Kenashii Nose Hair Removal Kit Review: It Is Painful & Effective?

Wax That Nose Beard

Curious about using wax to pull out nose hair? I know I was, plus I thought it would be nice to add a different review to this website other than back shaving. Continue to read this Kenashii Nose Hair Removal Kit Review to find out if it works and is worth getting.

Kenashii Super Nose Wax Kit | 100 g Wax, 24 Applicators | No Microwave Required | New Nose and Ear Hair Removal Kit | Nasal Waxing For Men and Women | 12 X Balm Wipes and Mustache Guards | Storage Bag

Benefits Of Waxing Inside Of Nose

  • Longer lasting results.
  • No risks of cutting yourself.
  • Waxing over time might make the hair grow slower and finer.
  • In about 5 minutes, you can take care of your nose hairs.
  • No more unsightly hairs sticking out of your nostrils.

Who Needs Kenashii!

Any man or woman with nose hairs needs this, as both sexes can have nose hairs. Also, people looking to appear more refined and dapper, as well as people looking to improve their breathing through their nose. If you have a ton of hair in your nose, it will actually restrict your breathing a little. Taking that hair out will help you breathe much easier through your nose.

What Is Kenashii?

Kenashii uses a wax that you heat up in your microwave and apply to the inside opening of your nose with a compostable bioplastic applicator. Then you wait a short time and then pull that sucker out really fast.

Now I know your first question is about the amount of pain, right?

Well, for me, it was hardly anything, barely any discomfort, but from what I read online from other people who have used it, it varies. Some have zero pain, and some claim it’s painful.

What Is All Included?

24 – Plastic Applicators

100g – Premium Wax

12 – Post Waxing Balm Wipes

12 – Mustache Protectors

1 – Storage Bag

1 – Set of Detailed Instructions

kenashii product all what is included

Does It Work? How Good?

It works great. I have no real complaints about how it removes nose hair. It is quick, it was pain-free for me. I love the idea of removing it all at once instead of plucking or cutting it individually.

Plus, it gets all of them out, whereas plucking or cutting, you have to see them and then pluck or cut them. You can rest assured the wax will find them the first or second time around.

You will become a lot more comfortable using this product each time you use it. There is a slight learning curve initially, but you will quickly learn and get better.

Pros & Cons


  • Takes only about 5 minutes for both nostrils.
  • There are lots of positive reviews on Amazon; check them out.
  • A hilarious and detailed set of instructions! Follow the recommendations.
  • It comes with 12 mustache covers, which is great for avoiding even more pain. If you think nose hair hurts when pulling out, try pulling a mustache hair. Ouch!
  • Fragrance-free.
  • You can buy separate disposable tips. You can buy more here: Kenashii Nose Wax Applicator Sticks.
  • Breathing from your nose will become easier when you clear away all the hair inside your nose.
  • This should last for years as far as the wax is concerned.
  • Works on ear hair, too.
  • Results can last for up to 5 weeks. Pulling the hair out at the root takes longer to grow back than using a nose hair trimmer.
  • No more suffering from itching nose hairs.
  • It’s a whole lot cheaper than having a professional perform this on you.
  • The plastic applicators are made from compostable bioplastics!!! Great to see.
  • It’s a fun word to say after pulling out your nose hairs! Use it as a swear word.
  • Kenashii is specifically designed for the nose hairs at the entrance of the nose, thereby keeping the important hairs further back in the nose intact. So Kenashii goes after the nose hairs that are unsightly and poking out of the nostrils.


  • Oftentimes, it takes more than one application to get all hairs from inside of the nose. Usually, just two times, I will get everything. I know this is normal because I’ve seen on TV professionals waxing backs, and it often takes a couple of times to get all the hair off.
  • If you have any piercings, it is recommended that they be taken out.
  • There is going to be some pain involved. For some people, it doesn’t even bother them; others claim it is horrible. I found the pain was barely there. Everyone is different.
  • The mustache protesters didn’t stick to my mustache; I had to use my finger as the instructions said to.
  • It is a bit scary when first using it, but as long as you follow the instructions, it is safe.

Kenashii Super Nose Wax Kit | 100 g Wax, 24 Applicators | No Microwave Required | New Nose and Ear Hair Removal Kit | Nasal Waxing For Men and Women | 12 X Balm Wipes and Mustache Guards | Storage Bag

Tips On Using Kenashii

Read then reread instructions because when you go to use this, you’ll be thinking, now what am I supposed to do? This will alleviate questions, and it should go smoother. Also, reading the directions will keep you from potentially hurting yourself as you are dealing with hot wax in a sensitive area.

They also have a website, found here: Kenashii, where more information can be found.

Watch a couple of videos of people doing this. It will take a lot of the mystery out of the process and also alleviate a lot of questions you might have.

Does it work on ears?

Yep, I tried it myself and took care of my late 40s ear hair. So feel free to use it here as well.

Take A Look At This! Another Nose Hair Remover

This is another nose & ear hair pull but a mechanical device. I was really impressed with it and it performs fantastically.

EQUADOSE The TWEEZY Nose Hair & Ear Hair Remover. Designed for Hair Removal in Men & Women. Compare with Nose Hair Trimmers & Waxing Kits. Previously Called The Pluck.

I have used and also reviewed this product here: Tweezy Nose & Ear Hair Remover Review.

The Final Thoughts On Kenashii Nose Hair Removal Kit Review

I think once the initial learning curve of how to use this product properly is learned, it will be a great product. It can be a bit scary at first; I know I was leery about using it, but with a little bravery, it is pretty easy to use. As I stated above, I had little to no pain or discomfort using Kenashii. I had to do it twice to get everything, but I think with time, I will become more proficient at it.

Kenashii Super BUNDLE Nose Wax Kit | 100 g Wax, 84 Applicators | No Microwave Required | New Nose & Ear Hair Removal Kit | Nasal Waxing For Men and Women | 12 Balm Wipes, Mustache Guards, Storage Bag


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