Bakblade VS Mangroomer

What Back Shaver Is The Best?

So, let’s get ready to rumble in this heavyweight championship title match, BAKblade VS Mangroomer. These two companies, Bakblade and Mangroomer, are both considered the top of the top in the world of back shaving. It is no wonder they often get compared to each other, and people struggle with deciding which one to buy. In this post, I will help you adequately decide which is right for you.

I will be comparing these companies’ best products against each other, their top-of-the-line shavers. To be more specific, the Bakblade 2.0 Elite Plus and the Mangroomer Lithium Max Plus.

Rest assured, these two back shavers are at the very top of my back shaver reviews. They have scored the best out of many back shavers I have reviewed.

mangroomer & bakblade 2.0
They are two of the greatest backshavers out there. I own all the back shavers I have reviewed, and my unique picture assures you of that.

Trust Me, I Know Back Shaving

For each person, the final answer of which one is better will depend on your preferences. But believe me, any one of these back hair removers is excellent. They will both eliminate back hair with no problem.

Beware! Before we start, most back shaver reviews and websites you can see on the internet have never even touched a back shaver.

What? I am not even kidding. A lot of b*%$ s*$! Out there.

Yeah, the sad truth…but not here. You can read more on why you can trust my review here: Why You Should Trust My Reviews On Back Shavers?

Need A Quick Answer? I Deliver!

If you want the quickest, closest shave. Get the BAKblade 2.0 Elite Plus. How’s that for quick? Sometimes, I want a quick answer when I personally want to find out which product is better instead of reading a lengthy article. So, I just thought I would put that out there for those people.

baKblade 2.0 Elite Plus Back Shavers for Men: The DIY Back Hair Shaver for Men with Safety Blade Technology & Ergonomic Handle, Wet or Dry Shaving (Extra Blades Included)

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If you want to know why, keep reading below.

Info on Bakblade

Bakblade is at the top of the heap in my book. I’ve been impressed with every model BAKblade has put out, and they have had three so far. With each model evolving and greatly improving to the next model and streamlining what needs to be improved and/or discarded.

bakblade logo gorilla

I have highlighted some key features on my page about all the BAKblade shavers here: The Best BAKblade Back Shavers – 3 Models Explained.

Current Model

The current, and I might add the best back shaver I have reviewed to date, is the BAKblade 2.0 Elite Plus. You can read my full detailed review here: BAKblade 2.0 Elite Plus Back Shaver Review. This goes more in-depth on all the features along with the pros & cons. Check it out.

Info on Mangroomer

Mangroomer is a hell of a company, too. Their products have also impressed me over the years. I’ve tried some pretty janky electric back shavers over the years, and Mangroomer isn’t janky. High-quality builds as well as performance. They sell a wide range of hair products and some hygiene products.

mangroomer logo grey red black

Current Model

The current top model for Mangroomer is the Mangroomer Lithium Max Plus. You can read my full detailed breakdown on this back shaver here: Mangroomer Lithium Max Plus Back Shaver Review.

Which One Is The Best & Why?

Apples and oranges. Apples and oranges, as the saying goes, trying to compare two different products.

Why is this?

Well, you have a manual back shaver (Bakblade) that uses standard razor blades, and then you have a mechanical back shaver (Mangroomer) that uses a trimmer head and shaving head.

MANGROOMER Lithium Max Plus+ Back Hair Shaver (New 7th Generation) Complete Attachment Head With Shock Absorber Neck & New 50% wider Blade Design

Two completely different systems but both perform the best for their prescribed lane of back shaving.


With that out of the way, the first biggest advantage goes to BAKblade in the speed department. This is because Mangroomer uses two shaving head attachments to get the same quality of a shave from using the BAKblade. This means you would have to go over your back twice with the two different trimming/shaving heads to get a close shave. First, use the trimmer head, then switch to the shaving head. In opposition, it would just take one time with the Bakblade.

