Habitoux Dopp Kit Men’s Travel Toiletry Bag Canvas & Leather With Waterproof Lining Review: 8.5 Reliability

I have been refining and expanding my whole men’s grooming experience as of late, from mainly products and techniques. I might also add that finding products I love that are very practical has been an absolute joy.

I reviewed another Dopp Kit here, BAKblade Leather Travel Bag Review.

I soon realized my Dopp Kit game was severely lacking and needed updating. When I travel, I will put my toiletry into an old sheers bag designed for storing hair clippers.

Yeah, it’s not good enough.

Habitoux Mens Toiletry Bags for Women Travel Bag Dopp Kit YKK Zip Canvas and Leather

What’s A Dopp Kit?

Before we get going, I would like to explain what a Dopp kit is.

If you don’t know what a Dopp Kit is, it also goes by another name: toiletry bag or travel kit. Where you put stuff like your toothbrush, deodorant, cologne, soap, shampoo, and such into it for when you travel for convenience, it allows you to separate items from other items in your suitcase as well as possibly protect against leakage, depending on the type of Dopp kit you buy.

I believe this Dopp kit has all the essential features as well as the looks to go with it.

Hello…Habitoux Dopp Kit

So, I decided to start investigating buying a new Dopp Kit.

Enter the Habitoux Dopp Kit. I found this on Amazon as the design looks practical and made of quality materials. I got my hands on one and am now off to review this Dopp Kit.

Habitoux Mens Toiletry Bags for Women Travel Bag Dopp Kit YKK Zip Canvas and Leather

So, let’s get right into it.

Review & Features 

The size of this Habitoux Dopp Kit I would classify as a medium bag, not the biggest and not the smallest of a Dopp kit. This seems to be quite adequate to hold all of my toiletry items with room to spare. I also find the material to have a pleasing, rugged Manish look. While not made of leather, it is a good second choice for material and should hold up to wear and tear.

Habitoux Mens Toiletry Bags for Women Travel Bag Dopp Kit YKK Zip Canvas and Leather

It has three compartments: the central, exterior, and inside the main compartment, a small side compartment. I love the practicality of the exterior compartment. It’s where you store your toothbrush, razors, and other things for quick and easy access. Thereby separate items that need to be separated for hygiene or other reasons. This is my favorite feature of the Dopp kit!!

Appreciate all of the mesh pockets (a total of 4) to help see where everything is stored and lock down any such items that need locking down.

Habitoux Mens Toiletry Bags for Women Travel Bag Dopp Kit YKK Zip Canvas and Leather

What I Like About It

  • Waterproof interior lining. This is a freaking must!!! So, if anything explodes or leaks, it won’t affect your clothes when stored in a suitcase.
  • Awesome side compartment on the exterior of the Dopp kit. It has a two-part compartmentalized netting with three elastic loops for toothbrushes and shaving razors. Quick to get to and away from possible lotions or colognes. I love this feature!
  • The ripstop lining on the interior.
  • Heavy Duty YKK zippers. This is the brand name among the zippers you want on your product.
  • Overall, the quality is excellent and appreciated.
  • The overall look is appealing. Leather is the best looking, but this holds its own.
  • I find the overall size to be my liking, but you may like a smaller or bigger bag; I find the bag fits all my toiletry items without taking up a lot of real estate in my luggage. This can also depend on the time you travel: you might opt for a larger Dopp kit for an extended overseas trip.
  • It is very lightweight when empty.
  • It does appear to have some padding on the bottom of this, which could help avoid some disasters.
  • Comes in three colors: grey, camo, and khaki.

What I Don’t Like

  • The interior zipper is not a YKK zipper, but the two main exterior ones are.


The Habitoux website states the dimensions of this Dopp Kit are 8.8 X 4.8 X 5 inches. The main construction material used in this kit is cotton canvas. The other materials are a ripstop fabric, waterproof material on the interior, and mesh material. The only leather on this kit is on the zipper handles, and the exterior handles are on both ends of the Dopp kit. There is a total of three zippers in three different compartments.

Some items in my Dopp kit. Oh, wait…is that a ManGroomer Lithium Max Back Shaver in there? Why yes…yes it is. It fits nicely for traveling. Bonus!!!

The Final Thoughts On the Habitoux Dopp Kit

This is a good, solid Dopp Kit with a reasonable price point. The features all work and are functional, as the quality seems to be here. It has waterproof and ripstop materials and two of the three are quality zippers. The two main zippers are quality, which is paramount because if these zippers break or don’t work, these things are no longer reasonably sealed up. But having quality zippers shouldn’t be a problem at all.

This is built to last with quality zippers, ripstop material, good thick canvas, and a waterproof interior—everything you need for longevity.

Having a Dopp kit is a convenience and peace of mind. Having leaky fluids in your clothing and possibly documents in your suitcase is a recipe for disaster. Buying a Dopp kit is a must for traveling, and you’ll be glad you did.

Habitoux Mens Toiletry Bags for Women Travel Bag Dopp Kit YKK Zip Canvas and Leather


I would love to hear any comments or questions.

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