How To Shave Your Back Yourself: 3 Easy Steps To Master

Shaving Your Back Is Easy!

In this post, How To Shave Your Back Yourself, I will be going over every detail to help you ensure a successful back-shaving session. I’ve been shaving my back for over 17 years now. I began purchasing and using back shavers when they became a thing (in the early 2000s). I started this website in 2017. It was initially centered around back shaving to help people with back hair.

If you are new to the idea of back shaving, rest assured…it is easy!

Maybe the first couple of times that you shave your back, you should take it slow to avoid cutting yourself, but the skill is easy to master. Trust me, it’s easy. In this post, I will answer the question of how to shave your back yourself. There can be many questions first-time users can have, and I hope to answer all of them.

man posing with back

The First Couple Of Times Is The Scariest – Then It Becomes Old Hat

My first couple of back shaving experiences with a back shaver were a little scary. I mean, it’s a little scary; I have used a straight razor before, so nothing is scarier than shaving your neckline with a straight razor. Mainly, I was worried I was going to cut myself.

Did I?

Yes, yes, I did, as I am shamefully lowering my head. But it was just a minor cut, and it quickly healed. Nowadays, I never cut myself when shaving my back. With proper technique, it is easily mastered.

Back shavers were new to the market, and I have never used anything this big with that many razors on it. It can be pretty intimidating at first, but I proceeded anyway. The lack of technique probably caused the cuts, but the cuts were minor and quickly healed up. Nowadays after becoming very familiar with using any back shaver I never ever cut myself.

Problem Areas To Avoid When Back Shaving: What To Watch Out For!

There are areas you should avoid on your back.

Anything that protrudes from your skin, like moles, scars, and pimples, typically should be avoided by shaving. Shaving these areas can cause you to shave off moles or pimples and cause bleeding. Most manufacturers of back shavers recommend staying away from shaving these areas. You can get right next to but don’t actually shave them.

This can be hard, but it is worth doing as you can see your back. A mirror would come in handy for this situation.

Avoid Shaving

  • Moles
  • Skin tags
  • Scars
  • Acne

Dry Shave or Wet Shave For My Back???

Dry shaving is simply shaving your back when your back is completely dry with no prep. This might seem counterintuitive compared to shaving your face, but back shaving is best done dry.

Just shave your back dry and thank me later.

Wet Shaving is simply shaving your back in the shower or when your back is wet with water or using lubricating shaving cream or gel. I do not recommend wet shaving. I have tried it, and it just simply sucks.

Instead of having the hair fall to the floor with dry shaving, when wet shaving, the hair all clumps on the blade. Leaving you to deal with hair clumping and clogging the razor. This is very frustrating after a while.

Many websites recommend wet back shaving with creams or shaving gels. No, just no! It adds a lot of unnecessary work and frustration. You know this is fake when you read most instruction pamphlets provided by the manufacturer of the back shaver. They never recommend it.

shower head

Which Method Will You Use?

My answer is to try both methods and gain your own experiences and opinions. This way, you know and don’t just take someone’s word. I’ve done both methods and prefer dry shaving, hands down.

Now, if you check out other websites, they tell you to use shaving cream or to shave in the shower. These articles are written by people who probably don’t even own a back shaver—just being honest.

I’m not one to tell people what to do, but I am really leaning to tell you to dry shave your back.

This is the method I use, and I have been using it for almost five years now. I find no advantage in shaving in the shower or wet shaving my back. When I shave my face wet shaving is the only way to go. I am 80% barbarian, though, and maybe that factors into my genetics and disregard for wet shaving; I don’t know. But I do know I wouldn’t say I like shaving in the shower.

Now, some particular extremely hairy savages might find benefits in softening the hair before back shaving with a warm or hot shower. I can see this as a real possibility.

Remember to use what works best for you personally, even though dry shaving your back is the best.

Why I Don’t Like Shaving In The Shower? Or Shaving Creams!

The main problem I have with shaving in the shower is it seems the hair clumps together, making it take longer to shave your back. While opposed to dry shaving your back, it just takes swaths of hair off with each pass, and I am done in no time. The hair can quickly build upon the razor, leaving you having to tap the razor against something or run it under the showerhead; during dry shaving, it simply falls to the floor and never clogs the razor.

