Bakblade Bodbarber 11-In-1 Total Body Groomer Review: How Great Is it?


So, needless to say, I am pretty excited to try out one of their newest products, the Bakblade Bodbarber 11-In-1 Total Body Groomer Review. Bodbarber is a near-complete hair grooming kit, near-complete because it handles everything else but shaving back hair (at least by yourself).

So, everything else from head to toe will be tackled by this grooming tool. Luckily, we are dealing with Bakblade here, as they are the best in the world, in my opinion, for shaving back hair.

Bakblade as a company has always impressed me over the years, from their first back shaver, the Bigmouth 1.0 Bakblade, to the current reigning champ, the Bakblade 2.0 Elite Plus Back Shaver. They constantly work to improve products with each iteration.

Hoping to be wowed again with this BodBarber. Well, let’s see…

baKblade 11-in-1 Mens Grooming Kit for Manscaping - BODBARBER - Electric Beard Trimmer for Men, Groin Groomer, Body Groomer, Nose & Ear Groomer - Cordless & Waterproof Hair Clippers - Men Gift Set

What’s In The Box?

  • 1 – BODBARBER Body Groomer
  • 1 – GroinGroomer trimmer attachment
  • 1 – Full-Size trimmer attachment
  • 1 – Body Groomer trimmer attachment
  • 1 – Ear/Nose Groomer attachment
  • 1 – Micro Foil Shaver
  • 1 – Micro Shaver attachment
  • 1 – Design Trimmer attachment
  • 1 – USB Cable
  • 1 – Wall Adapter
  • 1 – Cleaning Brush
  • 1 – Blade Oil
  • 5 – Guide Combs (3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, and Guide Comb)
  • 1 – Hair Comb
  • 1 – Bakblade Leather Travel Bag
  • 1 – Grooming Stand
  • 1 – Set of Instructions included
everything that is included
Oh, I forgot the Travel bag that is also included.

BodBarber Specs

GroinGroomer – 1″ wide

Full-Size Trimmer – 1 1/2″ wide

Foil Shaver – 1″ wide

The Most Important Thing…How Well Does It Work?

The many attachments can easily win you over right from the get-go. They all work great after trying them all out. I find the motor of the Bodbarber is more than adequate for trimming body hair. That being said, I wouldn’t cut the hair on my head with this, as I prefer a more robust motor and a bigger shear head for doing this. I do cut my own hair once in a while. But for body hair, I think it does a fantastic job.

This isn’t the cheap junk that you can find for really cheap on Amazon. The Bodbarber does have some power, and everything fits well and runs well. The sound from a properly designed sheer can also tell you a lot about itself. Thankfully, the sound is pretty decent. I’ve purchased junky sheers and trimmers in the past, and right away, after turning it on, you can tell by the noise it makes whether or not it is going to work.

Changing the different heads feels great and solid and securely locks the head in place. It comes with a plastic grooming stand, which you can place on the counter and store nicely till you need it.

baKblade 11-in-1 Mens Grooming Kit for Manscaping - BODBARBER - Electric Beard Trimmer for Men, Groin Groomer, Body Groomer, Nose & Ear Groomer - Cordless & Waterproof Hair Clippers - Men Gift Set

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Pros & Cons


  • I love the idea this handles just about everything that needs trimming on your body and addresses that issue.
  • Comes fully charged. Love this!!!
  • It’s 100% Waterproof, but I don’t recommend using this in the shower.
  • It comes with the Bakblade Leather Travel Bag, which is great for storing all the many items that come along with this kit. This is a nice and simple Dopp kit; you can read a full review of it here: Bakblade Leather Travel Bag Review.
  • The grooming stand is a nice touch if you have the available space on your bathroom sink; I do not, as my wife has commandeered every available space.
  • There are lots of different attachments, more than I have seen elsewhere.
  • Fits in the hand nicely.
  • A digital monitor that tells how much power remains in charge.
  • High Speed: by pressing the power button twice, you get the high-speed setting.
  • A great little cleaning brush is included and necessary for cleaning the different shaving attachments out.
  • Attaching and reattaching different heads is simple and fast once you learn how.
  • No bloody nuts! It did not cut me down below when trimming down there. The GroinGroomer head attachment has significantly smaller teeth and tighter spacing in between the teeth; this is a really good thing, as the tighter the gaps are, the less likely that skin can get cut
  • It is cheaper in price than some other popular grooming products.


  • It’s hard to get away from this these days, but everything is made in China, and while it doesn’t mean it is a deal breaker, it’s just a downside.
  • I would like to see the different trimmer head attachments have some labels on them so you can more easily tell what attachment you are grabbing, as some of them are very similar in appearance.
  • I would maybe like to see a ceramic blade for blade longevity and sharpness.
bodbarber shaver
This comes fully charged.

Tips On Using The Bodbarber

When trimming the hair around your junk, it is recommended to use the high-speed setting, and everywhere else, use the regular power setting.

To change shaving and trimming heads, simply pull downward and off, and to reattach, simply line up the clip and push downward.

If you need a back shaver, you need to check out the Bakblade 2.0 Elite Plus Back Shaver. You can read my full in-depth review here: Bakblade 2.0 Elite Plus Back Shaver Review.

If you want to use an actual razor to shave your body hair on the larger areas like the chest, arms, and legs, Bakblade also makes a Bodblade. You can read my full review of that here: Bodblade Review – Shave Chest, Arms, & Stomach? Find Out!

The Final Thoughts On Bakblade Bodbarber 11-In-1 Total Body Groomer Review

I really like the Bodbarber and think most people will, too! The motor seems more than adequate to handle body hair. The different attachments will also help get rid of body hair more conveniently. Just like Bakblade’s other products, this is also made solidly and performs well. Bakblade didn’t let me down and continues to make great products. In this vein, I can highly recommend the Bodbarber for getting rid of body hair.

baKblade 11-in-1 Mens Grooming Kit for Manscaping - BODBARBER - Electric Beard Trimmer for Men, Groin Groomer, Body Groomer, Nose & Ear Groomer - Cordless & Waterproof Hair Clippers - Men Gift Set

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If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to do so below.

2 thoughts on “Bakblade Bodbarber 11-In-1 Total Body Groomer Review: How Great Is it?”

  1. I clicked around on you website, and must say, I enjoy your sense of humor, Dan! I’m not hairy at all myself, but to be honest I have been a little curious about the lengths that our hairier brethren go to in order to “groom”. I honestly don’t understand what is so unattractive or “unsightly” about a male body with some hair on it. 

    Anyway, informative review here! I can tell you know your stuff. I personally like the appearance of this model as well as the functionality you highlighted.

    • Your right and there should be more accepting of a hairy man. But for some, the weight of their hairiness is a heavy load of unacceptance and just being part of a group or crowd. Or it could be a matter of itchiness or self-confidence. A sense of humor helps a lot for me.

      I can not stand to shave my chest and only do it for testing or reviewing on this website. The reason for this is the amount of itchiness that follows when the hair starts to grow back. Plus I like a semi-hairy chest on myself.

      Glad you liked my humor. 


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