How Do Men Shave Their Backs?

Some Of Us Men Have Hairy Backs & Some Of These Men Shave Their Backs

If you are wondering what men with hairy backs use to shave their backs you have come to the right spot. I specialize in back shaving…after all that is what my website is built around. I’ve owned, used, and reviewed almost every back shaver that has ever been sold. So, I know what I am talking about from real-world experience not from information found on the internet. I will be going over what men use to shave their backs, alternatives to shaving, and recommending a couple of quality back shavers.

The Modern Back Shaver Is What Smart Men Use…

Over any other method of dealing with back hair. That is just my opinion.

Thankfully, a quality-made back shaver is a thing of beauty. It allows you to be 100% self-reliant and need nobody else to groom yourself…just you shirtless and a quality back shaver. That its!

When I say a back shaver I mean a device with a long curved handle and a wide blade at least 2 to 3 razor blade widths (2 is optimal). Without these two specific features back shaving can be a real ordeal and much harder than it is supposed to be.

safety razor blade stainless steel

I don’t mean a beard razor. This is meant and designed to shave facial hair. Facial hair is a different ball of wax altogether. A beard razor can shave back hair yes…but is not designed to and will quickly clog with the longer hair of the back. Plus they have short handles and can not reach every area of the back.

Do You Need To Use Shaving Cream Or Gel To Shave Your Back?


Most modern back shavers will shave your back completely dry (this is called dry shaving) with no shaving cream, shaving gel, or shaving in the shower. Dry shaving is uncomplicated and easy and is my preferred method of shaving my own back.

There is no need for water or lotions. There is also no need for prepping the hair to shave it. It is just overkill and complicates the whole process. I’ve been dry shaving my back for many years now and it is the simplest way. All I do is take my shirt off and shave my back. Simple and it works the best.

Which Back Shaver Should I Use?

I have over 50+ back shavers & trimmers to choose from. So, what do I reach for when I want to shave my back?

Well…I definitely have a regular back shaver that I reach for. Probably by far and away the most used back shaver I use is the Bakblade 2.0 Elite Plus. Bakblade makes the best back shavers, as they have improved upon and had three different versions over the years. They have all been great. This is the best well-thought-out design and functionality of any back shaver. A lot of love has been put into this.

bakblade 2.0 elite plus back shaver
The Bakblade 2.0 Elite Plus Back Shaver. Simply the best!

Read my review here to find out why this thing just simply rocks, Bakblade 2.0 Elite Plus Back Shaver Review.

More Options

If you want more ideas and options for back shavers I have also written an article highlighting the best 5 back shavers & 5 trimmers in this article here 5 Best Back Shavers In 2022. I am always updating this to remain current.

How To Use A Back Shaver

Don’t worry it is easy to master!

I’ve written a post about how to use a back shaver here, How To Use A Back Shaver. It is super easy to shave using a good quality back shaver. Once you do it a couple of times you will be a seasoned pro.

Also, whatever back shaver you choose come with instructions on how to use it properly. Just follow the directions and everything will be alright.

What Are The Problems With Shaving Your Back?

There are always negatives with anything and shaving your back can have problems too. Keep in mind that back shaving in general is usually pretty cheap both in initial investment into a new back shaver and buying replaceable blades.

bro shaver & bakblade shaving heads
This picture is a perfect example. On the left, you can see the replaceable safety razors and where they are installed in the back shaver. On the right are the black shaving cartridges. These simply just slide in and out requiring no screws or bolts.
  • Replacing either the razor blades or shaving cartridges. Depending on the back shaver you use will determine what you have to replace some use standard safety razor blades while other systems use replaceable shaving cartridges. Safety razor blades are cheap but replaceable shaving cartridges are slightly more expensive. A back shaver that uses a cartridge is going to cost you more money but adds ease of use and a slighter quicker change out of old to new blades.
  • Some people find when the hair grows back it is itchy after shaving. I haven’t found this to be the case for me personally but we are all different.
  • If you have a lot of moles on your back, acne, skin tags, or scars shaving your back can be a little more problematic.

Other Options For Dealing With Back Hair

Using A Back Trimmer

Now some people prefer a back trimmer as compared to a back shaver and that is perfectly fine. A back trimmer is an electric trimmer that only trims the hair shorter. It doesn’t shave a back, there is a distinct difference. This leaves stubble on the back which is a lot less noticeable than before trimming. But there is still a little hair stubble left.

Why do people like this over shaving your back?

There are multiple reasons why. Well, some people have sensitive skin, and using a razor can irritate their skin. Others find when the hair comes back from shaving their backs their back itches more. Some men might have a lot of acne on their back and shaving their back might nick their acne. It is often recommended to avoid shaving any blemishes on your back.

There is only one brand that I would recommend using for trimming your back hair and that would be Mangroomer. They make the best back trimmers available and often times other brands that make back trimmers are a complete waste of your money. Other brands simply do not work well and are sub-par in performance.


This often requires having a partner do it or paying someone to do it for you. This can get quite expensive over time and is often quite painful depending on the amount of hair on your back.


Another painful method that also requires someone to use an epilator on you. This will either have to be performed by another person, either a partner, or having to have to pay someone.

Laser Treatment

Very expensive and sometimes permanent results. This will also have to be performed by someone other than yourself.

Depilatory Creams

This is a stinky way of using harsh chemicals to remove unwanted hair. It is also quite messy but usually cheaper.

picture of bottle of nair men

The Final Shave

Back shaving is a good and reliable method of dealing with hair. Although it isn’t a permanent solution to the problem it is affordable and can be performed by yourself. For most men, this is a great thing as most men are self-reliant and prefer things this way.

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