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Many common questions like these are asked in any field. For example, should you dry shave or wet shave your back? I, too, wondered what the best method was when I first started shaving my back.

The answer is to shave the way you like to shave. If you are asking this question, then you already have a back shaver, and you can find out by trying both methods. Determine by yourself from using the back shaver, both wet and dry. Then, you will clearly understand what method is right for you personally. But I will share my opinion on the matter because I understand the frustration of looking for answers, too.

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It often comes down to a couple of reasons like personal preference and what back shaver you are using, etc.

Fast, Easy, & Straightforward…Answer

Dry shave your back. It is the easiest method…it’s super simple.

What is Dry Shaving & What Is Wet Shaving?

Dry shaving simply uses no lubricant, water, or shaving cream, just raw naked skin and a sharp blade. That’s it. This is what I do for shaving my back, as it is my preferred method.

Wet shaving is using water, or a lubricant of some type, shaving cream, soap, or whatever when you shave. This is the standard for shaving your face and should be used for shaving your face as it makes it much easier to shave.

My Opinion On The Matter

Dry shaving, for me, is where it is at.

I prefer, after years of shaving my back, to a dry shave. Take my shirt off and start shaving. It is that simpleā€”no need to complicate things.

Granted that you have a good back shaver It is the cat’s ass and the bee’s knees all rolled into one. No prepping, just shaving and a little sweeping up the bathroom floor, and I am all done in under 10 minutes. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Sure, I have tried it in the shower and also tried shaving my back with shaving cream. Didn’t like it, especially using shaving cream too messy and it did nothing to help, it made it a lot harder, which I hate. I want things simple. This is what dry shaving for me is: simple and easy.

Shaving In The Shower Causes The Back Shaver To Clog – This Is Not Helpful

I fell into misinformation many years ago when I first got into back shaving. Websites would tell me to prep my skin, shave in the shower, or, worst yet, use shaving cream when I shaved my back. I believed this stuff, misled and ill-informed in the beginning. But I steadily broke down these walls of falsity.

Shaving in the shower will cause the hair to stick and lodge into the razor blades, instead of dry shaving, where the back hair falls to the floor and does not clog the razor.

That is what I found out about the internet from years of building my website. There is a lot of misinformation and outright lying about any subject. Making stuff up is rampant on the internet. Ranking items when you damn well the person has never even used the product. This makes me mad.

But that being said, try it all yourself and see what you prefer. Maybe you will like shaving your back in the shower. Who knows? I will refrain from trying to tell you to use shaving cream because that is just a mess and a whole lot of frustration. Nobody needs that. But try it if you want to see how little it does for you.

The Pros & Cons of Wet Shaving Your Back


  • All the hair stays inside the tub or shower. Mess is contained.
  • Preps skin and softens hair for shaving. It’s not really necessary, but some may prefer it.


  • Hair can potentially clog the drain, and you’ll have to clean it.
  • Depending on the back shaver you use, I have noticed the hair clumps up on the razor, and then you have to spend time cleaning and unclogging it out. Very time-consuming. This makes it troublesome and a hassle.
  • If you use shaving cream, it will be hard to reach every area of your back properly.
  • Takes more time and effort.
  • Frustrating. Constantly unclogging the razor blades will lead to getting annoyed.

The Pros & Cons Of Dry Shaving Your Back


  • The hair never clumps or clogs the razor blades. It just falls to the floor.
  • Makes shaving your back super fast. Saves time!
  • No prep.
  • Easiest method.
  • There are no additional products to buy.


  • Clean up. The hair falls to the floor, and you can’t just leave it there, man; you got to clean that mess up, brother! A broom and a dustpan will do the job.

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The Final Thoughts On Should You Dry Shave Or Wet Shave Your Back

Try dry shaving it is so much easier. If you don’t believe me, I strongly urge you to try both methods and see for yourself. 

Let me know how it went in the comments section. I would love to hear about it.

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