The Benefits Of Having A Shaved Back!: 7 Key Advantages & Positives

Are you on the fence about shaving your back and want to know the benefits of having a shaved back? As a man with a hairy back, I would like to share my personal experience with the benefits of having a shaved back. I have enjoyed being a back shaver and can honestly say it is way better to have a smooth, hairless back.

The Benefits

I don’t intend to shame my fellow men with back hair; I want to point out there are benefits to shaving your back and highlight the positive aspects of shaving one’s back. I find having a sense of humor about having back hair is the key to living with back hair.

A General Overall Cleaner Appearance

Back hair especially doesn’t look clean, no matter how clean you are. Whether you step right out of the shower or not, it is unfortunate, but it’s the truth. Especially the darker it is, when your back hair is lighter in color it is far less notable than black back hair.

More Attractiveness

Back hair is never sexy; sure, a hairy chest can be a turn-on for some people, but rarely a hairy back. A hairy back is just off-putting even to men with hairy backs. Nobody wants to see it, nobody.

By simply shaving your back, you can transform yourself into someone more attractive and socially acceptable. This can be proven by you never seeing any kind of ad with a man with back hair promoting a product. Never! At least, I have never seen it. This is because the social norms do not accept men with back hair, and it is looked down upon. Look, I don’t make the rules; I just live in this world with these rules.

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More Confidence

Speaking purely from personal experience, I find I have more confidence after I have shaved my back. I feel more socially acceptable. I know that might seem shallow, but it is the truth. Plus, if I have to take my shirt off, I am not self-conscious about my back hair and my body. So instead of worrying about two things, I only have to worry about one, my body, damn pizza. Why does it have to taste so good?

You Are Able To Swim Faster

Swimmers often remove all body hair to increase their swim times right before a swim meet. Hair can have a negative effect on sporting events like swimming, as it creates unnecessary drag and decreases swim times. I do know they keep their hair during training to increase the resistance when swimming but shave it right before the swim event.

Depending on the sport you are into, bodybuilding and swimming are two that come to my mind; having back hair can hinder your performance.

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Reduces Body Oder

Sweat is synonymous with body odor, as this provides a moist environment for odor-causing bacteria. Hair holds onto sweat for longer, making it riper for body odor. If you are worried about having body odor, eliminating back hair could potentially give you a method of lessening the chance of having a body stink.

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Cooler Temperature & Reduced Sweating

Back hair can make you warmer depending on the thickness of back hair growth. Think about it for a second. This is especially true during the warmer summer months; I don’t want to have an extra layer of back hair trapping heat against my back during the hot, humid days of summer. Ridding yourself of the beaver pelt stuck to your back will allow you to feel more comfortable and cooler with a lot less sweating.

Less Itchiness

When my back hair gets to a certain length, it slightly itches. This is my reminder to get the ol’ trusty back shaver out of the bathroom closet and start murdering some back hair. I often let it go, sometimes months before I shave my back. But when it itches, it’s got to go…and fast.

Once shaved, I have no feeling of itchiness, which stays with me for weeks.

What Back Shaver Do I Recommend

I have used just about every back shaver on the market, and the one I always recommend is the Bakblade 2.0 Elite Plus. It is the best back shaver, hands down. You can read my full review here on why it is the best: Bakblade 2.0 Elite Plus Back Shaver Review.

baKblade 2.0 Elite Plus Back Shavers for Men: The DIY Back Hair Shaver for Men with Safety Blade Technology & Ergonomic Handle, Wet or Dry Shaving (Extra Blades Included)

The Final Thoughts On The Benefits Of Having A Shaved Back

I love having a shaved, smooth back, and I think you will, too. If you are wondering about how it would be with a shaved back, take the chance and buy a quality back shaver and shave it and find out for yourself. Back shaving can often take less than 10 minutes and is completely safe. I have never even nick myself using any of the Bakblade products I have reviewed (mentioned above). Just take your time and read the directions, and it works amazingly.

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