How Often Do I Need To Shave My Back?

Common questions around shaving your back I get all the time. Like, how often do I need to shave my back? This is the second most asked question I have received, so I thought I would address this question and write about it here to help the newly committed back shavers.

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Need A Good Recommendation For A Back Shaver?

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It’s Really Dependent On You

The answers can be rather complex, as it varies from person to person. No simple answer here.

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Your Level Of Hygiene

Think of it as just like shaving your face.

For example shaving your beard, some men prefer it every day and some men do it weekly and some men once a year and everything in between. The same with shaving your back. There is nothing wrong with shaving your back every day and nothing wrong with not shaving your back whenever you want. The choice is yours.

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I find the back hair grows back about the same speed as my beard hair. You might find the same thing but for each of us it can vary.


This will also play a huge role in how often you shave. The thickness of your back hair, coureness, length, and how fast your hair grows back. This in combination with your level of hygiene contribute how often you will feel you need to shave your back.

Where You Live

Weather can play a big role in how often you find yourself needing to shave.

Depending on where you live either hot or cold will affect how often you shave your back. I know when it gets hot and humid I want to remove as much hair from my body, both in having a short haircut and body hair. I find I am more comfortable in high heat conditions when I have less hair on my body.

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How Often You Take Your Shirt Off In Public Or Around The House

Do you go to the local swimming pool a lot or mow your grass shirtless. If you go around a lot without a shirt you might want to shave your back more often.

Need A Confidence Booster

At least for me, even when I don’t have my shirt off, after I have shaved my back I have a greater confidence about myself. Whether it is me conforming to acceptable societies norms or just the act of taking care and grooming myself it builds my moral. I don’t really care which one it is or if it is both, it works. I feel better and that is all that matters.

So, if you need a some confidence go get a nice haircut, shave your beard, or shave your back!

My Shaving Routine

My routine is quite complex as I am using and reviewing many different back shaver for this website. Often times I have no back hair and must wait a few weeks for the hair to grow back to try a new back shaver. So, I am actually wanting and waiting for my back hair to grow back faster sometimes. I am really messed up, I know. As I get older I really think it is growing faster, at least on my face and back it is.

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I have reviewed, used, and own 44 different back shavers to date at the time of writing this post. So, I am really invested in back shaving and actually prefer it to other methods currently available mainly because it is quick and I can do it myself. After all, I am a male and prefer self-reliance. The other reason is I don’t want judgment from another person or embarrassment. Just do it myself and avoid that weirdness.

I am actually kind of lazy when it comes to shaving my back…yep, lazy! I said it, okay. But I also live where it is cold for most of the year too. If I lived where it was hotter I probably shave more often.

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When I don’t have a new back shaver to review or it is just winter time I just let the back hair grow. Often shaving my back in Spring and throughout the Summer. I probably shave my back the most in the Summer. The weather is the biggest motivation for having a hairless back.

I will shave my back in the Fall and Winter when it itches or just bothers me too. Also, I will shave if I am going on vacation or feel the need to get dapper. I don’t really have a set routine, I just go by what I want and this varies from individual to individual. Your routine will vary too.


Just some general guidelines given for a schedule.

Prim & Proper Schedule

Shave every few days or twice a week.

The Dude Schedule

Shave once every two weeks

The Grizzly Adams Schedule

Shave seasonally or once a year and everything in between.

Methods For Shaving Your Back You Might Consider

If you are new to removing back hair there are many great options and believe it or not just a decade ago were nearly impossible to find. There is a whole new market centered around back hair removal, whether it’s shaving, depilatory creams, trimming, laser treatment, and waxing.

I focus mainly on back shaving because I feel it is the best. It is fast and I can do it myself.

Check out my page on Methods For Dealing With Back Hair: Find Your Best Method. This page goes through the multiple methods available for the modern man dealing with back hair.

Would love an opportunity to answer any back shaving questions or comments below.

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