Back Shavers You Should Avoid Buying: 4 Simple Strategies

In this post, Back Shavers You Should Avoid Buying, I give you a list of ones to stay clear of. There are a few back shavers on the internet you should avoid purchasing. Back hair is quite unsightly and we need quality back shaver to effectively get rid of this problem.

Here is a little secret about the current back shaver market: most of them work to some degree and level, but there are a few that, simply put, you are better off just avoiding. They don’t perform up to the standard performance offered by the cheapest back shavers.

The Allure Of A Cheap Back Shaver – A Word Of Caution

Some cheap back hair shavers do a decent job of shaving your back.

Some cheap back hair shavers do a horrible job and leave you wanting a better experience.

I have experienced everything in the form of good experiences and bad experiences with expensive and cheap back shavers. You never know what you are going to get by price alone.

#1 Rule: Avoid Any Back Shaver With Baby Blue On It

I am not kidding here. If it is baby blue, don’t buy it.

You Get What You Pay For…Most Of The Time

A good general rule is you get what you pay for, but that always doesn’t work, but most of the time, it does. I have bought a $60.00 back shaver that is the worst back shaver I have purchased. Keep in mind this is just a general rule.

Do A Little Research Before Buying

I recommend researching potential back shavers on my website before purchasing and/or checking Amazon reviews. Most other websites reviewing back shavers or round-up reviews of back shavers have never even used a back shaver and listed some of my do not buy on their top back shaver lists.

Why is that?

Because they are just writing about the information they can find online instead of actually using the back shaver or product, this means they don’t have to purchase it and go through using the product. Yet they give their opinion on which one is the best. This is the world we live in now.

This doesn’t just happen with back shavers. It happens with just about every product out there. I have even seen a woman writer posting about what the best back shaver is. I mean, come on…based on what? Your imagination.

That would be like me, a man writing about the best tampoon. I don’t know the first thing about tampoons.

I don’t do that here. I post unique pictures to show you I own the product and write my opinion on how well it works. I have developed a strong sense of what works and what doesn’t after years of reviewing back shavers.

You can read more about this here: Why You Should Trust My Reviews On Back Shavers.

Stay Away From Any Back Shaver That Uses Beard Razors Cartridges!!!

This is a general rule. These types of razors quickly clog with hair. Additionally, they are quite narrow, and it will take a long time to shave your back hair. Beard razor cartridges are meant to shave the face. They are not meant to shave longer hair and will leave you quite frustrated.

Modern back shavers have gone to a single razor design. This works the best.

The List Of Back Shavers You Should Avoid Buying

It can also be comical when I get these products and start to use them. Razorbra is notorious for having lackluster products. These products were overpriced; if I remember right, I remember this selling in the $60.00 to $70.00 range back in the day. Now, I believe the Razorbra is selling for around $16.00.

Razorbra Sum3 Power – This makes the top of my list because it is the worst one I have ever used. Poor quality, poor engineering, and simply, it just doesn’t work. Think of the cheapest Chinese electric shaver put on the end of a stick; that would work better than this. The weakest motor and the trimmer kept pulling hair instead of trimming it. It also has a hole at the end, so you can put a disposable razor in it to shave your back.

Notice how sloppy the Sum3 sounds compared to the Mangroomer—night and day difference.

Luckily, this is hard to find nowadays. Discontinued…and rest in peace.

You can read why this isn’t any good here: What Is Razorba Sum3? Razorba Sum3 Review.

back shaver razorba

Razorba Classic – This is a slight step up from the previous Razorba Sum3. This back shaver holds a disposable razor at the end of a decent-length handle. Overall, it is not bad, but you would be using a standard beard razor that clogs with hair too much and takes far too long to shave your back with. Razorba makes a wide disposable double razor called the Razorba GOAT. This is slightly a better option but also constantly clogs with hair when shaving and falls short of modern back shavers.

Plus, it is colored baby blue.

You can read more on this here: Razorba Back Hair Shaver Reviews.

light blue razorba back hair shaver

Razorba Silencer – This is the same as above but has a slightly bigger hole, allowing wider disposable razors. Also, it has a Super Shock Solid Core Design, pure marketing hype, which means it is heavier and does nothing to help shave your back. Plus, it cost fifty bucks…hmmm, it’s just a plastic handle.

razorba silencer back shaver black

Razorba War Hammer – This is pretty much the same as the above two Razorba, except it is heavier and has a wider hole to fit even more disposable razors. Their marketing hype on this is the Super Shock Solid Core and Hamr Grip II grabbing technology. Yeah…whatever you say, man. And wait for this, they want $70.00 for this, and you supply all the razors, and they supply the technology of a plastic stick with a hole at the end.

I have never reviewed it and probably won’t for $70.00. I’ve seen enough in the Razorba Classic to know it’s not worth it. It’s more than double the price of the Classic, too.

red handle junk

Generic Baby Blue Electric Back Hair Removal Shave Model B3

Pay close attention to the baby blue color located on this electric back hair shaver. Take a mental picture. Okay, when you see this, run for the hills. This is another cheap Chinese electric back shaver that doesn’t work. This has many names on the internet, but I like to call it Cheap Junk. Often it doesn’t have a name or another clue that it’s worthless.

Just avoid this.

You can read more about this here: Electric Back Hair Shaver Model B3 Review.

generic back shaver picture
close up of electrice foil shaver
I had to include this picture, too; as you can see, the bottom trimmer is misaligned and sticking out. I wonder why it doesn’t trim hair well. This is how I received this. Boy, this thing sucks!

ButyFace Back Shaver

It’s the weirdest name for a back shaver award.

I do not recommend using any back shaver with standard disposable cartridge beard razors. These clog way too fast, and the ButyFace is no exception as it uses those types of razors. This also has so many pivot points and weird angles it left me baffled. At least the quality was there.

You can read more here: ButyFace Back Shaver Do It Yourself With Body Hair Shaver.

butyface size comparison
ButyFace, there is that baby blue color again…

Ecosin Removable Manual Back Hair Shaver & Qiuue Back Shaver

I’ve included these two together well because they are just the same trimmer with different names and colors. There is a really weak point at the hinge joint that breaks if you breathe on it. I can’t recommend something that breaks that easily. Avoid, avoid, avoid!

broken handle ecosin back shaver
The Ecosin broke at the joint. Piss poor design.
ecosin back shaver review
Baby blue again!
qiuue back shaver blue
Qiuue, at least they changed the color, but this still has a bad joint.

Need The Best Back Shaver?

Check out my page, 5 Best Back Shavers. I review the best back shavers in 3 different categories: manual, electric, and razor extension handles.

man shaving his back

If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions on what back shavers you should avoid buying, feel free to leave them below.

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