OneBlade Core Razor Review: Great For Light Facial Hair

I will share my experience and recommendation using this razor in this post, OneBlade Core Razor Review. This will be my first review of a beard shaver on my website.

Luckily, this is a more unique beard razor than the standard fair of cartridge shavers on the market, and this gets me excited about using it as well as reviewing it. I have always wanted to try a safety razor but haven’t got around to it yet. This isn’t a safety razor but a hybrid of a safety razor and a cartridge.

side profile of core razor

Full Disclosure

I purchased the Oneblade Core razor with my own money. I am an affiliate for OneBlade and will earn a small commission through links on this page. This is a small website, and if you find my information helpful, I would love the support.

Let’s get some…

What Is OneBlade Core Razor?

The Core is a single-bladed pivoting razor. This is designed to prevent all too common razor bumps, razor burns, and irritation experienced by modern beard razors. This has a plastic polymer outer shell with a stainless steel core, which lends itself to having some heft to it. This comes in two different colors, black and white.

black oneblade core razor

The razor blades are proprietary, as you have to buy a specific type of razor blade to use with this Core. This doesn’t use a standard double-edged safety razor. The razor is inserted into the back of the shaving head and will give a click to confirm when properly seated into the shaving head.

Another important note is the razors, according to the manufacturer, are 2 times thicker and sharper than standard blades.

Buying Mistake

I goofed!!! I made a mistake in my purchase. But oh well, we will just roll with it.

Yeah, it’s not my first purchase blunder. I made the mistake of just ordering the cheapest razor OneBlade had and not reading the differences in performance. Each one is designed for specific beard growth and experience. The Core is for the beginner. The one I purchased is the mildest out of the bunch. This means the angle of attack is more forgiving, and you are less likely to cut yourself. The Core is for men with fine facial hair and inexperienced shavers.

I think I would be better off with my facial hair density and my experience with sharp shaving objects with the OneBlade Hybrid, the middle of the pack. See below on the performance of the OneBlade Core to see why this matters.

Other OneBlade Razors That Are Available

OneBlade has two other (3 total) razors to choose from besides the Core Razor.

OneBlade Hybrid

An Intermediate Razor. A more aggressive razor for moderate facial hair and shaving on a semi-regular basis. This comes in two different colors: white and black.

Update: I have purchased and reviewed the OneBlade Hybrid Razor. You can find my review here: OneBlade Hybrid Razor Review.

man holding razor in hand
OneBlade’s Hybrid Razor

OneBlade Genesis

An Advanced Razor. Recommended for experienced shavers with notable coarse hair with daily growth on their faces. This comes in four different colors: silver, limited edition gunmetal, 18K rose gold and 24k gold.

genesis razor up close
OneBlade’s Genesis Razor

What Is Included With Purchase?

1 – OneBlade Core Razor

1 – 10 Feather Single Edge Blades (model number FHS-10)

1 – Aluminum razor stand

1 – Oneblade Used Razor Container (Recycling Bank)

1 – Instructions

everything that is included with core
Everything that is included with the purchase.

OneBlade Core Specs

The length of the OneBlade Core is 4 7/16 inches long, and the shaving head is 1 13/16 inches wide.

Performance: Should You Buy This?

This was a bit discouraging at first as I was shaving, and not a lot of hair wasn’t coming off.

I was thinking to myself, “Is this thing working at all?“.

It was, but not as fast as I thought it should be or was used to. I was to later find out this is the less aggressive shaver, meaning it is designed for lighter facial hair. Plus, I was also taking it slowly and cautiously. I found that the more I used it, the better it worked. By the end of the shaving sessions, I was no longer discouraged but almost fully satisfied because you have to spend more time shaving with this razor to get a clean shave due to its less aggressive design.

It gets a solid 10 out of 10 on Not Getting Any Razor Bumps after using this, and I am very prone to this irritation.

I typically get razor bumps on my neck when shaving with regular cartridge beard razors, but that is not the case with the OneBlade at all!!! This makes me very happy. As I usually have to suffer from irritation and unsightly bumps on my neck. I’ve been keeping a short stubble beard for a few years now and might actually go back to a goatee and keep up on my shaving, it impressed me that much! I’ve been told I have a baby face, so I gotta keep some facial hair to continue holding my man card.

I have shaved with it three times since purchasing it, and I actually really love using it. I have become better at using it, although I think my facial hair would be better suited for the Hybrid model. I prefer shaving with this over any of the other 2 or 5-blade modern cartridge beard razors I own.

I did find that I had to go over my entire face a couple of times. It is not one and done by no means to get the smoothness of a dolphin. That being said, it is normal to go over areas multiple times with any beard razor I have ever used. So, it’s pretty normal.

