Fresh Yeti Stick Back Shaver Review

What Is The Fresh Yeti Stick Back Shaver?

The Fresh Yeti Stick is an extendable back shaver from the folks over at This has gone under my radar until I just happened to see it on the web, so I ordered it and here we are. I hope to shed some honest light on performance in my review of the Fresh Yeti Stick Back Shaver Review.

This comes under many names on the internet (Fresh Yeti Stick) another name is Xpreen and many many more different names, too many to mention. You can read more of the Xpreen back shaver here, Xpreen Back Shaver Review.

I read a lot of praises on their website but wasn’t all that impressed by what I saw…I guess we’ll see how this performs. Also, check out at the bottom of my page to save a lot of money on this shaver? Really…you need to see it to believe it.

parts of the fresh yeti stick

What Is Included?

1 – Fresh Yeti Stick Back Shaver

1 – Shaving Head

1 – Instructions

what is included with fresh yeti stick

Fresh Yeti Specs

The Handle

The foam-padded handle is roughly 11 1/4″ long when fully collapsed and extended to 17 3/4″ inches long when fully extended. You can lock the handle by twisting the handle to the left then unlocking the handle by twisting it to the right.

The handle is completely straight and doesn’t lend itself to helping you shave those hard-to-reach areas on the back. If it wasn’t for the shaving head having a nice 90-degree joint this would be unusable.

Shaving Head

The shaving head width comes in at 4 7/8″ inches wide. It has three lined up safety razors side by side for a total shaving width of 4 3/8″ inches. The instructions say the razor blades are high-quality carbon steel blades. For the price of a replacement shaving head, I would hope so that the razor blades are high-quality since I could buy a pack of 100 for a pretty cheap price.

How Does It Perform?

This performs pretty darn well. The blades are sharp, the shaving head is positioned at the correct angle so you don’t have to think about holding the handle differently, this is called indexing. It takes back hair off pretty effortlessly and if you dry shave you can hear it working.

For the most part, you can reach most areas of the back with the handle but it would be better with a slight curve to it. I took apart the shaving head to find Dorco stainless safety razors inside, not the most expensive safety razor on the market and they claim high-quality safety razors. Oversell and under-deliver.

Overall, I would rate this in the middle of the pack for a back shaver, while it does destroy back hair the handle is the Fresh Yeti’s biggest weakness. This can be purchased online at far lower prices if you know where to look (see below).

Pros & Cons


  • Shaves great.
  • Comes very neatly packaged and well protected too.
  • When razor meets the skin it is soon relieved of its hair. Its razors are sharp.
  • Lightweight.
  • Comes with instructions.
  • Comfortable padded handle.
  • Comes with a leather lanyard.
  • You can easily choke up on this handle if needed.


  • The handle locking mechanism is hard to use and requires a lot of strength to lock and unlock. Should have information printed on the handle of which way to turn to lock and unlock.
  • No replaceable cartridges blades provided. So when it goes dull you will have to order some.
  • Uses cartridges that are more expensive than back shavers that allow you to replace the blades yourself instead of buying expensive cartridges. For the best back shaver that uses replaceable safety razors (best and cheapest in the long run) head on over to my review of the Bro Shaver 2.2 Saucy Review.
  • Handle when fully extended I had one hell of a time trying to get to collapse to its smaller size.
  • The handle should have some sort of a curve to it, as this allows you to get to every angle on the back with ease. This is a straight as an arrow.
  • Where the handle meets the elbowed joint at the top of the shaving head it feels weak and could possibly break. I was worried when it wouldn’t collapse that I was going to break it here.
  • Indexing is okay.
  • Sketchy name weirdness. As I ordered this back shaver off of and they call it the Yeti Stick Man Shaver the name on the packag when it arrivied said “Stretchable Back Shaver”. There was nothing in the instructions or on the box that said Yeti Stick or Fresh Yeti. Stretchable it doesn’t stretch, it extends. Okay, this must be one of those cheap Chinese ubiquitous products everyone slaps a different name on it and sells it for huge markups.

Tips On Using This Back Hair Shaver

There are many names for this back shaver here are a few of them.

  • Xpreen Back Shaver
  • Dr. Pedi Back Shaver
  • Adjustable Strechable Back Shaver
  • Yeti Stick

If you are dead set on getting this back shaver from FreshYeti, get their 12 pack replacement blades you will save about $.75 per replacement shaving head. They offer both a 6-pack and a 12-pack Yeti Stick Shaver Refill Blades.

So, save a little money there but if you want great savings keep reading for another great saving method.

three replacement shaving heads fresh yeti stick
Fresh Yeti Replacement Shaving Heads

The Final Shave

Simple and performs well…but just doesn’t wow me in any manner or fashion.

