Bakscape Back Shaver Review – Does It Work?

A New Electric Back Shaver/Trimmer On The Market

In this Bakscape Back Shaver Review, I will help you determine if it is worth buying. I’ve been seeing this for sale on the internet for a short while and just recently got my hands on one. This uniquely designed electric back shaver shaves and trims back hair.

I have never used any shaver like this before in the past, but I have seen this style around. I am looking forward to giving it a go. I am eager to put it through the paces and see how well it works.

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Full Disclosure

I am not an affiliate of Bakscape. I did reach out to them for a product sample to review here on my website, and they sent me the Bakscape Deluxe Kit. I will highlight both positives and negatives (if any) on all products….so basically, just keeping it REAL & honest. I appreciate Bakscape for sending me their products to review.

Quick Answer – Short On Time?

Bakscape does work, but it takes too long to shave/trim back hair. I do not recommend it There are better options available that make it much easier and faster.

Get the Bakblade 2.0 Elite Plus. It is my favorite back shaver.

If you want to know why I don’t recommend the Bakscape then keep reading.

What Is Bakscape Back Shaver?

This is a uniquely designed back shaver, the first back shaver to incorporate the rotating shaving head design. The shaving head has six rotating shaving heads that cut hair and can adjust and contour to different angles. This is a rechargeable shaver that has a Lithium-ion battery with a 90-minute run-time.

black back shaver & two bottles of soap

The Bakscape Back Shaver is both a back hair trimmer and a shaver, as it comes with two different head attachments: a trimmer head and a shaving head. The handle is foldable.

This is sold in three kit forms: a Starter Kit, a Deluxe Kit, and an Advanced Kit. I will not review the different kits, just the Bakscape Back Shaver itself.

What Is Included?

1 – Handle

1 – Shaving Head

1 – Trimmig Head

1 – Shaver Body

1 – Charging Cable

1 – Shaving Head Guard

1 – Trimming Head Guard

1 – Cleaning Brush

1 – Head Spinner

2 – Red Waterproof Caps

1 – User Manual

all parts
This is all the parts for the Bakscape.


This has a Lithium-ion battery with a run time of 90 minutes from a full charge. It should take two hours to fully charge this. It has a water resistance of IPX4 (splash resistant) rating.

The handle measures 17 inches long when unfolded and measures 8 13/16″ inches long when folded. There is a curve on the handle to allow reaching all areas of the back. The shaving head measures 2 13/16″ across at its widest points. The shaving head has six rotating razors.

black six rotating shaving head

How Well Does It Work? Worth Getting?

The good news about the Bakscape is that it will rid your back of hair. The bad news is not the most practical in many ways. Let me explain.

It Takes More Time…

With the Bakscape, you will need to shave & trim back hair…instead of just shaving. A two-step process instead of just a one-step process.

Bakscape doesn’t recommend shaving longer back hair. They would prefer for you to use the supplied trimmer head first and then switch to the shaving head next. So, right there, you are doubling the time it takes to remove your back hair as opposed to a regular back shaver. The shaving head will shave longer hair, but it will take more time and probably clog the shaving head sooner. Bakscape doesn’t recommend using the shaver on long-back hair.

Okay…but the trimming head is pretty darn small. It measures 1 3/16″ inches wide. This alone will take a lot of time to take care of the back. Plus, you have to figure out how to go over areas more than once, which is often the case to do a thorough job. This adds a lot of time to shave your back.

back hair trimmer
You can get an idea of how small the trimmer head is in this picture.

You might just initially use the trimming head to trim the longer back hair, then stay on top of a regular routine of shaving hair growth and just shaving with the shaver head, thereby reducing the amount of time that is needed. Essentially, not letting the hair growth get long.


The good news is the shaving head works well. It is not perfect, though, as I had to go over an area sometimes multiple times to get every last hair. This is often the case with almost every back shaver, though. In transition areas, the shaving head really shines. Areas like the top of the shoulders, for example. It is so smooth, going from the top of the back to the shoulders or around the neck area. You don’t need to pick up the shaver, but continue moving it in a fluid motion. I found this enjoyable and refreshing.

This feature is unique in the back-shaving world and works great for this one aspect.

Another positive aspect of this back shaver is that I had zero nicks or cuts and zero skin irritation. It felt afterward like I had done nothing to my back. This was another unique experience as I usually have some type of small skin irritation. I initially thought this shaving head design was going to suck, but it surprised me as it worked well.

Everything seems to be of decent quality and build design.

Would I Recommend It?

Although I appreciate some positives of this grooming device, I would say overall that no, I would not recommend it. It takes too long to shave your back. This, coupled with its expensive price tag and the eventual need to replace the shaving head. Which is also pricey too. I prefer a more simplified method and remember, I have used almost every back shaver ever made.