I am undecided on how well the pivoting head feature is a plus or minus.

upside down shot of razor
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Pros & Cons Of OneBlade Core


  • Zero razor bumps!!! I was extremely impressed with the lack of razor bumps on day one and day two after shaving with the OneBlade Core razor. Normally, I get a wide patch of razor bumps with a conventional beard razor, but not with the OneBlade. I’m very impressed with this.
  • I like the heaviness of this razor. You actually feel like you’re holding something.
  • Made in the USA.
  • I love using Feather razor blades! It’s a great brand!
  • It is a great shaver for men with fine facial hair.
  • It offers plenty of forgiveness, being it won’t cut or nick your skin.
  • It’s a decent price for this razor!
  • Like the ease of inserting the razor in the back as opposed to unscrewing and screwing to lock the razor in place.
  • It’s a great beginner razor.
  • It comes with a OneBlade plastic used razor container to dispose of used and dulled razor blades safely.
  • It is a good-looking razor.
  • I’m not sure what razor is right for you. You can schedule a phone call with OneBlade to talk to a shaving expert. A great option.
  • It is a great gentle, but effective razor.
  • There are openings on the back of the shaving head, two water openings to help flush hair, and shaving lotions out of the blade and shaving head. This works pretty well for flushing the hair out.
  • With the supplied number of razor blades (10) you should roughly get 30 shaves out of this before buying more razor blades.


  • Uses special proprietary razor blades and not standard safety razor blades. Safety razor blades will not work with the Oneblade. The OneBlade razor blades are a lot cheaper than the standard cartridge beard razor though.
  • This is the mildest razor in Oneblade’s arsenal of razors, being that it is less likely to cut or nick you but still gives you a good shave. This is for daily shavers with fine facial hair. This is both a plus and a negative as I struggled somewhat in shaving with each pass, but it did get the job done, just not that fast.
  • It doesn’t use a double-sided razor blade like a standard safety razor does, as you need to apply pressure to the back of the razor blade (flat surface) to insert the blade properly, as well as safely remove the blade.
  • I did have to shave essentials twice to get a really smooth shave as I alternated my angle of attack the second time around (against the growth of my beard). This is standard operating procedure, though, as I normally do this with any blade.

Tips On Using OneBlade Core

Reading and following the directions for using this razor is one of the best pieces of advice I can give you to avoid possible problems.

Take your time when first using any new razor, and properly prep your skin with warm or hot water, along with using some sort of shaving lotion.

The more you use it, the better you become at shaving with it, and you will start to really enjoy using it.

oneblade core razor on wood

How to remove blades

To remove the razor blade, simply lift up the back of the exposed razor as you pull. This will release the razor blade from the shaving head.

Where To Buy Oneblade Replaceable Blades At?

You can buy OneBlade replacement blades at OneBlade’s website. They are considerably cheaper if you join their refill plan as they have a 2-month, 3-month, and 6-month plan. They can also purchase the blades without a refill plan but at a slightly higher price.

How Long Do The Blades Last?

Typically, the blades last for three shaves before needing to be replaced with a fresh new one. This can vary depending on your beard thickness and other variables.

The Final Shave On OneBlade Core Razor Review

Do I recommend buying this?

Yes, especially if you have fine hair or are just starting shaving. I would, however, recommend you buy the right razor for your beard type and shaving experience. The right tool for the right job. For me, I feel I want the next step up in OneBlade’s lineup with a more aggressive angle, but for now, I will be using OneBlade Core exclusively until then and will just ignore my other cartridge razors. It’s a great shaver and an upgrade from what I have been using, even though I have medium to thick beard hair.

I plan to review more beard razors as I found the process wonderful and fulfilling. I am planning on purchasing the OneBlade Hybrid, the next step up from the core, and reviewing it. Stay tuned.

upside down shot of razor
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Any comments or questions I would the chance to answer.

4 thoughts on “OneBlade Core Razor Review: Great For Light Facial Hair”

  1. I have been shaving for a couple of decades now so I think that might qualify me as an experienced shaver lol. What is important to me is having a blade that I can use that will shave me efficiently and effectively. I shave both my head and my beard to a bald finish. I am very particular about not leaving razor bumps or getting nicks and importantly it does not take forever to get the job done. So I think the One Blade Genesis would be the best option for me based on your review. It looks the right weight and the single-pivot as well is what I am accustomed to. And the price is good too. Will certainly be on the lookout for this option next time I am in the pharmacy.

    • The OneBlade Hybrid does an efficient job of shaving, while not their top-of-the-line razor, like the Genesis. I was left very impressed with the Hybrid and the Core for not leaving my skin irritated and having zero razor bumps. I am not so sure they sell at local stores, but I could be wrong. It is I just have never seen them there for sale. Good luck and let me know how it works for you if you do get one.

  2. Hi Dan. Thank you for great review. Im always struggling what to buy for my fathers birthday and OneBlade Core razor seems just perfect. Its solid, have very nice design, made in US (which is extremely important for my dad) and price is really reasonable. Im sure he will like it and in case of any questions for sure I will send him your post with tips.

    • Any of the OneBlade razors would make a great razor for a gift! Just be sure to get the right one for how much beard growth he has and his experience level. They are well made and perform their function very well. Don’t forget lifetimes warranty.


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