OneBlade Hybrid Razor Review

Today, in this post, OneBlade Hybrid Razor Review I will be reviewing and going over the features of this unique and sleek razor to better help and shed some light for men looking to up their razor game. I will go through the Hybrid features and, more importantly, help you decide if it is the right fit for you as well as how well it performs.

black oneblade razor

Full Disclosure

I am an affiliate of OneBlade, but that will not alter my review in any way. If I like it, I will tell you. If I hate it, I will tell you. I pride myself on being honest. I purchased the Hybrid myself from OneBlade’s website and in my article, you will find affiliate links. I make a small commission on purchased clicked links. If you find my review helpful, please help support my small website.

If you haven’t used a single-edge razor to shave your face, you might be in for a nice surprise if you do…

What Is OneBlade Hybrid Razor?

The Hybrid is a single-bladed pivoting head razor. The benefits of this single blade are less irritation, razor bumps, and razor burn.


Don’t be.

Read on to find out why, as I am very impressed with this feature.

This is made out of stainless steel and a polymer. This lends itself to having a nice, hefty feel in the hand. This also comes in two colors: black and white.

white hybrid razor up close
Beautiful stainless steel design and polish.

What Are The Other OneBlade Razors & Their Differences?

There are three current models that OneBlade makes and sells. Each model is designed and made for a specific type of use and application. The prices also vary quite a bit. They start on the low end with the Core and go up to Genesis.

Basically, a quick breakdown of each model before the review of the Hybrid to better help men decide on what the right razor and its uses are. As there are noticeable differences.

OneBlade Core

A great starter razor for the inexperienced. This is very forgiving and will not cause any razor irritations, bumps, or razor burns. Also, it is recommended for men with light facial hair.

I have used and reviewed the OneBlade Core Razor, and I really liked it a lot. A great razor! You can read my full in-depth review here: OneBlade Core Razor Review.

black oneblade core razor
OneBlade Core Razor

OneBlade Hybrid Razor

This razor is for the intermediate user and is a more aggressive razor for men with a moderate amount of facial hair and shaves on a semi-regular basis. This is available in two different colors, black and white.

man holding razor in hand
OneBlade Hybrid Razor

OneBlade Genesis

The Genesis is for the experienced shavers with thick, coarse hair who shave on a daily basis. This is an all-stainless steel design and is numbered.

This model comes in four colors: silver, limited edition gunmetal, 18K Rose Gold, and 24K Gold.

The prices for some of the different colors 18K Rose Gold and 24K Gold are more expensive. This is the only model that is fully stainless steel.

genesis razor up close
OneBlade Genesis Razor

What Is Everything That Is Included With Purchase?

1 – OneBlade Hybrid Razor (Black or White Handle Option)

1 – 10 Feather Single Edge Razor Blades

1 – Aluminum Razor Stand

1 – OneBlade Used Razor Container

1 – Set Of Instructions

all contents of hybrid oneblade
I forgot to add to the picture the OneBlade used razor container that also comes with every OneBlade Razor. This allows you to safely dispose of used razor blades.

OneBlade Hybrid Specs

The length measures out to be 4 7/16″ inches long, and the shaving head width measures 1 13/16″ inches wide.

Does It Work? How Well? Should You Buy It?

This thing does perform very well!

After using both the OneBlade Core and the OneBlade Hybrid, the Hybrid is where it is at for me personally.

Like a pair of gloves that fit just right, this shaves how I want a razor to shave, and I appreciate the more aggressive shave than the Core gave me as I was more easily able to remove hair with each stroke than the Core. The difference is pretty noticeable.

I experienced no razor bumps or any irritations from using this razor, and this also pleasantly surprised me. I typically get razor bumps after shaving with a regular cartridge beard razor. This aggravation has kept me from shaving on a regular basis. I’ve been shaving with this for about a week and had no noticeable irritation.

If you are experiencing skin irritations, you need to up your razor game with the OneBlade Hybrid.

feather razor blades and hybrid oneblade
Comes with 10 Feather razor blades.

To get to ultimate smoothness, I had to shave my face more than once, but this is the standard operating procedure for me with any beard razor.

Another important aspect of this particular razor is the weight. If you are coming from the standard world of disposable cartridge razors (Gillette, Harry’s, Hydro 5, etc.), it might be shocking. But this is a plus, both in handling and longevity. This gives very precise maneuverability and security as it is made from stainless steel and a strong polymer.

The pivoting head feature of all the OneBlade razors has left me a bit perplexed. I didn’t really see or notice if this feature contributed to giving me a good shave or not. Maybe it does, and maybe it doesn’t.

But what I do know is it shaves great, and I have no skin irritation after using it.

High marks in these two areas for sure.

