Manscaped VS Meridian – Which Is The Better Ball Trimmer?

Manscaped VS Meridian – Which Is The Better Ball Trimmer? We all want the best product for the cheapest price, right? I know I do! I own and have used both of these products and formulated my own opinion on which of these two ball trimmers is the best. I will share my experience and knowledge to help you determine which one of these trimmers is better for you.

Let’s get some!

Full Disclosure.

I am an affiliate of Meridian. I am not an affiliate of Manscaped. I purchased both of these trimmers with my own money. I own both products and have used them both with the pictures to prove that below. I will earn a small commission on links clicked on this page. All honesty and no bullshit.

Why We Need A Dedicated Ball Trimmer?

Any man knows after taking some typical hair clippers down there why a dedicated ball trimmer is needed.

Nicks and cuts and bloody nuts.

That’s why we need a dedicated ball trimmer and oh yeah, the pain. Who needs that discomfort too?

Hair clippers are not meant to be used on the weird skin of the ol’ nut sack. There are too many wrinkles and manly weirdness down there for the average hair clippers to handle without cutting into the skin. Save yourself the discomfort and never try using hair clippers down there. I’ve tried it before and it is not recommended.

A ball trimmer is designed to better handle the weirdness of the skin on the scrotum and is highly recommended. A dedicated ball trimmer is a must-have tool that every man needs in his toolbox. Groin hair can look without proper maintenance “out of control” and having a quality dedicated ball trimmer can easily keep everything in check.

man using meridian trimmer in shower

It Is The Way Of The World Nowadays

Most women, at least what I read on the internet if you can believe what you read on there anymore, prefer shaved nuts and we men aim to please. Most people don’t want to see an overgrown jungle down there, they would much rather see it either completely hair-free or at least nicely manicured is often the preferred or the desired look.

Can Any Ball Trimmer Cut You?

Yes, all ball trimmers can potentially cut you. It is just far less likely with the design and materials used in a dedicated groin trimmer. But it can happen, and you should know that going into this comparison.

What Most Men Are Looking For In A Nut Trimmer?

Simply, I believe a trimmer that cuts hair without cutting your skin. That’s it! Just don’t cut me down there…please!!! I beg of you!

After all, these are our most prized possessions.

The Winner Is…Meridian The Trimmer

Want a quick answer? Well, you got one. In an effort to save you possibly valuable time, it is Meridian The Trimmer. If you want to know…just keep reading to find out why.

Meet The Contenders

At the present time of writing this, these are the two current models of each manufacturer. I have reviewed both products before on this website and will point to the reviews down below if you want more information.

multiple groin trimmers
Left is Manscaped The Lawn Mower 4.0 and right is The Meridian Trimmer.

A First Glance Look At Both Trimmers

FeatureMeridian TrimmerManscaped The Lawn Mower 4.0
RPM6,000 strokes/min7,000 strokes/min
Blade Width1 ½” inches wide1 ¼” inches wide
NicksNever ExperiencedMultiple Nicks Experienced
Guide Combs2 two-sided (3-6mm, 9-12mm) 2 (3-6mm, 10-13mm)
Battery Life90-minute run time90-minute run time
LED LightNoYes
Charging Light IndicatorYesYes
Colors2 options (onyx, sage)1 (black)
Weight4.23 Ounces8 Ounces
Battery TypeLithium-Ion Rechargeable600mAh Li-Ion Rechargable 
Handle ComfortGreatGood
Charging DockNoYes
Blade TypeCeramicCeramic
Cleaning BrushYesYes
Noise Level QuietQuietest
 Check Price At MeridianCheck Price On Amazon
black groin hair trimmer
Manscaped The Lawn Mower 4.0
meridian black trimmer
The Meridian Trimmer


Speaking strictly about performance here both of these pubic hair trimmers do trim hair pretty darn well. They both do not bog down when trimming hair, they both just consistently “mow” through hair without hesitation. The only advantage I think goes to Meridian is that is lighter in weight but still performs roughly the same.

Also, the fact that the Meridian Trimmer has a wider trimming head which I appreciate. I like the wider trimming head, it is only 1/4″ inch wider but feels a lot bigger and looks quite a bit bigger too. The wider trimmer head also makes trimming hair on other areas of the body better as well and will take far less time than using The Lawn Mower. If you plan on using this on other parts of your body the wider trimming head of the Meridian is better suited for this as well.

The motor speed also needs to be mentioned here in the performance section. The Manscaped (7,000) runs a full 1,000 rpm higher than the Meridian (6,000). Does this translate to better performance and worth a higher price tag? Meh, not really as both trim body hair just fine and never really bog down. The 4.0 does have a slightly better sound to it when turned on but what does that mean? I don’t really see any major improvements with the extra 1,000 RPMs but maybe.

To maintain performance, eventually, all trimmer heads need to be replaced over time and both companies offer replaceable trimmer heads at the same price. Both companies also use ceramic blades which is great as they never corrode and retain their edge longer than steel does.

Use Promo Code SUMMERFUN10 to Save 10% Off The Meridian Trimmer offer good til Sept. 30, 2023.

meridian black trimmer
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Nicks & Cuts – My Experience and Oh Yeah, Bloody Nuts

This is where The Meridian Trimmer pulls ahead of the Manscaped 4.0 big time and it is the most noteworthy difference between the two trimmers. It also needs to be stated that I used both trimmers without any guide combs attached, strictly just using the trimmers bare-boned.

