I decided to make this page with simple instructions on how to use a back shaver.

There are some general techniques and helpful guidelines which I hope to highlight in this post

Let’s get cracking…

Wet Shaving Your Back = Waste of Time!!! Dry Shaving = Winner!!!

Dry shaving your back is the easiest method!!!

Well…what is wet shaving?

This can either be a combination of shaving in the shower or using a shaving lotion, cream, or foam. This is not needed for shaving back hair. It is counterintuitive but true. Shaving in the shower the hair clumps and sticks to the back shaver razor clogging it and making it more problematic. Using shaving lotions or creams also complicates the matter too and has no real benefit. This also makes hair clump and clog the razor blades.

dry and cracked soil
The drier the better when back shaving and it is simpler.

I often only dry shaved my back but one day I decided to shave in the shower. I tried shaving in the shower once and that is all it took for me to never do that again. I also tried shaving cream on my back that was even a worse idea and messing with no real advantage just a disadvantage.

Wet shaving is one of the biggest misconceptions surrounding back shaving. As most people think it is the same as shaving your face but this is not true. The hair on the back and also the actual back shaver device are way different than facial hair and a typical beard razor. These are two separate systems and should not be confused with each other.

Back shaving is a different beast in its own right compared to shaving one’s face and that beast has different rules and guidelines. They are not interchangeable.

Why Dry Shaving Your Back Just Simply Rocks!

Think dry shaving instead. Just take your shirt off and go to town. Using nothing but a good quality back shaver and a completely dry back. That’s it!

When dry shaving your back hair, the hair simply just falls to the floor and doesn’t clog or clump on the back shaver. This leaves you able to get the job done in under 10 minutes easily as you are not dealing with the frustration of a clogged razor.

Quality Back Shaver

For a good quality back shaver, I always recommend the best back shaver I have used, reviewed, and own, almost of them all. I have reviewed around 56 back shavers to date. So, when I say I know…I know. Nobody else online has used that many back shavers.

three bakblade back shavers
I own all three iterations of all of Bakblade Back Shavers – The bottom is the Bakblade 1.0 Bigmouth, in the middle is the Bakblade 2.0 and the top is the current king of back shavers the Bakblade 2.0 Elite Plus.

The Bakblade 2.0 Elite Plus is currently the best back shaver on the market. This has the most quality in design and performance. Someone actually thought about all the small details and incorporated them into this back shaver all the while concentrating on performance.

front and back picture of bakblade
My favorite back shaver to use! Showing the front and back of the Bakblade 2.0 Elite Plus.

If you want to read more about the Bakblade 2.0 Elite Plus head on over to my full in-depth review found here, Bakblade 2.0 Elite Plus Back Shaver Review.

If you want to look at all of the best back shavers on the market check out my post on 5 Best Back Shavers In 2022.

The Technique Of Shaving Your Back

There are multiple ways of holding and using your back shaver. This is easily mastered with just one or two back shaving experiences. Just like anything else the more you do it the better you become. After only a couple of times of using a good back shaver, you will be a master at it.

Slow = Good! Fast = Bad!!!

Razor blades are sharp as we all know and it is always a good idea especially when first using a back shaver to slow down. Making slow crisp pulling strokes in short lengths I have found to work the best. I would say only a couple of inches of travel per stroke. Take your time and you will be rewarded with a back with zero nicks or cuts.

This isn’t a race and is going to take you a little longer the first couple of times. But it is better to take it slow and do a good and thorough job.

Can You Cut Yourself?

Yes, but with care and attention, you can avoid any nicks or cuts. I’ve only cut myself a few times when I first started using a back shaver. But it is super rare for me to cut myself nowadays. Just follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for using the specific back shaver and you will be safe from cuts.

The Basic Technique

There are many techniques for shaving your back. At first, it can be a slight struggle to understand and perform the task of back shaving. But after only a few times it will be easily mastered and you won’t even think about it anymore.

Over The Shoulder Stroke – This is using the same arm on the same side of the back or across to the other side of your back you are trying to shave.

man looking in mirror shaving
An example of the over-the-shoulder stroke.

Under The Opposite/Same Arm Stroke – This technique is usually used to shave the hair on the outer edges of the sides of your back and the middle and lower back. This usually can be also performed with the same arm on the same side of the back as well.

man shaving hairy back

Experiment To Find What Works For You The Best

Each back shaver device is unique in itself having different angles of attacking back hair so just adjust your technique if you are running into problem areas. Try different grips and different angles but always remember to take it slow and deliberate. After all back shaving is easy thanks to the current state of quality back shavers.

Key Techniques To Remember

  • Slow short deliberate pulling strokes work the best.
  • Pull the back shaver straight. No angling off
  • Dry shave your back and thank me later.
  • Avoid any blemishes, moles, scars, or skin tags on your back.
  • Try switching hands if you are unable to shave a certain area on the back. Often times using the arm on the same side of the back you are trying to shave is the best method. This is especially true for the mid and lower back.
  • If you notice your razor blades are not working efficiently it is time to change them. When blades get dull they can pull. You will also notice you will have to go over an area multiple times to get rid of all the hair. This means it is time to change the blades.

Don’t Forget The Back Of The Arms

The top of the shoulders along with the back of the arms can also have unsightly hair. I often have to shave the back of my arms too along with shaving my back. This area can often be overlooked but you might as well take care of it when shaving your back too.

Hair Clean Up

Since dry shaving your back leaves hair all over the floor I thought I would add this little section to hair clean-up. I always shave my back in the bathroom. This area for me is always good for easy clean-up with a broom and dustpan or a small brush and dust pan.

It’s important to clean up after yourself for the other people you live with and good hygiene.

Some Common Misconceptions

Do You Need A Mirror To Shave Your Back?

No, you do not need a mirror to shave your back but it is nicer and sure helps confirm you got all of the back hair. Most bathroom mirrors will suffice depending on how big your mirror is. It is also helpful at first to understand and see it working in a mirror for those new to back shaving but you can still get away without using one.

If you need a mirror a good one to purchase is Lipfi’s Barbershop 360 3-Way Mirror Selfcut. This can work for a bunch of different grooming tasks like cutting your own hair, trimming neck hair, and back shaving. I own this and I really like it.

This mirror is highly adjustable for different heights and can really make a difference. I normally just use it for cutting my own hair but it also works for checking out your back as well.

man cutting hair using 3 way mirror
This is a good quality mirror.

Do You Need To Trim The Back Hair First Before Shaving?

No, just using a good back shaver with sharp blades is all you need. Trimming your back hair first with an electric trimmer of some sort is a complete waste of time and unnecessary.

For most people, this would be totally unnecessary. Most quality razor blades will handle the hairiest of backs all on their own.

Do All Back Shavers Perform The Same?

No!!! There are many horrible back shavers being sold and usually, you can tell by the cheap price but there are also expensive back shavers that are also crappy and don’t perform well. If you are unsure just search on my website for the specific brand, as I have more than likely reviewed it.

Refer to my link on the best 5 back shavers above.

The Final Shave

There is a lot of bad information surrounding the world of back shaving. I often cringe looking around the internet about back shaving. So much bull crap from people that never even touched a back shaver, yet they write articles on the matter. I hope this article helps with clearing up some misconceptions.

If you have any questions about back shaving please post them below and I will answer them as soon as I can.

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