What Is The Best Razor For Shaving Balls?

Back when I use to shave my balls (as now I just trim them) I accidentally stumbled on what I believe to be one of the best razors for shaving your balls and to completely honest I am kind of hesitant of revealing this. Why is this? Well…you will see what I mean and it will be obvious in this post if you keep reading. But trust me this shaves your nuts very well and I actually prefer it to other razors for attacking ball hair.

Let’s get into what is the best razor for shaving balls.

How Did I Stumble Upon This Unlikely Razor?

Here on this website, I review grooming products and a good area I cover is back shaving. This was initially designed & intended for use for shaving back hair along with a separate long handle that is sold separately by the same company. The razor fits into the long handle. While I was not impressed with the handle or razor for back shaving specifically I accidentally found out how well the razor worked for shaving your balls.

At the time I had run out of sharp razor blades for the razor I typically used to shave down there. I rooted around my bathroom cupboard and found this razor and thought what the heck, I’ll try using this. And low and behold it worked fantastically. Surprise, surprise, surprise!!!

One would not think by initially just looking at this razor that it would be optimal for shaving such delicate parts as your scrotum. Looks can be deceiving, can’t they?! But hey it worked and worked better than any other razor I have used for this intended purpose.

Razorba GOAT Wide Disposable Double Razor

I know…I know…This thing is wide as hell but give me a chance to explain. Now you see why I was hesitant? But if it works great…it works. Right?

Now in my initial review found here,  Razorba Goat Wide Disposable Double Razor Review, I didn’t really like how it performed for back shaving. As I found it didn’t work as well as other back shavers and would often clog with hair. But for the smaller task of shaving your nuts, it does a fantastic job and is the best razor I have found for this specific task.


With a whopping 4 1/2″ inch continuous double blade this thing is wide, to say the least. The handle is also 4 1/2″ inches long. There is also a row of plastic teeth that help guide the hair before being shaved.

razorba goat wide disposable razor
The Razorba Goat. Wide ass blade.

Why Does It Work So Well Despite Its Size?

It works so well I think because of the spacing between the two razor blades. This is a wider spacing than most typical beard razors which are closely stacked on top of each other. This allows the hair to be shaved despite its length. It just shaves hair so easily on your balls and nothing I have used has worked as effortlessly as this razor. This razor is meant to shave longer hairs and it really shines when groin hair shaving. I just wished they would make it less wide.

Plus the plastic teeth also do a great job of guiding the hair before it shaves hair off. Although this clogged with hair too often with back shaving it is not that big of a problem when groin shaving as this is a smaller area than the back and you can simply wipe or blow off the hair.

six razors

Using This Razor

Specifically addressing the wide razor when shaving, you will not be using the whole width of the razor when shaving down there. It will be just a small portion of the razor, usually just the middle of the blade but also the sides as well. Obviously, take your time and care to avoid unnecessarily cutting or nicking yourself as well. Small short strokes also work the best.

To Trim Or To Shave Your Balls? That Is The Question

I’ve reviewed a lot of ball trimmers and have found my personal favorite that has never nicked or cut me down there. I am a barbarian and usually attack things without much finesse or thought and my favorite ball trimmer has never let me down despite this fact. Of course, unless I am reviewing a product then I have to put aside my true barbarian self and be more tactful.

size comparison razorba vs regular
Gives an idea of how big this razor is.

I’ve shaved my balls for years but have recently switched permanently in the last couple of years to just trimming my balls with a dedicated ball trimmer.

Why is this?

Well, simply due to the invention and production of a dedicated ball trimmer. As this was not available to purchase say 5 years ago, it just didn’t exist. Ball trimmers also are specially designed to not nick or cut you down there. Simply put it is just easier.

Ball trimmers just make faster work of groin hair trimming than shaving and time is so precious. I am a busy guy and I am sure you are too. Plus they do a great job of eliminating hair down there to make things more appealing. Sure shaving groin hair leaves a smoother finish with zero stubble but a groin trimmer also does a great job too. Yes, it leaves a little more stubble than shaving but it doesn’t really matter as it is not a problem. Most groin trimmers get close enough and you can really even tell both by looking and feeling.

I don’t mean to hijack this shaving your nuts post but it is a modern contemporary invention that when done right is a lot quicker and better than shaving. Some people might have not heard of a dedicated ball trimmer so I had to insert it to help spread some knowledge.

package of razorba goat 6 pack

My Favorite Dedicated Ball Trimmer

If you are curious about switching to a ball trimmer from shaving I would highly recommend The Meridian The Trimmer Plus. This is my go-to ball trimmer, as this has never nicked or cut me and is simply the best on the market. Plus trimming your balls is very often good enough as this gets the hair close enough to the skin where you can really tell by looking or feeling.

10% off any purchase – use code SUMMERFUN10 offer is good til Sept. 30, 2023, at Meridian’s website.

green groin hair trimmer

You can read why this thing just simply rocks here, Meridian Trimmer Plus Review – Worth Getting? Find Out.

The Final Shave

Despite what you use to trim your groin hair I have laid out what I believe to be the two best methods I have found to deal with this grooming problem. One for shaving and one for trimming groin hair. These both work great and stand behind both products for trimming groin hair.

razorba goat wide disposable razor
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What do you use to shave down there? Would love to hear any thoughts, questions, or experiences.

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