The Meridian Trimmer = Zero Nicks. I have used this many times and never experience any nicks at all. The clear and concise winner!

Manscaped The Lawn Mower 4.0 = Too many to count, multiple. I’ve used this a couple of times already and every time I do it cuts me down there.

I can not adequately explain why The Meridian doesn’t cut me and the Manscaped does. It just happens and I am not the only one who thinks so.

Many reviews state it also cut them too.

Maybe it is a quality control issue in production, maybe it is the slightly wider trimmer blade provided by Meridian that keeps the trimmer from catching skin, or maybe a design flaw in The Lawn Mower 4.0. All I know is the Lawn Mower 4.0 cuts me every time and the Meridian doesn’t ever cut me.

This problem of nicking from The Lawn Mower can be solved by simply attaching a guide comb, this will eliminate any nicks. But I prefer trimming the hair down as far as it will go and just using the trimmer with no guide comb attached.

Notable Differences

These are some of the most notable and major differences between these two cajones trimmers.

  • Handle Comfort – The Meridian Trimmer handle design is more comfortable and wider and thus fits better in the hand than Manscaped 4.0.
  • Blade Width – The Meridian blade width is 1/4 wider and it seems a lot bigger, I really like that it is wider. The wider head makes trimming hair faster, especially in the other areas of your body.
  • Weight – The Manscaped is heavier and not as wieldy and light as the Meridian.
  • LED Light – Manscaped comes with a single LED light and Meridian doesn’t have a light.
  • Motor Speed – Manscape has 7,000 rpm and The Meridian has 6,000 rpm. I noticed nothing significant from the speed difference other than slightly less noise coming from the 4.0 Lawn Mower.
  • Price – Meridian is cheaper.
  • Nicks & Cuts & Bloody Nuts – Most importantly!!! Zero nicks from Meridian. Multiple nicks from using Manscaped 4.0 without using any guide combs.
  • Wireless charging dock – Manscaped dock makes recharging slightly easier by just plunking down the trimmer into its docking station while with the Meridian you have to plug it in to charge it.
  • Color – With Meridian, you have two color options (sage & onyx); with Manscaped, you only get the ubiquitous black color option.
size comparison
Left is the Manscaped and right is the Meridian. Notice the wider trimming head and wider handle on the Meridian.


I don’t like putting prices on my websites for a couple of reasons but mainly the prices often fluctuate, going up or down. So generally speaking the Meridian Trimmer is significantly cheaper than the newer Manscaped 4.0. Plus with the promo code below it is even cheaper and let’s not forget it is far more likely not to cut you.

How Does Manscaped 4.0 Compare To Other Ball Trimmers?

I honestly feel it falls in the low middle of the products I have used. Plus it is marked up so much more than other trimmers. At the time of writing this, it is one of the most expensive trimmers with a mediocre performance overall (considering it nicks the hell out of your balls).

How Does Meridian Trimmer Compare To Other Ball Trimmers?

Meridian is the best out there! Period…end of the story until a better product hits the shelves. How a product performs is what sets it apart from others. I used a lot of groin trimmers and nothing works better.


Great Offer!

10% off any purchase – use code SUMMERFUN10 from Sept. 30, 2023.   

The Final Shave

Sure, they both will trim pubic hair just fine but…

I believe The Meridian Trimmer offers the best groin trimmer in two ways, a better price point and more importantly not nicking your sack. I haven’t experienced any nicks or cuts using The Meridian Trimmer (zero) over multiple uses, as opposed to using the Lawn Mower 4.0 and experiencing lots of nicks and cuts each and every time I use it.

Right there, is the main reason, you can take that LED light, wireless docking station, and slightly faster motor of the Lawn Mower 4.0 and just keep right on keeping on. I’ll pass. If your product can’t keep from breaking skin, causing discomfort and bleeding then…you’re not doing your job Manscaped. Nope, nope, nope. Unacceptable. Something is wrong then either a design flaw, quality control, or something I don’t know about.

Maybe it is just my experience but it is also my experience so it has a high value at least to me and I am going to share that experience. I wanted to be impressed by the Manscaped 4.0 but just wasn’t on that one simple task it had to perform, no nicks. That being said, if you plan on using guide combs then the Manscaped 4.0 would make a good option too.

The Meridian Trimmer is the clear and concise winner in my book. Don’t forget to use the Promo Code above to save even more money.

meridian maintenance package trimmer
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boxed manscaped 4.0
click here to purchase

Would love to hear about your experience using any of these groin trimmers. Have any of them cut you? Which one do you like? Comments and questions are always welcomed here at Back Shaver For Men.

6 thoughts on “Manscaped VS Meridian – Which Is The Better Ball Trimmer?

  1. The discount code is not working on meridian website as of 2/2/22. Is there an updated code?

  2. My friend has changed quite a few trimmers and now uses a Meridian ball trimmer. He says that after using this product there have never been cuts on the skin. It is easy to handle and gentle on the skin. In short, he is very satisfied with this product and recommends it to everyone.

    1. Thanks for sharing your friend’s experience with this trimmer. It is always good to get multiple verifications on how well any product works. 

  3. Many thanks for such a valuable detailed post about ball trimmer. I was actually looking for a trimmer like this. Because the one I have has stopped working. And you have made a good comparison between the two. I also think the Meridian trimmer is very good. And the money is reasonable. I will definitely buy it. Keep posting like this.

    1. Your welcome Pasindu! It is a great trimmer and works great. Let me know how it works out for you after you get it.

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