The handle is mediocre at best, the safety razors in the shaving head are mediocre, by no means the top of the line in the term of safety razors. The shaving heads are where they are going to make the majority of their money, as safety razors are very cheap but are marked up a lot in the Replacement Shaving Heads.

Does this get me excited about using it?


Despite the hype from their website and elsewhere, I can honestly say this is in the middle of the pack in terms of back shavers I have reviewed. I am the only website that owns and have used just about every back shaver on the current marketplace.

I don’t really recommend this back shaver but I do recommend any of the shavers listed below, as these rank in my top 4 positions.

Also, check out my #1 Ranked Back Shaver Review here, Bakblade 2.0 Elite Plus Back Shaver Review. or 5 Best Back Shavers In 2021. The best I have reviewed.

How To Save BIG Money On The Yeti Stick!!!

You can buy the Yeti Stick for $29.97 at or…buy it for a substantially lower price at

Trust me it is the same back shaver. It is even advertised as Adjustable Stretchable (The same as the box I received from had the same name printed on it). Prices vary at AliExpress but they are a lot cheaper, from under $3.00 to the highest of $20.27 at the time of me writing this. There are a ton of them sold by many different stores on AliExpress. Also if you order from AliExpress you are going to have to wait a long time as this is usually shipped from overseas but if you are not in a hurry it could save you a good amount of money.

Just watch the shipping costs, as they might be higher depending on which seller you decide to get. Look for free shipping and 3 replaceable shaving cartridges with the back shaver. Click the button below to see the search results for the same exact back shaver as the Yeti.

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If you have any questions or comments would love to hear them.

12 thoughts on “Fresh Yeti Stick Back Shaver Review

  1. This Is pretty cool kind of embarrassed I didn’t think they had back shavers I’ve never searched for it I figured thinking about shaving your back yourself one you would never be able to reach everything and there wouldn’t be enough band aids. Thanks for the post Ill defiantly be trying this.

    1. Gload to bring this into the light for you Jeff. I know I was relieved and shocked when I first learned of a commercially produced back shaver as well.

  2. Thanks for bringing us this review of the Fresh Yeti Stick back shaver.

    While it looks the part and the handle is a good size, I take on board everything that you have say.  As the replacement heads are expensive and you had problems with extending and collapsing the handle, I will give this one a miss.

  3. Hey there. Good to read this review. The best solution on how to shave our back is to shave it, be it using a manual razor or electric shaver. There are other back hair removal options too, such as laser hair removal. But considering them all, with their price-benefot relation, I think Flesh Yeti Sticks rank among the best options.

    1. It is a decent back shaver. Does the job, you could do a lot worse out there.

  4. I am all for do-it-yourself grooming, except for my head.  I talked with the person who cuts my hair, and her number one complaint about men’s haircutting was trying to rehab the cut from do-it-yourself neck haircuts (uneven, shoddy mostly).  

    The site has a friendly feel and covers a lot of ground, so a lot to consider.  

    Since I am a senior man, reducing back hair is not exactly on my bucket list, but I can understand someone younger wanting personal grooming widgets.  Then again, when I was that age, I had to deal with the WW2 butch-cut generation freaking out about anyone with hair over the ears (aka not hiring hippies)!  So we were expressing our generation’s rebellion by not cutting our hair at all.

    Best wishes for the site – fun niche!


    1. Thanks, Steve for the comment and an older outlook on hair through the years. Gave me a chuckle!

  5. Hello there. Great to peruse this survey. The best arrangement on the best way to shave our back is to shave it, be it’s anything but a manual razor or electric shaver. There are other back hair evacuation choices as well, for example, laser hair expulsion. Be that as it may, thinking of them as all, I think Flesh Yeti Sticks rank among the ideal choices with their cost-benefit connection.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the matter, always glad to hear visitor’s opinions.

  6. I have a beard and I always struggle to find the right equipment to shave. My skin is very sensitive so will these products give me pimples? I am trying to avoid getting a allergic reaction so if this good for my skin then I will definitely use it. I can see that it is also quite affordable so thank you for this. 

  7. This product will shave very close to your skin and could potentially cause pimples if you are prone to this. I have never experienced this from any back shaver but understand all people are different and different reactions could happen. A good option for you is to purchase a back hair trimmer for your back instead, this trims hair higher off your skin as opposed to a back shaver. I recommend a Mangroomer product for this. They have many options to choose from in different price points. I would recommend the Mangroomer Platinum Pro this has a wider head and many attachments.

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