Dr. Squatch Soap Review – Is it Good??

Okay…Is The Hype Real Or What?

You have more than likely seen an ad for Dr. Squatch on one or multiple social media sites. They seem to be everywhere and almost impossible to miss. Dr. Squatch posts some high-quality videos and ads with a flair for comedy. So, in an effort to wade the muck and mire, I went out and purchased almost all of Dr. Squatch’s soap in order to review them and to help you better the consumer find out if it is any good or not.

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I will be highlighting both positives and negatives of their soaps as well as giving my opinion on what is the best soap they have to offer and what to avoid.

Full Disclosure

I am an affiliate of Dr. Squatch and may earn a few bucks with no additional charge to you for clicking these links. I also purchased all the soaps pictured in this review with my own money. I pride my website on actually owning the product I am reviewing, actually using the product, and writing an honest review. Highlighting both the positives as well as negatives of the product.

What Is Dr. Squatch Soap? What Makes Them So Special?

First and foremost Dr. Squatch soap is for men.

They cater their business to providing grooming products to men specifically. They do this with their soaps in two ways by providing a scent profile that smells like how a man should smell and by sometimes adding an exfoliant to their soaps. Because men get dirty and are always mucking around with stuff like oil and grease.

boxes of soaps

The second thing you need to know about Squatch soap is it doesn’t have all the cheap industrial chemicals found in well-known soap brands that are sold everywhere. What they do use is natural ingredients things as olive, coconut oil, hemp oils, essential oils, mint, oats, and more. You get the idea.

So basically, it’s a natural soap.

All of their soaps are sold in 5 oz. bars and come packaged nicely. The soaps are cold-process soaps meaning they have a silky smoothness to them and a rich lather.

What Soaps Are Available At Dr. Squatch?

Okay…Dr. Squatch has a lot to choose (27 different soaps) from when it comes to scents and they always seem to be adding new scents. More are added seasonally or whenever they create a new scent, so keep an eye out as they often drop new scents all the time.

  • Pine Tar Soap
  • Dope Soap
  • Summer Citrus
  • Coconut Castaway
  • Bay Rum
  • Spidey Suds
  • The Batman Collection (2 different soaps included)
  • The Star Wars Collection I (4 different soaps included)
  • The Star Wars Collection II (4 different soaps included)
  • Cool Fresh Aloe
  • Alpine Sage
  • Fresh Falls
  • Wood Barrel Bourbon
  • Deep Sea Goat’s Milk
  • Cold Brew Cleanse
  • Gold Moss
  • Birchwood Breeze
  • Spearmint Basil
  • Eucalyptus Greek Yogurt
  • Grapefruit IPA
16 bars of soap
All of the soaps I ordered from Dr. Squatch.

Ingredients Used

Every soap in their lineup of soaps has a different list of ingredients. But we can understand the general list of ingredients used by looking at just a couple of different soap ingredients. I will post two examples below of my favorite soaps from Dr. Squatch.

For more information, you can just check out the individual soap or head on over to their Ingredient Glossary which explains in more detail each ingredient.

Dr. Squatch Pine Tar Soap

Saponified Oils of (Olive, Sustainable Palm, Coconut), Shea Butter, Orange Essential Oil, Pine Fragrance, Pine Tar, Oatmeal, Sand, Activated Charcoal, Kaolin Clay, and Sea Salt.

Dr. Squatch Coconut Castaway

Saponified Oils of (Olive, Sustainable Palm, Coconut), Shea Butter, Natural Fragrance, Coconut Shreds, Coconut Milk, Coconut Water, Titanium Dioxide, Kaolin Clay, Sea Salt

bar of soap with box
IMHO one of their best soaps! A must-have!!!

How Good Are The Soaps? Scents? Worth Getting? My Opinion

Despite all the marketing you might see surrounding this product it truly lives up to being a really fantastic product! I really enjoy using their soaps and their scent lineups over the years.

They have great ingredients and it shows when you use them. All the soaps easily form a rich luxurious lather this is from their natural and great list of ingredients without using cheap harsh chemicals.

bar of soap and box
Another winner from the Squatch Bay Rum.

Unique scents are another reason why their soaps just simply ROCK! The quality of the scents is good and they smell natural. While I don’t love every scent in their lineup of soaps I do like all of their scents.

I highly recommend their soaps and to give them a try. They check all the right boxes and they are worth getting.

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What Are My Favorite Soaps?

Dr. Squatch Pine Tar Soap

My favorite soap is the Dr. Squatch Pine Tar Soap. I love how natural it smells and its unique scent profile. The best-smelling pine tar soap I have used. This is a must-try soap for sure. It’s invigorating and I love the grit of the exfoliant added to help me get cleaner.

I reviewed and used a lot of different soaps but this one always sticks to the forefront of my mind when I think of my favorite soaps I have used.

Over a year ago I wrote a review of the Pine Tar Soap here, Dr. Squatch Pine Tar Soap Review.

pine tar soap
Another must-try!!!

Dr. Squatch Coconut Castaway Soap

This is another remarkable scent that I just got my hands on. As it is one of their newer scents that I just got around to trying. I love a good coconut scent and this didn’t disappoint at all. This is a must-try as well and is a real crowd-pleaser.

Honorable Mentions

  • Bay Rum – I thought I wouldn’t like this but I really do…I really do.
  • Birchwood Breeze – Unique scent that is enjoyable.

What Soaps I Don’t Like?

