BladeTap 3-in-1 Razor Holder Sharpener Cleaner Review

Are you also frustrated with dull razors? Are you frustrated with clogged razors? This device claims to help alleviate these problems. So, in this review, BladeTap 3-in-1 Razor Holder Sharpener Cleaner Review I will test and see if this performs up to the tasks it claims to handle.

bladetap with razor installed

Some replacement blades are very expensive with huge markups and it would be great to find a method that allows you to extend the life of razor blades. It could potentially allow you to extend the life of any razor blade which could potentially save you money. Allowing you to have to purchase razors a whole lot less.

This would be great if it works, right?

What Is BladeTap?

The BladeTap is a multi-functional tool that has three features that revolve around shaving. This comes in three different colors black, white, and a pink/white combo.

  1. Holder with a suction cup.
  2. Razor Sharpener.
  3. Brush that helps unclog razors.

What Is Included With Purchase?

1 – BladeTap 3-In-1 Razor Unclogger (includes a brush on top and a sharpening slide)

1 – Suction Cup (this insert into the back of the BladeTap)

bladetap with suction cup

BladeTap Specs

The BladeTap is 4 inches long and 2 5/16 inches wide. The brush is roughly 1 inch wide.

Does It Work?


The brushes located at the top of the razor holder didn’t really do anything with any of the five-bladed razors I used. I tried the Gillette ProGlide and Harry’s razor both have five blades. I could see from the front of the razors, hair was built up in there. The same amount of hair was left lodged in between the blades after tapping up and down a bunch of times and rinsing with water. No real dislodging of hair from up and down tapping as described on the box. In my opinion, this feature is worthless and doesn’t work.

Maybe this will work on other razors out there but it didn’t work on any of the razors I tried.

I wanted this feature to work but it just didn’t and left me feeling duped.

On to the Razor Sharpener…

how to use bladetap

The Razor Sharpener

The Razor Sharpener part I feel definitely does something to help help the blade remain sharper. I grabbed an older razor (my Gillette ProGlide which has five blades) that was clogged and I know was used a lot for shaving. Tried shaving with it after failing to dislodge the build-up of gunk stuck in the blades. I ran the razor in the direction stated on the box, towards the brush about 12 to 15 times, and notice there was far less pulling when I shaved with it. It brought new life back into the old cartridge.

Note: This is actually not sharpening the blades it is stropping the blade. Stropping the blade is very crucial for maintaining a consistently sharp blade for longer. I have sharpened knives in the past and recognize what is really going on here. It is mislabeled and confusing but for the sake of the general public, the message comes across better with the word sharpener.

This actually worked and I am pleased with this.

white oneblade razor with bladetap

A Better Method

I’ve been turned on recently to the many benefits of a single edge razor and I think you would benefit as well too. As there are many features a quality single edge razors have over the standard multibladed beard razor cartridges, names like Gillette, Harry’s, Hydro, etc. After using and reviewing this single edge razor and liking it so much better I’m not going back to the old method that irritates my skin, easily clogs with hair and gunk, and is quite expensive.

Check out my review of the OneBlade Hybrid here, OneBlade Hybrid Razor Review.

run through of features of hybrid razor
A great alternative to dealing with problems with standard multibladed razor cartridges.

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Why I Think This Is Better & Never Going Back

The back of the razor has a very large opening that allows a ton of water to thoroughly wash out hair and gunk. This really works! Plus there is only one razor so less gets stuck in there too. Another important aspect to using this design is the lack of skin irritations, like razor bumps, and razor burns. I am predisposed to having razor bumps on my throat area, but I get zero razor bumps on my throat now. Plus my skin is less irritated overall after shaving. Plus it has a cheaper razor replacement, I don’t know about you but the price of replacement cartridge razors is out of hand.

Pros & Cons


  • The suction cup is nice and stays put on a mirror, shower, or potentially the wall and keeps the razors off the countertop sink and out of the way.
  • Comes in three colors black, white, and white/pink combo.
  • I do think this is stropping the blade and giving you are sharper edge.
  • Helps prolong the life of razors and thereby saving you money in the long run.
  • All of the razors that I own fit securely in the holder.
  • Increase shave times as razors are sharper.
  • Made for both men and women razors.
  • Longer blade life, the company claims 4 times longer. This can obviously vary for many reasons.
  • The brushes rotate. So rotate them to hopefully best work for you.


  • The brushes that are supposed to dislodge hair and gunk from in between the razors didn’t work with any of the razors I tried.
  • Wish the width on the Razor Sharpener was slightly wider, as some of the razors I tried would go over the name stamped into the left side of the rubberized sharpening surface.
  • Wish the rubberized pad for sharpening was also longer.

5 razors and bladetap

Tips On Using It

You must tap the brushes up and down, not swiping the razor side to side. I didn’t have good luck with the whole tapping technique and didn’t see any difference in the tapping of the brushes to dislodge gunk or hair. But maybe, maybe, I did it wrong. I don’t know, it is a possibility. After tapping you should rinse the blade to help rinse out the hair and gunk.

Press firmly with the razor and slide the razor toward the brush. Do not pull the razor away from the brush.

I have also reviewed another blade sharpener, it is quite a bit bigger than the BladeTap, What Is Blade Buddy? Does It Work?

The Final Shave

I wanted to be blown away by this product but one of the main features falls flat with me. The unclogging brush feature falls flat with me. Didn’t do a good enough job for me to even notice before and after using it. I did notice an increase in sharpness after using the sharpening feature. This is where it performs a whole lot better.

If you want your razors to last you longer and have the blades at their potential best, this might be just what you need.

I’ve been around the block in the shaving world, while by no means an expert, I need to note I have switched to a single-blade razor blade to shave my face. The benefits of using a single blade over 5, 6, or 7 blades are overwhelming to me and I will not be going back to shaving with a cartridge razor ever. I have been blown away and highly recommend checking out a single-blade razor.

bladetap with razor installed

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Would love to hear your comments or questions about this product. Did the brushes work for you? Let me know.

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