Should You Shave Your Balls Or Is Trimming Good Enough??????

The big question is, should you shave your balls or is trimming good enough? Trimming is fast, and shaving is more time-consuming but with a slightly better feel and look. You have four options for dealing with groin hair:

  1. Do Nothing
  2. Trim,
  3. Shave,
  4. Or a combination of trimming and shaving your pubes.

You will fall under one of these four options. Doing nothing and going all 70s is fine, but if you want to maintain a clean and well-manicured look, you are going to have to either trim or shave your balls.

These two methods of dealing with groin hair have advantages and drawbacks. So, I will review these details and give you information to help you make the most informed decision.

Shaving Your Nuts

Shaving your balls gives you a better look and appearance because the hair is below skin level, as it will take longer for the hair to grow back. This is not without disadvantages, as shaving often leads to hair clogging up the razor very quickly.

Also, you are more likely to nick yourself while shaving with some type of razor as opposed to using a well-designed trimmer.

If you are looking for the best razor to shave your balls, I have written an article here, What Is The Best Razor For Shaving Balls? Although unconventional in size, it works the best, as I found out by just using it one day. Beats every other razor I have tried for that area. The razor blades are spaced farther apart and do not stack right on top of each other like a beard razor does. This fact makes shaving longer hairs much easier.

pool balls with a razor

Trimming Your Balls – Is It Good Enough?

I find trimming my balls and groin area with a quality trimmer is, in fact, good enough. So, yes, it is good enough. The amount of hair left is negligible as it is rather close enough to the skin to be imperceivable. While yes, shaving your balls does leave a smoother texture down there, I think trimming for me is the way to go.

If you don’t like the idea of shaving, try using a trimmer. Trimmer almost always comes with at least two different guide combs, too. Using a guide comb really helps protect against nicking yourself as it provides more distance between the blade and skin. Also, keep in mind you can use both methods if you want. Use a trimmer to knock down the bulk of the hair and a razor to get super smooth.

I love how fast trimming your balls is compared to shaving, as I am a busy person, and any time I can save is better. Seeing how popular ball trimmers have become, I would also say most people feel this as well.

If you are looking for the best trimmer, I would highly recommend checking my article on the best groin trimmer I have used to date here, Meridian Trimmer Plus Review – Worth Getting? Find Out.

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hair trimmer

When Is Shaving Necessary?

Shaving is often required when you undergo surgery, for example, having a vasectomy. The doctors will ask you to shave your balls before surgery to keep hair out of the surgery area to lessen the infection problem.

Pros & Cons Of Trimming Your Nuts


  • The fastest method of dealing with groin hair.
  • Safest. Using the highest quality groin trimmer can really cut down on the nicks and cuts.
  • It can be used elsewhere on the body to trim hair as well, although it should be cleaned.
  • More options. Most groin trimmers come with different guide combs that you can attach and vary the length if that is what you want. Great for trimming hair at the top of the groin.
  • Improves hygiene.
  • Reduces bad odors. Trimming groin hair can often improve foul odors as bacteria often attach to hair.
  • No itchiness when hair grows back. The hair is often slightly longer than when shaved. This longer length negates any skin irritation.
  • No razor burns or ingrown hair.
  • Great for people with sensitive skin.


  • There is some technique involved in using a groin trimmer. It does take a few times using it to get it down.
  • Have to worry about charging the unit. A good trimmer with decent battery life can get many trims out of it before recharging.
  • Slight tugging and stretching of the skin of the scrotum sometimes need to get a good trim.
  • Groin trimmers can be more expensive initially but, over time, could be more cost-effective than razor and blade cartridges.

Pros & Cons Of Shaving Your Nuts


  • Hair is cut slightly below skin level and has the best feel as you can not feel any hair.
  • Hair takes longer to grow back after shaving than trimming.
  • Nothing to charge or plug into.
  • Shaved balls are probably the most preferred.
  • Improves hygiene.
  • Hair and sweat can cause bad odors to linger in your groin area. Shaving can help avoid this.


  • More time-consuming.
  • Razors tend to quickly clog with hair while shaving.
  • Dull blades often pull and tug, making it uncomfortable.
  • Need to keep purchasing razor blades after the blades become dull.
  • Also, some light stretching and tugging of the scrotum skin are needed to shave your balls.
  • Shaving your groin can be itchier when it grows back.
  • Cuts & nicks are more prone to happen with shaving as compared to trimming.
  • A standard beard razor is designed to cut facial hair, not groin hair. There is a difference.
  • Chance of razor burns and ingrown hairs from using a razor.

Questions & Tips

Are Scissors Good At Trimming Balls?

No, maybe in the past, this was acceptable, but there weren’t many options back in the day. The risk of cutting into your delicate skin down there is ever present, and never mind getting that close and using a device that could loop off your junk. No way!!!

Equinox Hair Cutting Scissors - Salon Scissors - For Barber and Salon Use - Razor Edge Shears for Men and Women - 6.5” Overall Length - Premium Shears - hair cutting scissors men

How Long Does It Take You To Shave Your Balls?

I would say anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes. These can vary, of course, because everybody is different.

How Long Does It Take You To Trim Your Balls?

I would say anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes.

Can Ball Trimmers Cut & Nick You?

Yes, ANY Ball Trimmer can potentially cut or nick you. The design and materials used in making quality groin trimmers greatly reduce this risk. There are proper techniques for shaving your balls. It is best to follow the specific manufacturer’s directions for use.

Whatever Method You Do…Take Your Time!

This is not a race; you shouldn’t be in a hurry, especially if this is your first time. Just slow down and make slow, deliberate passes or strokes. Going too fast often leads to nicks and cuts, and nobody wants that. So, just slow down.

Should You Use A Guide Comb When Trimming Your Balls?

The choice is yours to make if you want more protection from nicks, and especially if you are new to trimming down there, I highly recommend using a guide comb. This will also help you work on the correct technique while minimizing accidental nicks.

two black guide combs
Guide combs are great for protecting the skin.

The Final Shave: Should You Shave Your Balls Or Is Trimming Good Enough

I prefer the convenience of using a trimmer. It’s just more practical, and I am usually done in 5 minutes or so. It takes most of the hair off and is close enough to the skin almost to have the same effect as shaving.

Any questions or comments are always welcome.

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