Sigma Back Shaver Review – Does It Work? 1 Of The Best!

Sigma Grooming

In this review, Sigma Back Shaver Review – Does It Work? Sigma Grooming is a small company dedicated to, you guessed it, grooming. After putting it through its paces, I will write about its features and determine if it is worth buying.

Back hair is unsightly, and most men want to eliminate this problem. Back shavers offer this liberating experience.

So, let’s get into it.

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Full Disclosure

I am an affiliate of Sigma and will earn a commission through links on this page. Sigma sent me this back shaver to review.

What Is Included With The Sigma?

1 – Sigma Back Shaver (3 safety razors already installed)

1 – Storage Bag

1 – Set of Instructions

everything included with back shaver
Everything included.

Sigma Specs

The handle of Sigma’s Back Shaver is two pieces and, when put together, is a total of 18 inches long. The handle is very comfortable in the hand. The connection between the two handles is held together by compression, and I have found that this compression holds pretty darn well. It also breaks down by simply pulling on both ends.

The handle is not straight, as it has a slight curve to it. This is a good thing as you need a slight curve to easily get to all areas of the back comfortably.

The shaving head is 4 7/8″ inches wide and has three double-sided safety razors stacked side by side. The razors are accessible by removing four Phillips screws on the back of the shaving head. The shaving head has a row of plastic teeth that adequately guide the hairs before being cut.

sigma back shaver in half
Easy to break down and store and very solid when shaving.

Does It Work? Is It Worth Getting?

To get right to it, this lands towards the top half of the best back shavers I have used. It is not the best back shaver I have used; it is pretty darn good! It shaves hair very well and will leave your back silky smooth in no time.

The shaving angle of the shaving head is good. It’s not as aggressive as others I have used but still shaves excellent. The handle is another great feature of this back shaver, as it is long and very comfortable to hold. The handle is also curved and easily gets all areas of your back.

And all of this for being sold at a reasonable price!

Purchase The Sigma Back Shaver!

Pros & Cons


  • It will shave back hair with no problem—very sharp blades.
  • All the correct angles are designed into this back shaver to make shaving easy.
  • This is ready to go right out of the box, NICE. As the safety razors are already installed.
  • Detailed instructions were included. I always love seeing this in a back shaver to help the first-timers.
  • The handle is very comfortable and ergonomically designed to fit the hand. It is simple and unique, as this is the first time I have seen this type of handle.
  • The handle is long enough (18 inches) to handle any sized back.
  • The handle breaks down into two pieces for easy storage.
  • It’s a decent price for a good working back shaver.
  • The storage bag keeps everything nice and tidy and out of the way.
  • No expensive replacement cartridges here, as you can easily purchase double-sided safety razors for far less than other company’s expensive replacement cartridges.
  • Allows you to choose the level of sharpness and brand for your replacement safety razors. However, Sigma does sell its own brand of safety razors, Sigma 50 Double-Edge Razor Blades, which can be found here. Plus, they sell for a decent price!
  • I Wasn’t cut or nicked at all after I was done shaving my back.


  • No extra safety razors are sent along with the back shaver, only the ones installed in the back shaver. I recommend buying some to have some on hand when the blades get dull. Sigma has safety razors for sale; check them out here: Sigma 50 Double-Edge Razor Blades.
  • When blade changing, you are going to need a small Phillips screwdriver. I would have preferred thumbscrews, but it is not that big of an issue.
up close on sigma back shaver
Sharp Blades! Up close, look at the shaving head.

Tips On Using The Sigma Back Shaver

I found taking short, direct strokes to be the most effective method of using this particular back shaver. You can hear it shave hair, so try to use the best method that you continue to hear it working.

Try using it dry and try using it in the shower to see what method you like the most. For everybody, it is different; I prefer to shave my back dry. You don’t know until you try both methods.

Choke up on the handle on certain parts of the back to get more control over the effectiveness of the Sigma.

Check out my page on the Best Safety Razors For Shaving Your Back.

Are you a first-time back shaver? Check out my page: How To Shave Your Back Yourself: 3 Easy Steps To Master. Filled with great information to get you started.

The Final Thoughts On The Sigma Back Shaver Review

I am left very impressed with the Sigma Back Shaver. First off, it is sold at a good price, and second, it performs towards the top of the heap in back shavers I have reviewed. Thus, this would make a good choice for a back shaver for just about anybody. Although this isn’t a perfect back shaver, it is solid and would be cost-effective to replace razors in the long run—a great back shaver for the frugal-minded.

It works and is worth getting!

Purchase The Sigma Back Shaver

sigma back shaver pictures

I would love to answer any questions regarding this Sigma Back Shaver or any other general questions or comments.

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  1. Hello Dan, nice to meet you.

    Thank you so much for your post, I did not know about Sigma Grooming before. Well, about the Sigma Back Shaver, it’s great it shaves hair very well and will leave your back silky smooth in no time, like you stated.

     With all the correct angles designed into this back shaver to make shaving easy, I think this is one of the best back shavers. 

    This is helpful, awesome!


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