Komalc Premium Buffalo Leather Toiletry Bag Dopp Kit Review: #1 Fantastic & Sturdy


A Classic Designed Dopp Kit

Komalc Premium Buffalo Leather Toiletry Bag Dopp Kit review. I love Dopp kits both for their practicality and the organization they offer. I have been eyeing this Dopp kit for years now, and I finally just recently pulled the trigger and purchased this Komalc Buffalo Leather Dopp kit on Amazon, both for selfish reasons (my personal use) and to share with readers to this website in a review of this product. I currently own three toiletry bags, which are a great way to have all your grooming essentials in one spot.

KomalC Premium Buffalo Leather Unisex Toiletry Bag Travel Dopp Kit (Distressed Orange Tan)

So, let’s see if this lives up to my expectations…

What All Comes With The KomalC Dopp Kit?

1 – KomalC Leather Dopp Kit

1 – Cloth Bag

1 – Set of Care Instructions & Contact Information

dopp kit instructions and bag
Everything that is included with the purchase. Outer bag, KomalC Dopp Kit, and care instructions.

What Is Komalc Dopp Kit?

Dopp kits go by many different names, like toiletry bags, travel kits, ditty bags, and wash bags. These are separate bags that hold hygiene items and toiletries items.

This is a toiletry bag that is made from quality full-grain buffalo leather and is handmade by craftsmen in India. The exterior is completely leather, and the interior has a water-resistant cloth lining. There are a total of three storage compartments: a large main compartment, an exterior compartment, and a smaller interior compartment for storing items separately.

There are a total of four YKK zippers. The two main zippers are attached to a leather grab handle and hold the top lid open or close. This KomalC has a uniquely designed lid, which is a large leather flap that is attached to the two main zippers. The flap also has a small magnetic snap at its end to keep the lid securely closed.

KomalC Premium Buffalo Leather Unisex Toiletry Bag Travel Dopp Kit (Distressed Orange Tan)

There is also a double layer of leather on the bottom that has five brass bottom studs to help prolong its lifespan and keep the leather from getting wet from wet floors or countertops. There is also a wider, hefty grab handle located on one end of the bag for easy grabbing.

Specs & Features

I would classify this as a medium-sized Dopp kit that measures approximately 10 inches long and 5 3/4 inches tall with a width of 5 inches.

As stated above, this is full-grain buffalo leather with a water-resistant inner lining—3 separate storage compartments.

KomalC Premium Buffalo Leather Unisex Toiletry Bag Travel Dopp Kit (Distressed Orange Tan)

What I Think About This Dopp Kit

It has a rustic and vintage look to it, which I truly love. It is a throwback to earlier days, made with quality leather, and should easily stand up to the test of time and wear and tear. This is what I love most about this Dopp Kit.

It has a minimalistic look to it with no logos or writing on the outside of this bag, and this is what I prefer and want. The size is a medium-sized Dopp kit and should hold everything I could want to bring along with me without being too big or too small.

I love having separate storage compartments in a toiletry bag. It is a must for me as you do not want some items sitting next to each other for hygiene reasons. This has three separate storage compartments: one big main compartment, an easy-to-access outer pocket, and another small compartment on the inside.

I also love the wide opening. The unique leather flap, along with the double top zipper, allows for a wide opening that one can easily reach in and find what they are looking for. The leather lid constantly wanted to flop over to the close position, but I used the leather strap that connects the two zippers to hold it open. This small problem will probably be solved on it is own with constant use, as the leather will get accustomed to being opened (break-in).

lid held open by leather strap

If you want high-quality zippers, as soon as the main two zippers fail, then you might as well throw them away. YKK zippers are great, and I love to see them being used in this bag. It adds to my overall sense of quality and buying decisions.

A lot of big and little details are designed and implemented into this simple bag, which means someone puts a lot of practical thought, ingenuity, and care into it. A true quality piece that would make a spectacular gift for yourself or for someone you know.

I highly recommend checking out this Dopp kit, and from what I see, it is a must-have!!!