If you want an electric back shaver, this is pretty decent and will shave back hair but with the abovementioned problem. It is just a longer process, and time is precious to me.

black back shaver & two bottles of soap
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Pros & Cons


  • Very nicely packaged.
  • The trimming head works great; I just wish it was bigger.
  • The Shaving head works great around the curve of the top of the shoulders. Other manual back shavers sometimes struggle to shave this area as the Bakscape really handles this area fantastically. It just glides over rounded corners very nicely. This really shines in this department, but keep in mind it is such a small area of concern.
  • Shaver works great. and better than I thought it would. I wasn’t expecting much from this type of back shaver.
  • 30-Day money-back guarantee.
  • Handle folds for easy storage and travel.
  • The water-resistant design allows you to use it in the shower or to rinse out.
  • 90-minute run time on a full charge.
  • The outside five rotating shaving heads have good flexibility as they move nicely to adjust to the body’s different contours.
  • I had zero skin irritations after using this.
  • Had no cuts or nicks after using this.
  • Like that, they provide guards for both the shaving head and trimming head.
  • Charging indicator light.
  • Handle design allows me to access all areas of my back.
  • It’s pretty quiet overall, although the shaver head is a high-pitched whine.
  • Great for people with a lot of moles, scars, or skin tags on their backs.
  • You can shave in any direction thanks to the unique shaving head. This gives you a lot of versatility.


  • Takes more time than other systems of back shaving. This is a two-stage back shaver. It trims and then shaves as per the two attachment heads.
  • It will shave longer back hair, but Bakscape doesn’t recommend it. So you must first trim the long back hair with the trimmer head, then attach the shaving head, and then shave the back. All of this takes time and effort.
  • There are no clear, precise instructions on attaching the shaving head to the handle. It took me about 10 minutes trying to figure it out. I must be dumb…I guess. It would have been nice to see a diagram of how to put it together (quick start guide).
  • I have to go over an area more than once to get every last single hair.
  • Small trimming head (1 3/6″ inches wide) and not practical for doing such a large area as the back. This should be wider to accommodate the larger area of the back. This sucks and should be a lot wider.
  • It’s a pretty expensive back-shaving system.
  • The handle is slightly uncomfortable as it has ridges on the underbelly.
  • The shaving head is top-heavy and not the most balanced. Making wielding this thing, is not the best.
  • No wall wart is provided. It’s not really a big deal, as I have plenty of these, but some may not.
  • You have to first charge the unit before using it.
  • Product longevity. I am getting away from rechargeable devices more and more. After owning these types of devices for years, you start to see the battery life and small moving parts start to go bad. Something to keep in mind in the long term. With a manual back shaver I just simply replace the razors or shaving cartridge. I have some manual back shavers from over six years with nothing to break or batteries to die.
  • Replacing the shaving head every 3 to 6 months (recommended by Bakscape) will get expensive.
This is how the Shaver Body is attached to the handle.

Tips & Questions

How Long Does The Shaving Head Last?

Bakscape recommends you replace the Shave Head every 3-6 months.

Once I Initially Trim My Back Hair, How Often Do I Have To Shave It To Keep It At The Optimal Length For Shaving?

The Bakscape shaving head works best with hair less than 2mm. This means using the Shaving Head once or twice per week, depending on your level of back hair growth.

How Does This Compare To My Favorite Back Shaver?

My favorite back shaver is the Bakblade 2.0 Elite Plus. It is the best-designed and well-built back shaver I have used, plus it shaves back hair fantastically. It is far cheaper initially to purchase and way cheaper over the long term. It takes far less time to shave your back with the Bakblade than it does with the Bakscape method.

There are no small moving parts, replacement shaving heads, or batteries that can die on you with a manual back shaver. You just need to replace the shaving cartridges. Such a more practical solution than the Bakscape, in my opinion.

baKblade 2.0 Elite Plus Back Shavers for Men: The DIY Back Hair Shaver for Men with Safety Blade Technology & Ergonomic Handle, Wet or Dry Shaving (Extra Blades Included)

You can read why I believe the Bakblade is the best here: Bakblade 2.0 Elite Plus Back Shaver Review.

If you want to see all of the top-rated back shavers listed, head on over to my page, 5 Best Back Shavers In 2023.

The Final Shave On Bakscape Back Shaver Review

Will I be switching to this electric shaver over my preferred manual back shaver method?


It takes too long to use, and it is too complicated with too many moving parts. I want something that works with minimal effort. This is not that!

Would some people enjoy using this?

Sure, there would be some people who would like to use this, but not me. I have used almost every back shaver & back hair trimmer there is, and I have a lot of discernment and experience (probably the most in the world for back shaving), but it is overall complicated and time-consuming. This would take at least double the time to trim and shave your back as a good solid manual back shaver would.

I prefer simplicity because, in the long run, it less hassles down the road. I have battery-operated devices whose batteries eventually die, and I am left needing to replace them.

For these reasons, I do not recommend this product, but if you are aware of the issues stated above, it will remove hair from your back, just not in a timely fashion.

black back shaver & two bottles of soap

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Any questions or comments are always welcome.

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