How To Shave The Back Of The Neck – Without Messing It Up

Up Your Neck Game

We have all been there as men, having an unkempt back of the neck hair, either from not going to the barber sooner than later or trimming the back of the neck ourselves and doing a hit or miss job. I believe you can shave your own neck in-between barber visits or just when you feel the need and do a bang-up job too. In this post, How To Shave The Back of The Neck – Without Messing It Up, I will show you what tools and tips to use to always have a good neck game.

So, let get to it, shall we?…

Questions About Shaving Your Neck

Do I need a mirror? – Nope, but it can you give you reaffirm you did it correctly afterward.

Do I need someone to do it for me? – No, you can do it yourself and feel confident that you did a good job too.

Can I get consistent results? – Following the directions is easy and doing so will always result in a quality job, yes!

Template Or Neck Shaver???

I have been recently been reviewing and using both neck hair templates and a specific neck shaver. Although I have seen them for years, I was quite leary if they would do a good job. Now, after having used them I am quite convinced they do a fantastic bang-up job and a must for any “I’ll Do It Myself Kind Of Man.

To help you decide which one is right for you I will lay out some benefits of both and let you decide for yourself what one seems the best fit for yourself. But keep in mind both work great!

Neck Shaver

This is my go-to method of cleaning up the back of my neck.

First the neck shaver, LVL Neck Shaver Starter Set is a flexible plastic band that conforms to the back of your neck. This band holds three separate razors that are multibladed. There are two finger holds at both ends that give you precise control when shaving. LVL Shave Co. sells different size starter kits from 3 months to a year supply.

lvl shave kit neck
This system works great! Highly recommended.

After using this for a couple of months this is my personal go-to for cleaning up my neck. I just love it as it does a quick and solid job with good results every time and I think you would love it too. I just follow the directions from the instructions and the How-To Videos on LVL’s website and every time I am left with a well-groomed neck. It is all very simple and easy to use.

man in mirror using lvl neck shaver

It sure makes taking care of your neck much easier. So, before we head off to the neck template you can read a more detailed breakdown of the LVL here in my review, LVL Neck Shaver Starter Set Review.

Purchase The LVL Neck Shaver

Neck Template

My other go-to method of dealing with neck hair is the Quality Time Neck Guide Supremium. This is a super comfortable plastic band that is held on your head by an adjustable elastic headband. The plastic template goes on the back of the head while the elastic band goes over the forehead.

I have reviewed other neck hair templates and this one is my favorite, for its comfort, ease of use, and template shape. Once applied it doesn’t move, so there is no need to hold the template in place, allowing you to use both hands if needed to shave your neck. This also gives very consistent results each and every time.

Check out my in-depth review here, Quality Time Neck Hair Guide Supremum Review.

man wearing neck hair guide

Purchase Quality Time Neck Guide Supremium Template

Tips For Shaving The Back Of The Neck

I often get razor bumps after shaving the back of my neck. To help avoid razor bumps on the back of the neck your going to have to a little prep.

Tools needed are warm or hot water, a small towel or washcloth, and shaving cream.

Prep the skin with a towel soaked in warm or hot water first. Make sure not to burn yourself with too hot of water. Once the towel is wet and warm place it on the back of the neck and leave it on there for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes take the towel off and apply your neck hair template if using one. Then apply the shaving cream and shave.

You can also skip the hot towel if you just take a warm/hot shower then apply shaving cream and shave.

Doing these steps will help reduce razor bumps and skin irritations, as this preps the skin and hair for easier shaving.

You Don’t Need A Barber Anymore

As long as you pay attention to even centering and placement of both products you will always receive consistent results. It is for this reason these two products get my approval and endorsement. Both systems work great!

Now…get to cleaning up that neck.

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