Plus, the Bakblade razor’s width is wider than the Mangroomer shaving’s width. The Bakblade is 3 3/4″ inches wide, the Mangroomer Trimming Head is 2 1/2″ inches wide, and the Foil Shaver is 1 1/2″ inches wide.

Quite a discrepancy in width! As the wider the razor width, the faster you can shave, up to a point.

Speed Winner = Bakblade

Closeness of Shave

To get the closest possible shave you need a traditional razor, nothing works better than a good ole razor. Surely not a foil razor, while it will give a close shave it will not be a close as a razor. Mangoomer uses a foil head shaver, and Bakblade uses safety razors in a cartridge—another easy, clear-cut decision.

The closeness of shave = Bakblade

Handle Comfort & Reach

Both handles are very comfortable and are highly adjustable to reach all “them problem areas” on our back. There is no real clear winner, so it is decided it is a tie. Both shavers are well-thought-out handle designs and perform great.

Handle Comfort & Reach = TIE

shaving heads compared
The shaving head size comparison. Bakblade wins in spades!


Initially, the cost advantage goes to Bakblade, but over time, the cost of replacement cartridges will quickly overtake the initial price of the Mangroomer Lithium Max Plus.

How often you will need to replace cartridge shaving heads on the Bakblade depends on how often you use it, as well as how hairy your back is. I typically get 5 to 6 shaves before I need to change cartridges.

The Mangroomer shaving head will eventually need replacing as well; how long it will last is anyone’s guess.

To throw more confusion into the mix, the Elite Plus is the best-engineered and highest quality of parts in the world of back shavers. Other back shavers on the market often skip using quality parts and/or use poorly engineered designs, falling way short in review.

Cost = Mangroomer

Important Note

Not every man wants to have a close shave on his back; I get this. Some people find this is itchy. If this is the case with you, Mangroomer Lithium Max Plus would be your answer and not the Bakblade 2.0 Elite Plus. But for me, I love a close shave on my back, as I have never experienced an itchy back from stubble, and actually, I get itchy when my hair is long on my back. I have and do experience an itchy chest if I shave my chest, but not my back.

If the long-term cost is holding you back upon pulling the trigger on the Bakblade, I would highly recommend the Bro Shaver 2.2 Saucy, as it uses replaceable double-sided safety razors that you can replace yourself. These are much cheaper than buying cartridges. It is not as good as the Bakblade 2.0 Elite Plus, but it is the next best thing to it.

And The Winner Of Bakblade Vs Mangroomer Is…

Bakblade is the clear winner in my book, and I would recommend it over any other back shaver; the only possible way I would recommend the Mangroomer would be for men who don’t want a smooth back, as they find when the hairs grow back to be itchy. I have never experienced this with shaving my back, but I would assume it is possible. The Trimmer attachment on the Mangroomer is great for knocking down hair fast.

Remember, both are great back shavers, but for me, there is only one clear winner.

baKblade 2.0 Elite Plus Back Shavers for Men: The DIY Back Hair Shaver for Men with Safety Blade Technology & Ergonomic Handle, Wet or Dry Shaving (Extra Blades Included)

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MANGROOMER Lithium Max Plus+ Back Hair Shaver (New 7th Generation) Complete Attachment Head With Shock Absorber Neck & New 50% wider Blade Design

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If you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear them below. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Bakblade VS Mangroomer”

  1. Hello there! Oh woah, I did not know such a tool exists. My back hair is fairly light with the exceptions of a few thicker hairs on my upper shoulders. My method has been plucking them out with pliers and it typically doesn’t take too long. I noticed more hair has sprouted than it normally has as time passes though. Perhaps when it gets to a more severe state, I’ll probably grab one of these. Thanks for sharing this.

    • Lol pliers, I have never heard of people using pliers but you should really up your back game to a better device specifically designed for shaving your own back. Go with my top pick the Bakblade 2.0 Elite Plus and you won’t be sorry. 

      I also slowly developed back hair too. It was just a few spots here and there on my back but as the years crept by it became more and more until it was a full-on back hair party everywhere on my back. I thought to myself after this had happened, what have I become…? Lol


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