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Pros & Cons


  • Beautiful vintage look!
  • Real leather!!!
  • Very spacious.
  • Comes nicely protected in a cloth outer bag.
  • A small discrete logo is printed on the outside of this kit (minimalistic). I think it is stamped. I’m glad this isn’t easy to see or stands out, as I think this would take away from the vintage aesthetics, and I applaud this.
  • Great Size!!! For me, this is just the right size. I wouldn’t say I like huge Dopp kits, and I’m not too fond of small Dopp kits; this medium-sized one fits the bill for me.
  • Leather is tough but flexible, too, as it holds its shape with nothing inside.
  • There is a wide top opening for easily getting my big hands in and out of this bag. The sides are also stiff but flexible, so the sides don’t fold in on you when you open the top flap.
  • I love the buffalo leather used. It seems sturdy and is a truly stunning piece of craftsmanship and quality.
  • Three separate storage compartments. One on the outside and two separate compartments on the inside. I love the option of keeping some things separated inside a Dopp kit; like for example a toothbrush and a comb should never be stored together. You’ll be spitting hair out when you are brushing your teeth.
  • It would make an excellent gift.
  • Great zippers. YKK metal zippers are probably the best there are out there.
  • Any Dopp kit or toiletry bag could be used by either sex, but I feel the color and material used are more suited for men.
  • Care instructions provided are on a full sheet of quality paper that is easy to read. Along with contact information if you run into any problems with the product. Great to see!!!


  • Closing the double zipper on top of the Komalc doesn’t close the easiest. It does close, but with this Dopp kit I got, it hangs up on one side of the zipper before being fully closed. You have to pull individually on the zipper to close it fully. It does open easily with the leather strap connecting the two zippers, though just not close. I think this happens because the bag is flexible, and the zippers are not fully in line when closing. It’s not a deal-breaker in my book, but worthy of note.
  • The Lid, when unzipped, doesn’t stay open. It falls back closed. This can be a pain in the neck if you want it to remain open. I have found folding the lid in through the leather strap that is connected to the two zippers about 3/4 of the way helps the lid stay open for easy, quick access. Maybe this will change in time as the leather becomes used to being folded over to have the lid fully open.
bottom of dopp kit
Notice the five brass studs and double-layered leather. This will help prolong the lifespan of this Dopp kit. Great feature!!!

Tips On Using It

I own several Dopp kits, and I recommend that you own at least two for yourself.


Well, I have one stock with general grooming tools and accessories that I use either daily or weekly and one that is fully stocked and ready to go with a moment’s notice for traveling purposes. This makes packing for a trip less stressful and much easier. All the essential grooming products are already packed and ready to go, making it super easy to travel.

Need A Little Help On Useful Items To Pack Into Your Dopp Kit?

I have compiled a list to help people with essential items in your Dopp kit. These are very helpful and practical items, for sure!

Head over to my page: What To Put In A Dopp Kit.

How Does This Compare To Other Dopp Kits?

This is the best-looking and quality Dopp kit I have owned, for sure. It doesn’t have the best side compartments, as compared to the Habitoux Dopp Kit I also own; for example, it has an outside side compartment that has an area where you slide a toothbrush or a razor blade for easy access. But it sure is easy to get in and out of the Dopp kit with its wide opening, and it is also easy to see what you want.

But overall, it reeks of quality and ease of use.

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The Final Thoughts On Komalc Premium Buffalo Leather Toiletry Bag Dopp Kit Review

There are a few minor negatives about this KomalC Dopp kit, but overall, this thing is just awesome. These negatives can easily be dealt with, and the positives indeed override them. This Dopp kit will impress anybody who sets eyes on it. It is a truly quality piece from outside to inside and would make a great Dopp Kit for even the most stylish.

I highly recommend getting the KomalC Dopp kit!!!

KomalC Premium Buffalo Leather Unisex Toiletry Bag Travel Dopp Kit (Distressed Orange Tan)

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