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What I have found and decided to bring back from my excursion is the Outlaw Soaps review. I am always on top of a mesa, looking and searching out towards the boundless desolate horizon for quality grooming products to share and review here on my website. I have always enjoyed using and finding quality soap.

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Having a good bar of soap can help you wake up and build your confidence before starting your day. Hopefully, Outlaw Soaps will be added to my daily routine.

Keep reading to find out…

Full Disclosure

A quick word.

In full disclosure, I have recently joined Outlaw’s affiliate program and will make a small commission on purchased clicked links from this page. This helps support my website and brings new products in to review here. I purchased their soap sampler, a couple of full-sized bars, and their cologne sampler with my own money to bring this review and future content to my website. This will not affect my review; you will get my honest assessment of their product. I will show warts and all.

That being said, let’s get to it…giddy up!

What Is Outlaw?

Outlaw was started in 2013 by Danielle And Russ Vincent and they are based out of Sparks, Nevada. Not only do they make soaps but a whole plethora of various grooming products like deodorant, lotions, body wash, shower gels, beard oil, colognes, and air fresheners.

man and women standing
The owners of Outlaw.

They use mostly natural ingredients in their products and have specially trailblazed a unique scent profile for their products based around a rustic out-west desert cowboy outlaw theme. At least, that is how I would put it. It is a very unique approach and an exciting concept that they have etched out a unique niche for themselves.

Available Outlaw Soaps Scents

Outlaw has a total of 11 different scents from which to choose from their unique lineup at the time of reviewing them. I will post their scent breakdowns below as well. The soaps come in both 4-ounce bars or with the Outlaw Handmade Soap Sampler as 1-ounce bars. Their scent profiles are geared towards being unisex, so both men and women can enjoy them.

Their soaps are handmade and also milled. You have the option to buy which one you want on their website.

Blazing Saddles – Leather, gunpowder, sandalwood, and sagebrush.

The Badlands – Campfire and cedar. This scent is exclusive to only monthly subscribers unless…you want to pay $50,000.00 to buy one bar. LOL. You would be better off subscribing to their monthly subscription if you want to try this scent.

Life On The Mountain –  Seasonal changes of the forest. This is also available for sale for $50,000 or by subscription only.

Calamity Jane – Clove, orange, cinnamon, and a kick of whiskey.

The Cursed Cowboy – Clove & campfire.

Fire In The Hole – Campfire, gunpowder, whiskey, sagebrush, excitement (whatever this is? lol).

The Gambler – Bourbon, tobacco, and leather.

Home On The Range – Laundry, blackberries, fresh-cut grass.

Lust In The Dust – Sagebrush, sandalwood, and campfire.

Mountain Hideout – Pine trees, damp earth, and campfire.

The Outlaw’s Garage – Gasoline, oil, and a little exhaust.

Hair Of The Dog – Whiskey, tobacco, and coffee.

various soaps
This is what I purchased from Outlaw. They offer a sample soap set, an excellent way to explore their product line.

What Are The Ingredients?

Each of the various soaps has slightly different ingredients, so it is best to check their website to find exactly what is used in each of the different soaps and find out the ingredients.  They do have a standard base, which I will list below.

  • Coconut Oil
  • Avocado Oil
  • Castor Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Water
  • Lye
  • Fragrance Oils
  • Coloring

My Opinion On Their Soaps

I will highlight some positives and negatives after using the soap for roughly a week.

The soap is a hard bar of soap and is what I prefer as I want the soap to last as long as possible. To get my money’s worth, I guess. I hate it when the soap disappears after just a few showerings. Outlaw’s soap leaves my skin softer, and I think this is because of the great ingredients they use. One of the best soaps I have used that makes my skin soft. So, essentially, it’s a great moisturizer.

The soap lathers easily and is very fulfilling in this department. It cleans well, too, as it never fails to get the day’s dirt off of me.

The scent fills the room. I left one small 1 oz bar in the shower, and when I immediately walked into the bathroom, I smelled the soap and was pleased.

On the negative side of things, the first thing that comes to my mind is that some of the scents are not pleasing to my nose. My personal opinion. See below for Scents I Don’t Like. This might be just me, but I am writing about my experience, so it has to stay in. I know what scents I like and prefer as I have spent a lot of money in years past finding the perfect cologne for myself. This even went so far as buying ingredients to make cologne and thinking of starting my fragrance line. I went deep. Plus, I went down the rabbit hole on hair pomades and clays, which are also scented.

I understand this is a unique outlaw cowboy theme scent profile, which includes some of the scents I like and love, but I would do a hard pass on others. This niche scent market can turn off some people from their scent line. At least it did for me, but everyone is different.

