LVL Neck Shaver Starter Set Review

Neck Shaving Made Easy?

Just like the availability of do-it-yourself back shavers have self-reliant men rejoicing once they get one, neck shavers are the next great tool for keeping your neck hair in check. LVL Shave Co. has designed a neck shaver to allow a man to take care of his neck hair and do a consistently good job of doing so. In this LVL Neck Starter Set Review I hope to enlighten any potential buyers if the product works or if they should just pass it up.

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So, keep reading to find out.

Oh, before we get started, in full disclosure I reached out to LVL to ask for a free sample in which to review. They promptly sent me a free sample. This will in no way impact my review! I strive to have honesty on my website. if a product sucks, I’ll let you know about it. Also, I have joined their affiliate program and I will make a small amount of money from any sales coming from clicks from my site. This helps support my website and helps me keep reviewing products and bring more reviews. I would greatly appreciate any support.

What Is Included LVL Starter Set?

1 – LVL Neck Razor

1 – Set of Instructions

1 – Breathable Travel Case

27 – Razor Cartridges (LVL has three options for how many razors you want 12, 24, or 48)

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What is included with LVL 24 Kit (minus the instructions I lost them somewhere, oops!)

How Well Does It Work?

I was pretty excited to try the LVL Neck Razor, as I have tried and like many of the neck hair guides I have reviewed in the past, but I haven’t to date tried a specific neck razor. So this gets the hairs on my neck standing straight up, that’s a good thing because I want to shave those right off.

This is an oddly unique-shaped razor, having three three-bladed razors lined up straight side by side that fold and flex allowing it to conform to the back of the neck. The finger holds and hand placement allows for optimal control when shaving. The razors are sharp which is a no-brainer but still need to mention it anyway.

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After multiple passes and following the directions I was left with a smooth hairless neck, I let my neck hair go for 2 weeks prior to using it and my neck hair was quite long. But the LVL Neck Shaver did its job. Had to get the seal of final approval from the ol’ wife and she gave her thumbs up to the job I just finished.

This is so practical for every man, as neck hair can quickly become unruly between haircuts or if you cut your own hair as you can really get a well-manicured neckline using this product. This is a cool product and I think a lot of men everywhere would enjoy keeping their necks neat and clean.

Update: It’s been about 4 months since I first reviewed the LVL Neck Shaver and I am still impressed and even more so than I was original. This has made tidying up my neck so easy and is my go-to for making quick work of trimming my neck. One of my favorite grooming tools! This just rocks!

Pros & Cons


  • Plenty of videos provide on their website to show how to properly use the LVL. Check out the How-To Videos here.
  • Very lightweight, with three razor blades attached still lighter than most of my beard razors.
  • Different size
  • Surprisingly the fingerholds and finger placement give a lot of control. Good to see.
  • One of the nicest package presentations I’ve seen for body grooming products.
  • Blades are sharp and left my neck smooth.
  • The travel case is a great way of storing and making it easy to travel with, as it will fit into any Dopp Kit.
  • The travel case has weep holes on both ends so water can escape and breathe. Attention to details!
  • Great for men that cut their own hair as you can also take care of your neck hair without any worries screwing it up.
  • Very flexible razor holders which allow you to easily work around the neck, conforming to it.
  • Refills are also available on their website.
  • Shaving your neck with this it is pretty easy to a straight and even line.


  • Razors do clog with hair, but any cartridge beard razors clog too. Not that unusual but must be noted. I just lightly tapped against the sink and rinsed with water. Standard operating procedure.
  • I personally get a little side neck hair, I tried to use the LVL shaver on the side neck hair didn’t work the best but simply touched up with my beard razor. Not a big deal as I can see this hair in the mirror anyway, as I want this to work on the hair I can’t see on the back of my neck.
  • A slight margin of error if you don’t care or are just sloppy but that is hard to do if you ask me.
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Some Tips On Using The LVL

Read their instructions and Watch their Videos to better understand how it works, especially before using their product. This will ensure you have how to use it on lockdown.

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Always a good idea before shaving to prep your skin and neck hair with some warm water, either just splashing some on to help soften the hair or using a warm washcloth prior to shaving. Also, this would work well with shaving cream.

For the best deal money-wise it is best to purchase the 48 Blades Starter Set. The cost of the razors is slightly more than one dollar with the 48 Blades (1 year) and the cost of the razors for the 12 Blades (3 months) is slightly above two dollars.

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When I used this I would slightly shift the LVL Neck Shaver over slightly both left and right to ensure I didn’t miss any hairs that might fall between the different razors.

Shave neck hair on a routine basis the shorter it is the less you have to clean out the cartridges. I try to shave my neck once a week on average.

Try to maintain a straight line, holding your hands at an equal level each time you start. Look into the mirror and make sure each hand is level with each other.

If you are more interested in using a neck guide with your own razor, check out my review of Quality Time Neck Hair Guide Supremium Review. It is the best neck hair guide I have used to date.

Final Shave

This is truly a game-changer!

I just love the ingenuity of this neck shaver, simple and well thought out. The creator of this was really thinking outside the box and has come up with a neck shaver that works very well when used correctly.

No need to wait till you go to your barber to have your neck cleaned up. Now you can consistently take care of your own neck hair and do a great job on top of it. I found this device to work fantastic and easy and I would highly recommend it to any self-reliant man.

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Purchase The LVL Neck Shaver

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