What Is Razorba Sum3? Razorba Sum3 Review

razorba sum3 power back shaver black

Today, I will be reviewing Razorba Sum3 Power back shaver, this is their current top of the line model of back shaver that Razorba sells. They offer four models to choose from and the Razorba Sum3 is the flagship of Razorba. We will get into what is Razorba Sum3x Power, in this review. I am expecting a … Read more

Evolve Body Razor Review

folded blue and black evolve body shaver

The Next Step In The Evolution Of The Razor? Is this the next evolutionary step for the razor? Has this razor “EVOLVED” through a process of natural selection? Let’s take a look and see what this multi-purpose razor called the Evolve Body Razor has to offer. This black and blue razor will evolve your beast back into … Read more

ManGroomer Lithium Max Back Shaver Review

mangroomer lithium max half folded

Caveman Meets Digital Age Ugh…no longer do beastly men need sharp rocks to rid themselves of that Woolly Mammoth pelt that grows on their back. This is where Pleistocene and digital meet and where Mangroomer is the bridge between the two eras in human history. Mangroomer provides a device in which it essentially, clubs the back hair into … Read more

What Is The baKblade 2.0?

bakblade 2.0 review ad

Could baKblade 2.0 Be Da Bomb? Well, I am so excited about this month. Why? Because baKblade will be releasing the baKblade 2.0 this month, that’s why. Fingers crossed. I must be a freaking back shaver freak, right? Update: Check out my current review of BAKBLADE 2.0 here, BAKBLADE 2 Review -Best Back Hair Removal For Men? They … Read more

Razorba Silencer Review

razorba silencer review

Are You Cursed With Werewolf Back Hair? If you are, the Silencer might be just what you need. In this review, I will be detailing the Razorba Silencer, which is the middle-of-the-line product in both price and feature at Razorba. So, if you are in need of some light shaving or a heavy scything of dense … Read more

Razorba Back Hair Shaver Reviews

razorba classic light blue

Today, we are going to be reviewing the Razorba back hair shaver, also called the Razorba Classic. This is the lowest-end model that Razorba has to offer in their line of back-shaving products. So, in this post, Razorba Back Hair Shaver reviews, I hope to run through a pretty thorough outline of the features to … Read more