Best Back Shaver For Extremely Hairy Backs

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There are hairy backs and then there are really hairy backs! I mean really hair to the hairy.

Where Sasquatch would take you mistakenly as one of his own with your shirt off.

Are you looking for a back shaver that can handle your back hair situation?

A Solution 

I hope to help if you suffer from this socially crippling genetic trait. By offering from my vast experience of testing numerous back shavers, as evident by the number of posts on my website. The best possible back shaver for the extremely hairy men out there that want something to shave their backs with.

A special note here, some websites about back shaving have generic articles with little assurance that they actually used the shaver. Often times recommending back shavers, that I know personally just plain suck. With each article, I provide a picture(s) that I have personally taken to prove I actually have the device and not just writing about it. So what you get at Back Shaver For Men is tried and tested but most importantly honesty.

Giving you the best option from a performance standpoint, as well as an economical aspect. Something to tackle the carpet back fur and not leave you having to spend money on countless replacement shaver heads.

Luckily, there is such back shaver and it is already in my top 3 back shaver list, that is the most optional for the hairiest of backs. To take a look at my top three back shavers, head over to my page, What Is The Best Back Shaver?

That Back Shaver Is…

Bro Shaver is the back shaver I would recommend for the hairiest beast out there. As mentioned above, because of performance and cost.

You can read my full in-depth review here, Bro Shaver Review.

Well, let’s get into why Bro Shaver is recommended for the hairy.

Why Bro Shaver Is The One For Extremely Hairy Men?

  1. Closest Shaver
  2. Cheapest Replaceable Blades
  3. Performance
  4. Coolest Name Ever…Right?


Closet Shave

Closest Shave…Out of all the back shavers I have had the pleasure and displeasure of trying out, this sucker gives the closest shave out of them all.

Now, that is saying something. I equate to using the Bro Shaver, to using a safety razor. As this will cut you in a heartbeat if you shave too fast or don’t use the correct shaving method. But with care and attention this an amazing tool for dealing with any back hair situation, including most importantly the hairiest of backs.

When compared to the other top back shavers I have reviewed, it doesn’t have the protectiveness of these shavers, as the razor is right there, ready to attack. Where the other razors work, the razor on the Bro Shaver is fully there and present, with no protectiveness designed into its razor head.

Now, don’t be off-put by this, because with this feature you get the closest possible shave. The more you shave with this back shaver the more skilled you become with less nick and such.


Okay, this brings us to the fact that hairy men usually grow hair faster. So, they need to shave more often. With this fact of shaving more often, comes the cost of razor replacement cost. As this is where the big beard razor companies sink their hooks into your wallet.

Thankfully, the Bro Shaver uses cheap and plentiful replaceable double safety blades commonly used for safety razors. When you purchase they give you 15 replaceable double sided safety razors. This should last you awhile in itself. But a pack of quality replaceable double sided safety razors of 100 is pretty darn cheap and will be having you shaving your back for years without the worry of running out of razor blades.

There is no other back shaver with a razor that has a cheaper replacement blade system. Period. This is mainly why the Bro Shaver is recommended over my other top back shavers, replacement razor price.

See below for the recommended razor blades.


Couple this with the two reasons listed above along with yes…you guessed it…performance, this is an unstoppable juggernaut for the hairiest of men. As this will effortlessly, cut through the thickest of back hair in no time flat. Destroy swaths of hair and leaving smooth cool crisp freshly shaven skin in its wake.

It should take more than 15 minutes to have a fresh shaven back with the Bro Shaver.

The Bro Shaver just works and works well! There are a few drawbacks to using this system, as you can read more about it in my review, they are by no means a deal breaker.

The Final Shave

It’s the most cost-effective back shaver, it’s gives the closest shave, it performs like a pro and…it probably the coolest name ever. These are the main reasons why I believe the Bro Shaver should be the go-to shaver for dealing with extremely hairy backs.

There are a few minor negatives about the Bro Shaver but these are few and minor. So rest assured.

My other top reviewed back shavers can also handle an extremely hairy back with ease, but I believe it is the replacement cost in the long range that crowns the Bro Shaver as the best choice for the hairiest of backs. As in the long run, with the need to shave more often and having more hair to shave, cost being the deciding factor for the best shaver for the hairiest backs.

If you suffer from an extremely hairy back and are looking for a back shaver. Bro…you got to get this, Bro!

If you have any questions or comments or want to share your experience, please do so below. As these are always welcomed here at



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