Mangroomer Lithium Max Plus Back Shaver Review: User Friendly?

In today’s post, Mangroomer Lithium Max Plus Back Shaver Review, I will help you understand if this is a good product. When I saw that MANGROOMER had a brand new Back Shaver, their newest and top-of-the-line back shaver, with a 50% larger Body Groomer head, I had to go out and get one and review it immediately, and this is my review of the Mangroomer Lithium Max Plus Back Shaver review.

Let’s cut into this blister pack and get into this review.

After all, their model before this truly impressed me and made my list of the top 3 back shavers. To see that review, head over to my review located here: Mangroomer Lithium Max Back Shaver Review. With such a strong showing from Mangroomer before I knew about this back shaver, just had to get better.

MANGROOMER Lithium Max Plus+ Back Hair Shaver (New 7th Generation) Complete Attachment Head With Shock Absorber Neck & New 50% wider Blade Design

Features Of The ManGroomer Lithium Max Plus+

As stated above, this is the new top-of-the-line back shaver from MANGROOMER. With a proud 15 years of research and development currently this is their pinnacle for a back shaver.

Let’s start with the basics.

Love Lithium Batteries

This is a rechargeable cordless electric back shaver. Using a lithium battery for fast charging and able to hold a longer charge between charging.

This also comes with two different shaving head attachments that are interchangeable, by simply twisting the head to the right and twisting to the left to put it back on. They also even provide a locking mechanism to prevent accidentally twisting the head off when shaving. The wider shaving head (back shaving head) is used for knocking down the long back hairs, while the Body Grooming head (foil type) is used to get a smooth shave on the shorter hairs.

  • Power Hinge on all attachment heads. It allows for just the right amount of giving when shaving the different contours of your back.
  • Power Burst button to get instant access to power when needed.
  • Pro XL Extendable Lock – Press this button to get more reach on the lower portion of the handle, from starting out at 9 1/4 inches to the press of the button to 14 1/2 inches.
  • The locking button below where the attachment heads go is to hold the heads in place adequately.
  • Lithium battery.
  • Power Hinge – Located in the middle of the handle to give a very versatile option of choosing any angle from 0 degrees to 135 degrees.

What’s New

So, what is the difference between this model (Plus+) and the older version? Well, a couple of things worthy of note.

The biggest and most important is the wider grooming head. This is usually used first as this is supposed to tackle the longer hairs. The Grooming Head comes in at 3 inches, and the cutting edge of this is 2 9/16 inches wide. Compared to the older versions, which have a 2 1/8 inches head and a 1 3/4 cutting edge. So you get 13/16 of an inch more for a slightly higher price. My opinion = WORTH IT.

Color Change

A less worthy of note is the color change from black and red to all-black with white lettering. It looks like a more serious tool and, in my opinion, better.

Size comparison Lithium Max Plus+(left)  VS the older version Lithium Max (right)

How Well Does The ManGroomer Max Plus Perform?

To sum it up in the first line, This is the best electric back shaver out there, and not only that, it is one of the top back shavers on the market today. A great choice for anyone!

This will trim and shave your back hair pretty quickly, while not as quickly as a razor will. As you will be using two attachments and going over your back twice. Effectively removes back hair with each pass.

Providing a close enough shave to please just about anyone. While also provides a great trimming aspect as well, as some men prefer just trimming their back hair as opposed to shaving. As they don’t like the itchiness of hair regrowing after shaving.

Super Handle

The handle is just freaking amazing on this shaver. Providing a very solid and comfortable grip anywhere on the handle. The weight is also perfect, as it is very light and wielding. Having a slightly heavier weighted front end lends itself quite well to shaving the back.

Great options and many angles to choose from. The options for the many different angles, as well as lengths, will leave you very happy. Not much arm contortion is needed at all to reach previously unreachable areas of your back. It works just naturally, without having to really think about it.

What Is All Included With Purchase?

1 – Mangroomer Unit

2 – Attachments Heads -The foil shaving head comes in at 1 1/2 inches wide and the grooming head comes in at 2 1/2 inches wide.

1 – Power Cord for charging.

1 – Two-sided cleaning brush.

1 – Detailed instruction pamphlet.

