Should I Shave Or Trim My Back Hair?

There Are Always Options Men!

Should I shave or trim my back hair? That is the question, well the answer is pretty straightforward, it’s what you prefer. Do you want a smooth hairless back or do you want to just trim it? I will present the benefits and negatives of each method as well as recommend the best Shaver and Trimmer for shaving your back hair. As I have used just about every back shaver on the market and also own them. If you are

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What Is The Difference?

When I first started off in the world of grooming I thought trimming and shaving were the same thing. I was such a noob as I thought they both meant essentially the same thing. Well, I quickly learned they didn’t. There is actually a big difference when shopping for a back shaver, as you will get different results with a trimmer or a shaver. These are things to consider and look out for when shopping for a dedicated back shaver.


Shaving your back hair is using some type of razor blade and cutting hair very close or slightly below the skin. This will leave your skin soft and without any signs of hair. There are a couple of different forms of razors out there for back shaving; standard safety razors, cartridge razor blades, and foil-type razors.

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Trimming your back hair is cutting the hair above the skin and higher than shaving. This leaves more hair exposed after using some type of trimmer. A trimmer can be a dedicated back hair trimmer, hair clippers, beard trimmer, etc. This is usually is a powered device that uses some sort of battery power or simply just plugs into the wall. Trimming hair leaves more of the hair more exposed both to sight as well as to touch.

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Benefits of Shaving Your Back

I love having a smooth back both in feel and look. After I am done shaving you can never tell my back once had a lot of hair on it. It is usually all over the floor when I’m done. I also love the simple joy of hearing the razor working and ridding my back of the unsightly hair. I like the tactile feel of shaving also over just using a trimmer.

Shaving also allows me to go longer before I need to shave again as opposed to just trimming the back hair. I find trimming my back hair also creates more itchiness on my back, I know some men find just the opposite is true but we all are different and we need to account for this.

  • Smoother skin.
  • Longer time between shaves as compared to just trimming.
  • After shaving no visual signs of hair ever having been there.
  • More appealing visually.
  • Increase in confidence.
  • No itch skin.

Benefits Of Trimming Your Back

Trimming your back does have some benefits and maybe they will apply to you. Trimming your back might be a better option if you have experienced itchy skin after shaving your back. Some men find as the hair grows back it becomes itchy. Taking the hair length below the skin level can sometimes cause irritation when it starts to grow back. Trimming your hair will alleviate this issue.

Another positive benefit for trimming your back hair is if you have a lot of scars, skin tags, moles, or even pimples on your back. If you are using a back shaver this can often create some problems if you happen to shave off a mole or something. Using a back shaver you often have to avoid these areas of concern. Using a trimmer is a lot safer for these problematic areas and usually doesn’t create any issues.

What I Prefer & Why?

The method I prefer is shaving my back. I also like to dry shave my back, this means to use no cream, water, or other lubricates when shaving. I just grab my trusty back shaver take my shirt off and go to town. It’s that easy and the hair just comes off in big swaths. This isn’t like shaving your face where you need to prep the facial hair and skin prior to shaving. Some people do prefer to wet shave their backs but I find this is completely unnecessary and a waste of time. The hair seems to clog the razor a lot more when wet.

Shaving my back gets the hair all the down as far as possible leaving smooth skin in its wake. I also prefer having absolutely no hair on my back. I find personally having hair on my back itchy, especially when it becomes a certain length.

The Best Recommended Tools For Shaving Your Back

This is a simple answer. Why is that?

Well because I have used almost every back shaver on the market and there is one that stands above all the other ones on the marketplace.

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Bakblade 2.0 Elite Plus Back Shaver

Bakblade 2.0 Elite Plus is the best current back shaver on the market. It is the highest-ranked back shaver I have ever reviewed. Hands down the best design, materials, and shaver. It has three cartridges stacked above each other to handle any amount of hair you can throw at it easily. None of the back shavers models from Bakblade have ever even nicked me, ever. That speaks to quality and design. The handle is the most comfortable of any back shaver or trimmer. Everything about Bakblade is well thought out and engineered.

You can check out my full in-depth review here, Bakblade 2.0 Elite Plus Back Shaver Review.

The Best Recommended Tools For Trimming Back Hair

Another simple answer here.

Mangroomer makes the best electric back hair trimmers. They make the best performing trimmers out there and their closest competitor is not even close to matching their design and performance. The top model at Mangroomer is the Mangroomer Platinum Pro. It has three different removable shaving and trimming heads, so this trims and also shaves too. It has a 1 – 2 1/2 inch wide trimming head, 1 – 1 3/4 inch trimming head, and 1 shaving head (foil shaver). This gives you the best of both worlds. I do find the foil-type razor is no match for Bakblade 2.0 Elite Plus back shaver, as it doesn’t work nearly as well or as quickly.

different trimming and shaving heads

Check out my full review here, Mangroomer Platinum Pro Review.

The Final Shave

I have presented the features and benefits of shaving and trimming your back hair, it’s best for you to decide for yourself what features speak to you the most. I find shaving my back with the Bakblade 2.0 Elite Plus the most enjoyable and it is the quickest method of making short work of my back hair situation. This would be my suggestion if you are at all unsure about which method is right for you.


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