I wish they would incorporate essential oils into the mix instead of relying on artificial fragrance oils and maybe blending some essential oils with artificial fragrance oils.

soaps pictured

Do I Recommend Checking Them Out?

Yes, I would. I would also highly recommend you first try their soap sampler and go from there. Everybody has different likes and dislikes, and you won’t really know until you put your own nose to their products. Finding scents that appeal to you can really lift your mood and invigorate you. These are all things we want.

box of soaps

My Favorite – Must Try Soap!

In this order.

  1. Home On The Range
  2. Mountain Hideout
  3. Blazing Saddles
bar of soap
My favorite from their line of soaps.

By far and away, my favorite of theirs is the Home On The Range Soap. The laundry and blueberries combination is probably really pleasing and different to my nose. Smells very clean. This is a must-try and have.

If you are feeling adventurous, I would also recommend checking out the Outlaw’s Garage. I like this scent even though it smells like gasoline, oil, and exhaust. Smelling it gave a very clean feeling, and it truly delighted and surprised me. What a truly unique smell!

Scents I Don’t Like

Most people are not going to like each and every scent provided by whatever brand or company product lineup. This is no different with Outlaw Soaps. As I surely do not enjoy every scent they have available for sale. This is not a big deal, but in full disclosure, it needs to be addressed. Overall, the scent profile of their complete line of soaps is unappealing to me, and I would say it is their weakest link. Reviewing and using this soap has caused me to really despise some of the scents and given me slight nausea.

Calamity Jane & Cursed Cowboy…No!

I don’t like Calamity Jane or Cursed Cowboy!

Why is that?

Well, they both have clove as their first ingredient, and it is the first scent I recognize when smelling it.

I’m not too fond of the smell of cloves due to having my wisdom teeth removed and having dry sockets afterward. It’s highly painful, by the way. Having dry sockets means they stuff cloth mesh that is soaked in cloves into the openings where your wisdom teeth are pulled, and you leave them in there for two weeks. After two weeks of having the constant taste and smell of cloves, I was officially done with cloves for the rest of my life. If you are not opposed to cloves, then go for it, but for me, I am not a fan.

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Pros & Cons


  • Made in the good ol’ USA!
  • It leaves the skin soft; it must be the natural ingredients used.
  • The various scents offered at Outlaw smell natural and are nothing like Axe body spray or other similar synthetic or artificial products, even though they use artificial fragrance oils.
  • Unique and original scents. Outlaw’s Garage is truly its own unique scent. You have to love how original this is, and it is not bad.
  • They have a soap sampler, which is a great way to explore their soap and fragrances at a reduced price without totally committing to a full bar of soap price. This is what I bought, along with one full bar of soap and 1 oz bar of soap. I highly recommend getting the sampler.
  • They also sell a pumice soap for when you need the extra grit to get the job done.
  • No plastics in their packaging! It’s great to see, as their packaging will decompose in a few months.
  • A hard bar of soap is what I prefer as it lasts longer than soft bars of soap.
  • No testing on animals.
  • Simple and safe ingredients.
  • Soap lathers easily.
  • Discounts for Military, First Responders, Teachers, and Commercial Drivers.
  • Unisex scents for all their products.
  • They have both milled soap and handmade soap. Milled soap is cheaper and can be mass-produced as opposed to hand soap, which is more pricer and handmade. This gives you options.
  • Don’t like the product? They offer refunds or exchanges in their Return Center.
  • It is a great website and is full of all kinds of information.
  • Natural ingredients are approved by Whole Foods.


  • Cheap fragrance oils used, at least, are what my nose tells me.
  • Need to upgrade oils to improve the scent profile and have a better blend of scents.
  • I would like to see and smell some essential oils mixed into their ingredients. I highly prefer essential oils mainly for the scent aroma.
  • Artificial fragrance oils are used and not essential oils. This is mostly the standard operating procedure with most soap companies, but it needs to be noted that some people will not like that.
two bars of soap
On the left is the milled soap (which is cheaper), and the handmade soap is on the right.

How Does This Compare To Other Soap Companies?

This is probably the best moisturizer soap I’ve used to date. My skin personally thanks me after using it. Your welcome skin. So, this ranks high in this concern.

The scents are probably at the bottom of the pack with other similar soap companies. Overall, I just don’t like the quality of the scent coming from most of the soaps.

I’ve written other soap reviews, and they are worth checking out as well. These soap companies have way better scent profiles for their soaps.

The Final Thoughts On Outlaw Soaps Review

Outlaw provides a great soap, but it’s too bad most of it doesn’t meet the requirements of my nose. It really leaves my skin feeling great. The scents are hit or miss for me, and I would still highly recommend checking them out and at least trying their Outlaw”s Handmade Soap Sampler to explore further. But for me, I will not be buying in the future.

bar of soap
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Any comments or questions are always welcome.

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