Should You Buy A Super Cheap Back Shaver From Aliexpress?

Read Before Buying A Cheap Back Shaver

We all know we can find cheaper items online at places like Aliexpress. I know there are good deals to be had on sites like Aliexpress depending on the product’s purchased. So, should you buy a super cheap back shaver from Aliexpress? I’ve bought three separate back shavers and relay my experiences with what I have received and how they performed, along with my experience with the highest-end back shavers on the current marketplace.

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I will point out the cheapest and best back shaver out of the bunch if you are interested below if you are interested. One is a decent back shaver and the two other ones are a complete waste of money.

You Get What You Pay For

The old adage “You get what you pay for” still holds true today and truer words definitely apply for cheap back shavers. Not a big surprise for older people, that have been allured with a cheap price only to get burn when they use the product.

Lessons in life are never free! Unfortunately…

Holy Smokes…A five dollar Back Shaver???

If your spidey senses are not going off when you see a five-dollar back shaver, they should be. Like I said before you get what you pay for.

Take a gander at some of these prices of back shavers at AliExpress. Then tell me if your cheap junk alarm goes off.

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What Quality Brings

  • Easy to buy cartridges – Some cartridges are almost impossible to find with some back shaver, so when your blade goes dull, your out of luck.
  • Handles made from quality plastics – I’ve experienced this one myself. The handle just broke simply by putting a little bit of pressure on it. Instant junk and landfill-bound.
  • Products that actually last longer – From cheaper razors to cheaper plastics, this all contributes to a product lifespan.
  • Products that are better designed and work – Getting the precise angle on back shavers is paramount to it working correctly. How it indexes on the handle as well as the amount of curve in the handle all play a significant role in the product working easily or being a pain in the ass.
  • Longer ship times to get products – Depending on where you are in the world products take a lot longer to get to you.

Back Shavers From Aliexpress

Qiuue Back Shaver – This goes by so many different names online, some are just generic and some are wrongly named. Like the Epilator Trimmer Shaver Hair Shaving Knife, you get the point. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact name, as I feel this is just bought in bulk and sold by many different sellers with varying names.

qiuue back shaver blue

This is sold as the Qiuue on Amazon but goes under a ton of generic names on Aliexpress. This shaves pretty decent but has a major design flaw in the handle and it breaks when just a little amount of pressure is applied to it.

You can read my full review here – Qiuue Best Men Manual Back Hair Shaver Review.

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Electric Back Hair Shaver Model B3 – Another one to avoid like the plague. As this is just plain and simple cheap junk. This also goes by many generic names but there is no mistaking the picture once you see it. If you see any baby blue on a back shaver run!!! For an electric back shaver, the price seems very reasonable but it isn’t because of how cheap the build structure is.

close up of electrice foil shaver
Cheap junk. Look at the bottom trimmer out of alignment and bulging out.

You can read the full review here, Electric Back Hair Shaver Model B3 Review.

Check It Out On AliExpress

Liberex Back Shaver Review – This one is a step above the ones listed above but it still isn’t that good either. This has a pivoting head that makes shaving your back a real pain in the ass. A bad design flaw, that without the bad design it would be a better back shaver by far.

everything included with liberex back shaver
Liberex Back Shaver

You can read my full review here, Liberex Back Shaver Review.

Check It Out On AliExpress

When AliExpress Might Be A Good Idea For Purchasing A Back Shaver

Adjustable Stretchable Back Shaver – This one goes under many different names and people pay way more than you can find on AliExpress. See a theme going here with all the different names?

But this one I have found to work the best out of all the back shavers I have used on AliExpress. It does have some minor flaws but it works at ridding your back of hair.

man shaving back with xpreen

You can read my full review here, Xpreen Back Shaver Review.

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Have any experiences you want to share with AliExpress? Please feel free to below. Thanks!

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