Nekmate Review

nekmate package review

Cut Your Own Neck Hair? Nothing can look more unsightly as out of control neck hair on a man. Well, I cut my own hair, and often my neck game is spotty at best. I’ve seen products like this on Amazon but thought, they probably don’t work that well. So, since I am always looking … Read more

Ecosin Removable Manual Back Hair Shaver – Amazon Cheapest Back Shaver-Worth It??

ecosin back shaver review

Let’s get the full name out of the way here before starting this review. Okay…deep breath…go. Ecosin Removable Manual Back Hair Shaver Remover Body Trimmer Razor Self Groomer Shaving Body Hair Trimmer Men&Women Body Clipper Trimmer Shaver. See what I mean…but I don’t really care about the name as much as I care if this … Read more

BAKBLADE 2 Review – Best Back Hair Removal For Men?

black bakblade 2.0

Meet The New BAKBLADE 2.0 This back shaver has been overhauled. I’ve reviewed the original BaKblade (version 1.0), you can check out my review of the original BaKblade here, What Is BaKblade? This received my highest ranking to date before this post, in part for ease of use, long handle, and most importantly its effectiveness. … Read more