Which Back Shaver Is Right For Me? Different Back Shavers Explained

Most men think when first looking for a back shaver, do they work?

The answer is, yes! For the most part, there are quite a few back shavers I would avoid buying, and will list how to avoid these below. But a good back shaver will certainly shave your back with ease, so rest assured.

Then upon searching, they see many different kinds of back shavers and wonder, which back shaver is right for me?

I hope in this post to shed some light and hopefully most importantly be helpful and explain and offer my insights on back shavers. As I am the self-proclaimed world’s foremost authority on back shaving. Hah! Having used quite a few back shavers and written reviews on them I have developed a unique opinion on the matter.

The 3 Types Of Back Shavers

Basically, there are three types of back shavers on the market. They are Cartridge back shavers, replaceable safety razor blades back shavers, and electric back shavers.

  1. Electric Back Shavers
  2. Replaceable Cartridge Back Shavers
  3. Replaceable Safety Razor Blades and Back Shavers

All three types of back shavers have their pluses and minuses and these need to be properly considered in order to determine oneself your back hair removal system.

This is just a general overview of the basic positives and negatives of the different shaving devices. With that being said, each and every back shaver is different and doesn’t necessarily perform the same. For specifics, you need to check out their individual reviews

The Good & The Bad Of Electric Back Shavers

This type of back shaver is usually the most expensive. As it has more moving and operating parts than for example a blade on a stick. With more parts comes a higher price tag. This is understandable and acceptable for what is provided, as beard electric shavers are generally known to cost more than disposable head shavers. The same with the back for shavers.


  • No changing razor blades or cartridges. Just flip the button and you’re off to buzzing off back hair.
  • Absolutely zero cuts and zero nicks using an electric back shaver.


  • Cost more.
  • Increased shaving time. A smaller shaving head increases your shave time. Some electric shavers have two replaceable heads, one a trimming head and the other a shaving head, usually a foil-type shaver. So, this will double your time as well.
  • Reliant on a power source, as having to charge the device.
  • The shave is not as close to a razor system.
  • Battery life will eventually die and will be unable to charge it. I don’t know how long this takes though.

The Good And The Bad Of Replaceable Cartridges Back Shavers

The main deal with cartridges for back shavers is they are expensive. Considering that they are just some plastic and some fairly cheap safety razor blades. The markup is way more expensive than replaceable safety razor back shavers.

The replacement cartridges can get expensive but the ease of use is the best. I typically get about 6 shaves before having to replace the cartridge due to it getting dull.

bakblade 2.0 size
The picture is the BakBlade 2.0 & 1.0. Bakblade makes the best cartridge back shaver out there.


  • The easiest and quickest of replacing razors. Just simply slide in a new cartridge, no unscrewing anything, and carefully place the razors into place.
  • Provides an excellent close shave.
  • Gives you the quickest fastest shave.
  • No power source is needed.
  • If you just want an easy-to-use system with little thought or effort this is the way to go.


  • Replacement cartridges are expensive. Huge markups!
  • You are stuck with what the manufacturer used for the brand of safety razor they put into the cartridge. This can be good or bad for the user, as there are plenty of different brands of safety razors out there. Hundreds of different brands of safety razors. They also have different levels of sharpness. Often times you will never know what brand is in a replaceable cartridge.

Back Shavers To Avoid

I have written a post here, Back Shaver’s You Should Avoid Buying. I list certain back shavers as well as give general guidelines to look out for.

The Good And The Bad Of Replaceable Safety Razors Blades Back Shavers

If you are frugal, this is for you bro. Look no further.

After years of back shaving, this is my preferred back shaver type. I love being able to use the safety razor of my choice. This also gives the closest shave. Plus it is the cheapest…I mean come on…it hits all the right spots for me personally.

Get a replaceable razor back shaver and a pack of safety razors and you will be good for a long time.

20210122 164303
Bro Shaver 2.2 Saucy & Bro Shaver 1.0


  • The cheapest method of replacing dull blades, hands down.
  • The ability to buy and put whatever brand of safety razor in your back shaver. As there are a ton of different brands of blades, as well as different levels of sharpness. Options! Options! Options!
  • The closest shave out of all the other back shavers partially because of the reason above this one.


  • Changing blades is mildly troublesome, in the mildest sense.

Knowledge Is Power

If you want my advice on what back shaver to buy after reading this post I will recommend one of each type. I will provide links to each review below.

These get my stamp of approval.

Best Electric Back Shaver

Mangroomer Lithium Max Plus Back Shaver

mangroomer black max plus

Best Cartridge Back Shaver

Bakblade 2.0 Elite Plus Back Shaver – My highest-ranked back shaver to date!

man using bakblade on his back

Best Replaceable Safety Razor Back Shaver

Bro Shaver 2.2 Saucy

bro shaver 2.2 saucy back shaver

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