Wetting the back hair while or before back shaving will cause the razor blade(s) to clog. Shaving the back when your back is completely dry is optimal.

Back Shaving Technique – 3 Simple Techniques

To get every area of the back, you are going to have to use both arms – the left arm and the right arm. The positions at first might seem awkward, but over time, they will become second nature, and you won’t even think about it.

Over The Shoulder Technique

This technique addresses the middle and top of the back and the shoulders.

man shaving his back
The man is using the over-the-shoulder technique with a back shaver. A horrible back shaver is pictured; by the way, don’t buy it.

Across The Back, the Same Arm

This technique is used to shave the middle and lower back.

Across The Front Of The Body

This technique is used to shave the shoulders as well as the back of the arms.

man shaving hairy back
Examples of across the front of the body technique.

How To Shave Your Back Hair Yourself?

Proper technique is paramount to doing an excellent job without getting cut. The big thing to remember is always to read the directions of whatever back shaver you have purchased.

The next thing to remember is always pulling the razor in straight lines. Never alter your path; pull straight. It doesn’t matter if it is diagonal, horizontal, or vertical. Just pull straight.

Turning the handle and wrist could lead to cuts. The strokes vary; some are over the shoulder vertically and diagonally and across the back horizontally. Horizontally is the only way to shave the lower back. Try reaching across your other side when shaving your lower back and also using the same side as the arm you are using. This allows you to get everything.

Do You Need A Mirror To Shave Your Back?

Another common concern is, do I need a mirror to shave my back?

The answer is no, but it can help, especially in the beginning, as you can see spots where you missed at least some areas of the back. Often, the sides of the lats and the middle of the back will have areas you miss.

While you don’t need a mirror to shave your back, it will ensure you did a good job and really help you understand correct angles and blade placement.

How To Avoid Missing Areas & Doing A Thorough Job

I divide my back up in my mind into four different quadrants. My upper right back, upper left back, lower right back, and lower left back.

Use your spine as the vertical line separating the different quadrants. Start with whatever section is most accessible; I recommend somewhere on the upper back. Start on the shoulders, working methodically downward until your mid-back. I usually go over the area again to ensure I am completely hair-free in this section.

Then, I usually attack the same side as I shave but lower. Then, switch to the other top side and work lower. You can sometimes use your hand and feel for any areas you might have missed. Being methodical seems to work well for me.

You can also hear when you are shaving hair. The razor makes a certain noise when it shaves hair; this can also confirm you are doing good work.

Most people have mirrors in their bathrooms, and you can often see enough with a little neck cranking while looking into the mirror.

Using whatever method works for you is my best advice.

man staring at himself in mirror

Which Is The Right Back Shaver For Me?

I have written a specific web post on this question; you can read the complete answer here: Which Back Shaver Is Right For Me? Different Back Shavers Explained. This explains much about the different back shavers and their pluses and minuses. This lets you decide for yourself.

I prefer a manual back shaver with razor blades. It works the best for results and time.

Which back shaver do I reach for?

I prefer a manual back shaver with razors for having a dolphin-smooth back. My favorite and highest-recommended back shaver is the Bakblade 2.0 Elite Plus. This is the newest and best back shaver made by Bakblade. You can read my full review of this fantastic back shaver here: Bakblade 2.0 Elite Plus Back Shaver Review.

baKblade 2.0 Elite Plus Back Shavers for Men: The DIY Back Hair Shaver for Men with Safety Blade Technology & Ergonomic Handle, Wet or Dry Shaving (Extra Blades Included)

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This isn’t the only game in town, either. There are other great back hair shavers that work wonderfully as well, and I write about them here: 5 Best Back Shavers In 2023. It highlights all the different back shavers and ranks them accordingly.

The Final Thoughts On How To Shave Your Back Yourself

I hope I have answered your many questions about shaving your back. Feel free to explore my website, as I have many pages dealing with many other questions and reviews. Thankfully, many options are available for people with back hair, and I hope I made your transition easy.

Do you have any questions about shaving your back? I would love the opportunity to answer them.

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