Hollow Socks Review – #1 Sofest, Driest, Comfortable Socks????

Are Hollow Socks Worth It? Find Out

In this Hollow Socks Review, I hope to inform and describe these unique socks so you, the reader, can make the most informed decision on whether or not to purchase these socks. I initially found these socks while careening through Instagram. As I love a good sock, it caught my eye.

hollow socks logo black

The unique material used to construct these socks sounded very interesting as well as their claims, “The softest, driest, most comfortable socks you’ve ever worn.” Okay…I’m interested…

Full Disclosure

Before we get into the review, I would like to describe my relationship with Hollow Socks fully. So you can have a precise and clear picture. I am an affiliate of Hollow Socks. I just recently joined their program. I did not receive any free products from them. I purchased all the socks (pictured below) with my own money. I will receive a small commission from purchasing any item from my links on this page. I only review products I have used or own and tested (real-world experience).

What Are Hollow Socks? What Makes Them Special? Thermoregulating+Moisture-Wicking+Comfort

Well, Hollow Socks is made from Alpaca fiber which is similar to wool but different. It is both softer and stronger than other materials often used in socks. Alpaca fibers are hollow, unlike wool, which is not. This apparently allows better insulation with less weight.

alpaca standing
Alpacas are pretty cool and interesting animals. Tell me that doesn’t look soft.

While being better at insulation, it is also highly breathable too. Meaning they perform both in hot and cold weather. It also wicks away moisture as alpaca fibers are very water-resistant and dry fast. This also helps prevent bacteria from building up and causing stinky feet.

Shown is the Boot Sock, but the other sizes are shown to give you an idea of their sizes.

What Materials Are Used?

Each sock is presently different, but the main components are Peruvian baby alpaca fiber, nylon, and spandex.

What Socks Are Available At Hollow Socks?

There are currently five different styles of socks to choose from at Hollow Socks. These also come in two different colors, black and grey, for each style of sock. I will list them from shortest to longest socks; this is also reflective of the price as well.

  • No-Show Socks
  • Ankle Socks
  • Crew Socks
  • Boot Socks – This has the highest percentage of Peruvian baby alpaca fiber at 70%. The most comfortable and thickest.
  • Ski Socks – A knee sock and the longest.

Sizes for Men

  • Medium – 8-10
  • Large – 10.5-13
  • Xtra Large – 13.5-15

Sizes for Women

  • Medium – 7-10
  • Large – 10.5-12
Hollow Socks Boot Socks

My Experience With Hollow Socks & Recommendation

I purchased the Crew Socks, Boot Socks, No-Show Socks, and Ankle Socks to review here.

A good pair of socks can make a world of difference in any activity you do. Whether it’s just going to work or your favorite hobby. Hollow Socks has designed fantastic socks that leave little else to be desired.

I stand for 10 hours on concrete and pay good money for quality boots and socks. Because your feet are so important to how you feel and how well your day is going. If your feet hurt, you are going to have a really long day. Even on hot days, I was wearing the thickest socks they have (Boot Socks), and my feet didn’t even really feel that hot.

hollow socks
I purchased it from Hollow. One pair was in the wash at the time of taking this picture.

I noticed a more general sense of pleasantry when wearing these socks. They are soft and more comfortable in general than traditional socks (cotton). Especially with the Boot Sock, it felt more cushiony, too.

These Hollow socks never had that over-tightness (indented skin above the ankle after wearing socks all day long and taking them off.) or were floppy (where the sock slowly creeps downward). They just stayed in place.

The Boot Sock has a lot of cushions and vastly helps absorb the impact of walking and standing for long periods on hard surfaces. The material is thicker compared to their other socks. When I wear these socks, it is definitely a more pleasant day for my feet at work. The other socks are good, too, and better than your standard socks.

I know I will be purchasing more of these socks as I love the No-Show Socks for summertime and the Boot Socks for the wintertime. There is little to dislike about these products as they are quality and live up to Hollow Sock’s claims.

The temperature-regulating features of alpaca fibers are truly astounding. Keeping your feet happy through the day.

If you have never tried alpaca socks, I highly recommend giving them a try.

What a great pair of socks!!!