1 – Black 2-year warranty card with contact information.

Pros & Cons


  • This makes shaving your back a pleasure; number 1 and number 2, work great!
  • Never having to buy replacement razors ever again just to shave your back.
  • Wider Body Groomer head. 50% wider than the previous model. Love this!!! The head is 2.7 inches wide compared to the older version, which is
  • Multiple speed settings, regular, and power burst. I personally just use the power burst when using the Body Groomer head attachment (the wider one) and switch back to regular speed for the Back Shaver attachment (the smaller one).
  • Head attachments are quick and simple to change. Takes just seconds.
  • 2-year warranty
  • Replacement heads are available for purchase if you need to replace one. Thereby not leaving you with a hunk of junk if a head has stopped performing. They are pretty reasonably priced, too!
  • Since I have the older version (Mangroomer Lithium Max) and the newer version (Mangroomer Lithium Max Plus+), I decided to see if the heads are interchangeable. They are!! I switched them back and forth both ways, and both worked great. No problem at all.
  • I love this handle. Fits the hand nicely and can adjust your grip on just about anywhere on it.
  • With all the design features built into this back shaver, I was EASILY able to hit all areas of my back. Did I stress the word EASILY enough?
  • Fully adjustable handle. From the storage position of 0 degrees all the way up to 135 degrees, you are sure to find the correct position for any place on your back. The degrees are a space at 15 intervals. So you have a total of 9 separate positions from which to choose.
  • Extended reach option, as there is a button located on the lower half of the handle labeled Pro XL – Extension Lock. This gives you the option of extending it up to another 5 1/4 inches or anywhere in between.
  • Absouloouty zero cuts or nicks when shaving with either head.
  • It was well-packaged and presented.
  • A serious company that has invested years and money into product development.
  • I love the solid clicks when adjusting the degrees. This means two things, well built, and it won’t move on you when using it. Additionally, there is a black locking button located in the center of the handle to ensure it doesn’t move on you 100%.
  • Great instructions manual. This is also provided in multiple languages, English, Espanol, French, and German. Definitely worth reading to get the components down in your head, as well as get the most out of your lithium battery.
  • Lithium battery. Best battery for fast charging (2 to 3 hour charge time) and holding a charge for three times longer.
  • Folds up for easy storage. Also, on Amazon, you can purchase a travel case designed for the Mangroomer.
  • Mangroomer provides a small two-sided cleaning brush to effectively clean your attachment heads.
  • It allows you to be self-sufficient and shave your own back.
  • It can be used additionally for manscaping.
  • Surprisingly, it is very lightweight and easy to handle.
  • A charge indicator light is located on the handle to effectively tell you if you need a charge or not.
  • Color upgrade from the previous model. I prefer the look of this new all-black model compared to the last model.


  • You must initially charge your Lithium Max Plus+ a minimum of 18 to 24 hours before using it. Read the directions to ensure battery performance. It’s not that big of a deal, but I thought I shared anyway.
  • Increased shaving time to get a really smooth shave initially. This system uses two separate heads to rid your back of the hair. I also didn’t find it that much of an inconvenience as far as time is concerned.
  • Having improved the width of the head was a real step in the right direction for Mangroomer, but bladed versions of other back shavers come in at 4 inches across.
  • High Price. This is the highest-priced back shaver I have reviewed, but it doesn’t need replacement razor blades either.

MANGROOMER Lithium Max Plus+ Back Hair Shaver (New 7th Generation) Complete Attachment Head With Shock Absorber Neck & New 50% wider Blade Design

Tips For Using This Back Shaver

I like using the power burst setting to shave down the longer hairs initially with the groomer’s head. Then, switch to the regular mode when using the foil shaver. This seems to work great for me.

Feel free to extend the handle, adjust the angle, and play with it to find what works best for you. You will find it will reach all of the areas on your back easily.

Read the instructions manual to fully understand this shaver’s components and battery.

The Final Thoughts On Mangroomer Lithium Max Plus Back Shaver Review

A real quality electric back shaver that performs head-to-head with some of the best manual back shavers out there. Providing the best technology currently available in the form of battery performance with its Lithium Max+. There are many things this company gets right, and it’s great to see they want to keep improving their product.

