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This post, Pete & Pedro Safety Razor Review, will dive deep into this product. We all want shaving to be easier, don’t we? I know I do! So, today, I will be reviewing the Pete & Pedro Safety Razor and seeing if, in fact, it does make shaving easier and less of a hassle. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by safety razors in the past and hope I am again surprised.

chrome safety razor
Pete & Pedro Safety Razor

Let’s go…

Full Disclosure

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What Is Included With Purchase?

1 – Pete & Pedro Safety Razor

5 – Parker Safety Razors

a black pack of safety razors
5 Parker Saftey Razors are included.

Specs Of The Pete & Pedro Safety Razor

This is a one-piece safety razor that is constructed with an all-brass frame that is chrome-plated to prevent corrosion. The head is a butterfly open that is operated by turning the bottom knurled end, which opens the head for razor placement. Most of the entire length of the handle is knurled, too, to help ensure a secure grip when using.

Weight – 3.2oz

Length – 4.2 inches

Razor Blades Compatibility – Any double-sided blade safety razor.

Did I Enjoy Using It? Is It Worth Getting?

I really enjoyed shaving my beard with this razor. From the first swipe of the blade, I knew I loved this. As I had over a week’s worth of beard length to contend with and where most multi-bladed cartridge razors would have easily clogged in the first inch of shaving, the Pete & Pedro Safety Razor took a hair off like the proverbial hot knife through butter analogy. I was immediately impressed with zero pulling or tugging.

I have only used and reviewed three different safety razors, and while I don’t have massive experience using a safety razor, I do have a little experience. But I do know when I want to shave, I want a single razor to do it—end of story.

Nothing beats the experience with a safety razor as compared to using a cartridge razor. If you haven’t made the switch, make it now and thank me later.

black box and razor

This razor will clog with hair, mind you, but it takes a lot longer to clog than multi-bladed razor blades. This shaves more hair before needing to be cleaned. But when clogged, it is easy to unclog, too, as you run it under the spigot, and all the hair is washed away. You need not tap this razor against the sink to unclog it. Just flip the razor over to the underbelly and there the back is open to allow quick and easy flushing of debris that has accumulated.

It was straightforward to get straight lines when shaving with this razor. I would often only need one pass over an area of my face to completely remove all hair. This is pleasurable and not at all frustrating. This also saves you considerable time. You get done much faster, and you feel like you won something.

box, safety razor and blades
Everything is included with the purchase of a 1-safety razor with 5 Parker double-sided razor blades.

I also experience zero razor bumps after shaving with it. The single-blade razor is less of a skin irritant than a multi-bladed razor.

With very few negatives and all positives, I really think this is worth purchasing. A winner, for sure.

black box and razor
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Pros & Cons


  • Sharp razors (Parker) are sent with this. I had over a week’s worth of stubble, and this was easily shaved right through that beard growth. Quickly and concisely.
  • Easy to wash out the razor. I simply just flip the Safety razor to the back side and wash out any shavings quickly. There was no need to tap against the sink. Just washing under the spigot did the job.
  • Easy to create nice straight lines.
  • The first pass shaving on most areas of my face removed hair immediately, and I didn’t have to go over that area again.
  • It is an affordable permanent solution and more environmentally friendly than disposable razors with less waste.
  • When shaving, you can easily flip around and use the unused side of the razor, as these are double-sided when one side is clogged with hair. Makes shaving faster than your standard cartridge razors by far.
  • Only need one pass shaving, no need to go over every area twice. I was surprised by the first pass and how it didn’t clog but also how much it shaved and removed a swath of beard growth. A typical standard cartridge razor would have clogged almost instantly with the length of beard hair I had. Truly surprising.
  • It is so much cheaper than purchasing expensive cartridge razors. Double-sided safety razors are far cheaper than cartridge razors. It is typical to see a hundred packs of safety razors for under $15.00; this would last you years of shaving.
  • The option to alter your razors. There are hundreds of different brands of safety razors on the market plus there are different levels of sharpness as well. Believe it or not, there is a mild and aggressive razor.
  • The Pete & Pedro Safety Razor has a good hefty weight to it, which is reassuring and makes for a good, steady hand.
  • The knurled texture makes for a sure grip.
  • Far less skin irritation! Do you suffer from razor bumps or ingrown hairs after shaving? Well, using a single razor blade really helps with these types of skin irritations. I suffer from razor bumps on my throat area when using cartridge razors. That is not the case here.
  • It’s more pleasurable than cartridge shaving. There is something about using a single sharp razor that easily shaves with far less tugging and discomfort. Hot knife through butter comes to mind.
  • It is made from a brass frame (which gives it its weight) that is chrome coated (to prevent corrosion).
  • The butterfly head works great by twisting the bottom. It has a solid design and is better than some other types of safety razors where you can cut yourself by installing the razor.
  • I like the Parker Razors that are sent with this safety razor. Sharp and a decent-lasting blade.


  • There is an increased risk of having nicks and cuts over other shaving methods. I nicked myself twice when first shaving with this nothing serious, mind you.
  • It is made in India. Better than China, I guess.
opened butterfly safety razor
Here is a picture of the opened butterfly head on this safety razor.

Tips On Using This

Make Your Safety Razor Safe

Check out my article on How To Safely Dispose Of Safety Razors Blades. You should really have a blade bank or a razor dumpster. This is simply a plastic container to hold used razor blades safely to avoid potentially cutting someone reaching into the waste bin or taking the trash out. Thankfully, these are cheap and really give you peace of mind.

key features with razor

Take Your Time & Prep

Wet shaving is an art and requires slightly more prep and time, but it is so much more enjoyable. If you are new to using a safety razor, remember to slow down and prep the skin with warm water and have a good shaving lotion or cream. This really helps to get a better shave and avoid cutting yourself.

Pete & Pedro has a post on How To Use A Safety Razor. It’s worth checking out if you are new to the experience.

Clean & Dry When Done

To help maintain your razor and blades, it is important to clean them out after every shave. Then, completely dry both the razor and blades when done. I usually carefully mind drying it with a Kleenex or toilet paper. This will keep your blade sharper for longer.

How Does This Compare To Other Safety Razors?

As mentioned above, I have reviewed other safety razors and cartridge razors in the past. This is where I hold them all up to the light and distinguish their worthiness compared to today’s review of Pete & Pedro’s offering of a safety razor.

Is there a razor that offers the same quality of shave as I experienced with Pete & Pedro?

Yes, that would be the OneBlade Hybrid. This is also a safety razor that uses a single blade and delivers the same great experience as shaving, though the OneBlade Hybrid is considerably more pricey as far as the razor itself and the razor blade. You can read more about the OneBlade Hybrid here: OneBlade Hybrid Razor Review.

packaging and contents of hybrid
The OneBlade Hybrid Razor comes with a lifetime(s) warranty; yes, that is plural.

Pete & Pedro Promo Code

Why not save money and also get a great product?

Use the Promo Code DNAGEL10 to save 10% on all purchases at Pete & Pedro.

The Final Shave Pete & Pedro Safety Razor Review

If you have been on the fence about trying out a safety razor and want to try something different, don’t hesitate to buy this Pete & Pedro Safety Razor. This is such a step up from the now traditional cartridge shavers.

I believe the benefits of using a safety razor over a cartridge razor are multiple times better. Ease of use, cheaper, quick and easy cleanout, and less wasteful. The Pete & Pedro Safety Razor is a good quality razor that is built to last and is well-designed. Makes shaving more enjoyable!

I highly recommend getting it!

chrome safety razor
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Any comments or questions are always welcome.

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