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Pros & Cons


  • This shaves great! Very happy with its performance!
  • Nothing will rust on this razor as it is made from stainless steel.
  • Lifetimes Warranty!!! Yes, lifetimes!!! This will easily last your lifetime and many more. So, it can be handed down to your son or grandson. This is built out of polymer and stainless steel, which will not break if dropped.
  • Free to try for 30 days. See OneBlade’s Website.
  • Clearing gunk and build-up of hair from the razors is a snap! It is the best design I have used and seen, as it has a very wide opening through which you can run water to clear out hair or gunk. I never had to tap against the sink to dislodge hair from the razor blade.
  • It is made in the USA! I believe in Austin, Texas.
  • I like the Feather razor blades supplied. This is a great brand, and they work great!!!
  • A good-looking razor.
  • I had zero razor bumps and no irritation after using this razor, which is just mind-blowing to me as I am very prone to razor bumps on my neck.
  • Installing razor blades and taking them out is a snap. Super easy!
  • It comes with a used razor container, a must to own for safety’s sake.
  • Great support is provided on their website. I did contact them and had a rapid response.
  • It’s a nicely packaged product.
  • The Hybrid has a nice weight to it and wields nicely in your hand.
  • It has slots on both sides of the razor, which allows for a very secure grip.
  • There are options when purchasing to lower the price of the Hybrid razor with an additional purchase of applying to a razor refill plan. The refill plan is highly customizable.
  • It comes with an aluminum stand if you want to leave it on the sink countertop.


  • The handle can be a bit slick with wet hands; would like to see some type of texture on the polymer surface. This only applies to the front and back of the handle. I don’t normally hold any razor on the front and back but on the sides. The sides have slots that allow for a very secure grip. I just thought I would add that.
  • It can be a bit on the pricey side; however, it does have a forever warranty, which is fantastic.
  • I’m not sure I am sold on the pivoting head, and how well it adds to the performance, so I’ll just add it here to the con section. But it in no way affected the performance in a negative way.
  • It is a bit harder, at least, for me, to shave directly under my nose as compared to a regular cartridge razor. As the shaving head on the Hybrid is a bit wider.
  • Not really recommended for manscaping or other areas on your body.
  • If you happen to run out of sharp razors, you will probably not find them at your local Superstore or drugstore as you will have to order them online.
different back of oneblade razor
Left (black) is the Core Razor and on the right (white) is the Hybrid Razor. Notice how much open the Hybrid is from the back. This allows much more water to flow through removing debris. I had zero clogs after running water in the back of the razor. This eliminated all hair and debris each time. Love this feature of the Hybrid.

Tips On Shaving With The Hybrid


If instructions are included with any product I always recommend reading them before proceeding with using the product. Thankfully, OneBlade has provided instructions and I highly recommend you read them prior to using their razor. This will answer any general questions you might have and get you off on the right foot.


Prepping your face before shaving is also highly recommended. This can either be taking a warm/hot shower prior to shaving or just splashing warm water on your face. This properly softens the facial hair for easier shaving.

Creams & Lotions

Always use shaving creams, lotions, or shaving soap. This will allow fewer nicks and cuts as well.

Take Your Time

Most cuts and nicks from shaving result from shaving too fast. Slow down and relax. If you are in a rush, maybe you should skip shaving until you have the proper time to take your time. Definitely slow down around problem areas like your neck and chin areas.

Better With Time

The more you use anything the better you will become with it. This applies so much to shaving.

You will more than likely have to shave more than once to get a close shave, it’s just the way it is. Try first going with the grain. Then, on the second shave, try going against the grain. You might even have to do another pass to clean up the spot you missed during the first two passes. Experiment and see what works best for you.

How To Install Blades

After unwrapping the razor blade, grab the razor from the back, the flat unsharpened side, and push in the slot on the back of the shaving head until you hear a click.

How To Remove OneBlade’s Blades

To properly remove the razor blade, simply grip the back of the exposed razor, lift up, and pull. This releases the razor from the shaving head.

How Long Do The Blades Last?

On average I have been getting 3 to 4 shaves from the razors before I need to replace them. This can obviously vary depending on your beard.

What Type Of Blades Does This Use?

This uses the Feather Single Edge Blades, not your standard two-bladed safety razors. The model number is FHS- 10.

How Does It Compare To Other Cartridge Beard Razors?

Let me put it this way, I won’t be using them anymore. I can’t stand the itchiness on my neck or the unsightly razor bumps on my neck after using any cartridge beard razors. I’ve tried them all, Gillette, Harry’s, etc. None of them work better at leaving my neck feeling and looking normal after shaving.

The Final Shave On Oneblade Hybrid Razor Review

I’ve found my newest beard razor and I will be shaving more often because of this.

The aggressiveness of this OneBlade Hybrid Razor is exactly what I was missing in the OneBlade Core. The lack of irritation also leaves me feeling comforted. This is what I’ve been looking for for many years. A very close shave with no skin problems.

If you want a close shave with no skin irritation get this! Highly recommended!

run through of features of hybrid razor
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If you have any questions or comments I would love the opportunity to answer them.

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