Some many positives; it’s hard not to love this back shaver.

A definite step up from the previous model. Good job MANGROOMER! Improvement is always welcomed!

Purchase The Mangroomer Lithium Max Plus+

MANGROOMER Lithium Max Plus+ Back Hair Shaver (New 7th Generation) Complete Attachment Head With Shock Absorber Neck & New 50% wider Blade Design

10 thoughts on “Mangroomer Lithium Max Plus Back Shaver Review: User Friendly?”

  1. Please tell me, can I use this groomer to shave unwanted hairs not only on the back, but on other different parts of my body, like chest, private places, under arm, etc

    • Yes, this will work nicely on other areas of your body, not just back hair. The company warns of using it anywhere on your face, as it is supposed to be used anywhere below the neck.
      Hope this clears it up for you. Mangroomer is a great company with exceptional shavers. Take a look at the very newest Mangroomer Lithium Max Plus I just did a review of this on May 11. A wider head that makes back shaving even easier.

  2. Hi Dan. Very interesting article. To be fair I had no idea that there are electric back shavers and I never heard before about Mangroomer products. But looking on your review it seems as a brilliant tool which make man’s live much easier. Its not cheap, but I think it’s worth the price and Im looking forward to test it in practice.

    • It is the most expensive back shaver on the market for sure. But it is also the best electric shaver back shaver on the market as well. So, if using an electric back shaver is what you want, you can not do better than Mangroomer.

  3. Hi and thank you for this detailed review. I have to say that the Mangroomer is really impressive, I love the fact that you are left with no cuts or nicks and the handle is awesome on this machine. I am not one that really has a problem with back hair but I sure know who I can gift this to.

    • You are blessed Jean for not being cursed with back hair, consider yourself lucky. Makes a great gift for the right person…of course. Zero cuts with using the Mangroomer, it is the best electric back shaver out there. Let me know how the gift-giving goes down.

  4. Hey dan! I never thought i would see a back shaver in my life, lol. I mean you could use some other stuff to clean.

    but anyways iam interested now, i dont know how but i would like to know is the product shippable to middle eastern countries coz they never had this one before.

    • Amazon does ship internationally to over 100 countries. I would recommend giving it a try. Your country might be one of the countries. Hope this helps Nabell. 

  5. Hi Dan
    I’m very puzzled as to why this product (and all other electric back trimmers) have around 20% 1 star reviews saying they don’t work and instead of cutting hair they rip and pull it out – making them completely useless. But you and others say they work just great. I can’t figure out what the truth is and don’t want to waste my money. Can you offer any insights?

    • Phil,
      Right away I want to say I prefer shaving my back over using a back trimmer like any of the Mangroomer products. Shaving is my preferred method of dealing with back hair and over the years of reviewing back shavers and back trimmers this is what I have learned, it is faster and works better. Mangroomer makes the best electric back hair trimmers (Or use to, it looks like). You learn things over the years of reviewing back shavers and I definitely know what I want and I want a quality back shaver, not a back trimmer.
      What I think is happening is Mangroomer is making a cheaper selection of parts. I don’t really know to be honest but from what I am hearing from others like you it isn’t any good. I would tend to believe them. Mangroomer is going downhill in quality and it is probably because they are using cheaper parts.
      I would avoid buying the Mangroomer Lithium Max Plus. Where there is smoke there is a fire. Their older models seem to be made better with higher quality parts in their shaving and trimmer heads. I don’t really know but this would be my guess. I haven’t reviewed any of their products in years. I also have learned that I hate foil shavers of any kind. I just hate how they make my skin feel after using them and the Mangroomer uses a foil shaver. Also they occasionally pull hair too.
      I was impressed (years ago) by the quality of most of their models and they did work well but again not my preferred method but this was years ago. Maybe I will purchase another Mangroomer Lithium Max Plus and report any changes I find. Also if you buy it from Amazon you can also just return the product if you want to find out for yourself.
      This review was made in 2018 and probably things have changed.
      My favorite back shaver is the Bakblade 2.0 Elite Plus.
      I also wrote a small post about this here,
      Hope this helps if not write me back.


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