How To Trim Leg Hair For Men & How To Make It Look Natural

Spring Is Almost Here. Are You Ready?

Spring is almost here where I live in the upper Midwest and its soon time to put away the parkas and start breaking out the shorts. If you are anything like me I have slightly excess leg hair that can grow quite long. I trim this hair about twice a year to appear less hairy. So this post is going about how to trim leg hair for men and how to make it look natural.

This post is not about shaving your legs but trimming the leg hair. Trimming can leave your legs with hair but still look like you have done nothing to your leg hair. For me, this is the most desirable outcome. I want some hair on my legs but not what I normally grow or have. So I trim my leg hair to get my desired results. So, if you are looking for a way of reducing the amount of hair on your legs I will have plenty of information to help you also get your desired results.

Beard Trimmers, Hair Clippers, or Body Hair Trimmers

First, we need some type of electrical trimmer or clippers in order to successfully trim hair. There are all types of trimmers available for purchase some you can plug into the wall and some are rechargeable but any of them should work.

My favorite cordless trimmer is the Brio Beardscape. This is a multipurpose tool that can trim beard hair, and give you a hair cut and a general body hair trimmer. This is a high-quality tool and you can read more about it in my review here, Brio Beardscape Beard Hair Trimmer Review.

everything included with purchase

Guide Combs

Along with the use of a trimmer, we are going to need some guide combs. Guide combs attach to the blade end of the clipper or trimmer and these come in varying sizes. The guide combs are usually numbered for easy identification. The lower the number the closer it cuts to the skin and the higher the number the further it cuts from the skin. Most trimmers or clippers come with a set of guide combs.

Picking The Right Guide Comb

I would first suggest starting with a larger number like a 4, 5, or 6 guide comb. I use a 3 or sometimes a 4 guide comb. Especially for the first time I highly recommend starting with a higher number than slowly working down to find the right acceptable length for yourself personally.

Keys To Success

Once you have found your right size guide comb just start trimming the hair on your legs. I found both going against and going with the flow of the hair didn’t really matter to me.  Mix it up going with and against the grain. I just want to knock it down to my acceptable level.

Don’t Be Called Patches

You have to be methodical going every square inch of your legs multiple times to get even consistency and to look natural.  If you don’t you will have “patches” of long hair right next to shorter hair, giving it away to both you and people looking at your legs. Dead ringer giveaway, we want to avoid this.

It Might Take More Than One Pass

Doing a super tip-top thorough job you’re going to have to go over it many times.

Let There Be Light

Use some type of a small light source like a good flashlight. Just about any flashlight will do. This will help you show when you have missed a patch of hair or just a stray hair that stands out. A flashlight can easily be moved and adjusted to effectively illuminate any part of the leg and see if everything looks unified.

This little step will greatly help make all the hair look perfectly the same.

How Long It Should Take

Trimming your leg hair should take around 20 minutes or less with a good trimmer and the proper guide comb attached. At least it takes roughly this long for me as I have to go over the areas many times to do a thoroughly good job.

Would love to hear how you deal with any excess hair on your legs. Please leave a comment below and share it.

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