Alpaca-No-Show-Socks-Benefits (1)
Hollow Socks No-Show Socks.

Pros & Cons


  • Great colors (black & grey). I enjoy being able to purchase a pair of socks that aren’t just black or white, as they offer grey-colored socks. It is nice to see and expand into a different color scheme besides the usual colors.
  • Zero scratchy-ness. Just softness and pure comfort. An absolute pleasure to wear.
  • Very comfortable. One of the best socks I’ve ever worn. Hollow socks perform everywhere it claims.
  • There is a wide variety of socks to choose from (5 different styles) to target your optimal task specifically. From work to play and everything in between.
  • Made in the USA. Wisconsin-based company!!! I live in Wisconsin and love to see a great business in the state in which I live.
  • My feet remained cool, and didn’t sweat excessively in the heat. This surprised me.
  • The socks fit excellently. They never slipped down (floppy) and never were overly tight (you know, when you take your socks off at the end of the day and there is a ring of highly compressed skin around your ankle or leg).
  • There are multiple ways of saving money at Hollow Socks. Buying in bundles or buying more than one pair will save you money. This is always nice to see.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • I tested these socks in the hottest part of the summer where I lived. It was in the mid to high 90s with high humidity, and my feet were far more comfortable and less sweaty than my normal used socks—a vast improvement.
  • I haven’t tried these socks in the cold yet; that season is shortly coming up. But I believe these would perform just as well in the cold as the heat. I will update you when I do.
  • I experienced no stink after wearing Hollow Socks for 10 hours at my full-time job at the stainless steel factory where I work.
  • The sizes were spot-on. As I wear a size 12 shoe, the large socks fit my feet perfectly.
  • I didn’t experience any pilling or excessive lint while wearing these socks.
  • It is a great gift idea for someone, especially if they love to work or play outdoors.
  • I appreciate the name (HOLLOW) is printed on the top of each sock so as to quickly identify it in my sock drawer or when doing laundry. Since these are premium socks I want to quickly find them in my drawer.
  • Hollow Socks Boot Sock is excellent for people looking for a little extra padding on their socks and are really comfortable. This was my favorite for wearing to work, but they all were fantastic.
  • Lanolin-free. Hypoallergenic and itch-free.
  • Free shipping when you buy two or more pairs.
  • Alpaca wool is about three times as warm as sheep’s wool. Can’t wait to try these in the wintertime.
  • Great for outdoor activities like skiing, hiking, biking, hunting, and etc.


  • It’s pretty expensive for just a pair of socks. Upwards of $50.00 dollars for a pair of Ski Socks which are the most expensive they sell. The cheapest sock is $20.00 for their No-Show Socks, which use less material than their Ski Socks do. So that makes sense.
  • It is slightly a hassle for laundry as you have to wash it in cold water and hang it to dry. Even though they state (machine washing and drying tests have shown no damage), I’ll just play it safe.
Hollow Socks Ski Socks.

How Does This Compare To Other Socks I Have Worn?

I often wear black Dickies socks for work and occasionally wear some type of wool socks in the wintertime when I walk my dog. These have way more cushion and are a lot softer and generally more pleasant. Plus, they keep my feet dry and smelling better.

I have worn these for two days in a row. Pretty gross…right? But the socks didn’t have any smell to them. So, it lives up to that claim, too.

hollow socks boot socks black
This Hollow Boot Sock is so good. I enjoy wearing this at work, and it makes a fantastic work sock. The extra cushion really helps when standing on concrete.

Final Thoughts On This Hollow Socks Review

I rarely look forward to putting on socks, but after just one day of wearing Hollow Socks, the next day, I was excited about putting on these socks and wearing them. I guess I need to get a life, but it somehow lightens my load and makes my feet happy. Thus making you have a slightly better day overall.

I have found that Hollow Socks actually lives up to its claims, and their performance alpaca socks are the bomb!!! I didn’t experience any real negatives of any of their socks besides the higher price tag.

While it might hollow out your wallet a little, it will not leave you feeling hollow inside after wearing these socks. I highly recommend Hollow Socks—one of the best socks I’ve ever worn.


If you have any comments or questions, I would love to hear them below. Thanks!

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