I don’t hate any scent from Squatch but some scents are just not as earth-shaking as others. They are just kind of okay.

  • Gold Moss – Smells natural and clean it just doesn’t move me.
  • Wood Barrel Bourbon – Just not my favorite scent.
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Pros & Cons


  • A large diversity of scents to pick and choose from. (Currently, there are 27 scents)
  • I am a massive fan of the Pine Tar Soap. I love the scent and the soap. A real must-try!
  • Coconut Castaway is another must-try!!!
  • Sustainably sourced ingredients.
  • Great lather. The lather is
  • Always expanding their lineup of soaps and products. Great to see.
  • They use essential oils instead of cheap synthetic fragrances. The real deal folks.
  • Soap rinses cleanly off with no residue.
  • Soap made for men!
  • Soaps have various amounts of exfoliant added to them, either none, light, medium, or heavy grit. Surely something for everyone.
  • Made from natural oils.
  • No harsh chemicals just easy-to-understand ingredients.
  • Decently price. I would say on the medium side of the price.
  • Cold process soaps.
  • Dr. Squatch has an 8-quick question quiz if you don’t know which scents are best for you. Take the Quiz here, Dr. Squatch Quiz.
  • 100% guarantee and Dr. Squatch will cover the cost if you are not satisfied.
  • Dr. Squatch has a rewards program to help you save even more money. Easy to sign up with to start earning points.


  • Not a huge fan of every scent available but they have plenty to choose from. Nothing I hated, it just didn’t “wow” me with every soap.
  • Soaps don’t last the longest. They typically last 2 to 3 weeks in the shower.
  • Expect to pay a little bit more for their Star Wars Collection Limited Edition Box of soaps.

How Well Does This Compare To Other Soaps?

I reviewed a lot of different soaps out there and this ranks toward the top out of all the different brands. It has it all. The scent, the natural ingredients, the lather, and the quality.

How To Save Money At Dr. Squatch

Who doesn’t want to save a little bit of money?

Am I right or am I right?

Squatch has a subscription service where you can save up to 15% by subscribing to have soap shipped to you on a regular basis. They also are also running some holiday deals so be sure to check them out.

Promo Code

Various Coupon Codes To Check Out

  • DSCSQUATCH10 – New to Dr. Squatch? Save 10% Off Your First Subscription Purchase of $18 or More! First-Time Purchase Only.
  • DSCBRICC10 – New to Dr. Squatch? Save 10% off orders of $20 or More On Your First Purchase with Promo Code DSCBRICC10!
  • DSCSQUATCH20 – New to Dr. Squatch? Save 20% Off Your First Subscription Purchase of $18 or More! First-Time Purchase Only.
  • DSCBRICC20 – New to Dr. Squatch? Save 20% off orders of $20 or More On Your First Purchase!

Tips & Questions

Which Dr. Squatch Soaps Have Exfoliants?

For some of us men that work dirty jobs where we get pretty grimy, we need that extra scrubbing power of exfoliant added to our soaps to get us clean. Exfoliants are added to soaps to give you a rougher texture that helps hard to remove dirt and grease for example oatmeal, sand, mica, coffee grounds, salt, and more.

Thankfully, Dr. Squatch has plenty of options here. I will list all of the available soaps with these extra exfoliants added. There are four grit levels, Heavy, Medium, Light, and none. The soaps not listed have no exfoliants added.

  • Pine Tar (Heavy Grit)
  • Cold Brew Cleanse (Heavy Grit)
  • Wood Barrel Bourbon (Medium Grit)
  • Deep Sea Goats Milk (Medium Grit)
  • Birchwood Breeze (Medium Grit)
  • Eucalyptus Yogurt (Medium Grit)
  • The Batman Bricc (Medium Grit)
  • Summer Citrus (Light Grit)
  • Coconut Castaway (Light Grit)
  • The Star Wars Collection I (all soaps have exfoliants added)
  • The Star Wars Collection II (all soaps have exfoliants added)

Can Women Use Dr. Squatch Soap?

Yes, 100% they can. Even though Dr. Squatch is marketed toward men in actuality their products and soaps are unisex and can be used by both men and women.


I have used a lot of their products and I would say their scents generally fall directly in the middle ground, so both sexes can comfortably use their products. So, you can buy with confidence.

Two scents I think lean more towards the manly side of things and maybe should be avoided by women are the Bay Rum (which is fantastic btw) and Wood Barrel Bourbon.


Also, another word of caution would be the level of exfoliant provided in some of their soaps might be a little too rough for some of the ladies. (See list above) I myself love the heavy grit but my wife finds the heavy grit too hard and prefers the medium to light or none at all. So, just keep that in mind too.

Where Can I Buy Dr. Squatch Soap?

Basically, you have three options on where to buy Dr. Squatch Soap.

  • Dr. Squatch’s Website – The preferred method as you can find usually better prices.
  • Amazon – If you have an Amazon Prime account you can get free shipping.
  • Locally – I have seen their products sold in my local stores but generally, the prices were quite a bit higher than I can buy online.

The Final Shave

Dr. Squatch is a great company providing quality natural ingredients in whatever they sell. Their soaps I’ve really enjoyed using these mainly because of their high quality and natural ingredients and let’s not forget their amazing scents as well.

Great lather, great scents, and great ingredients. The trifecta. I’ve been using this soap for years now and I really enjoy using it and I think you will too.

I highly recommend checking out Dr. Squatch’s Soaps.

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