How To Put On Deodorant – The Right Way

Best Practices

I will be giving a general idea of how to put on deodorant. While most people don’t even consider how to properly put on deodorant there is a right and a wrong way to do it. Believe it or not. So, in this post, The idea came to write this post came to me after reviewing many deodorants here on my website and realizing I was actually putting on deodorant wrong.

So, through trial and error, I corrected the way I did things to improve my deodorant performance.

man putting on deodorant

There definitely a right and a wrong way to go about this. Applying deodorant wrongly can adversely affect the way it performs. Also, I will list some of the best deodorants I have reviewed if you are looking to make a switch.

The Best Way To Apply Deodorant

  1. Clean Skin. Starting off with clean skin is the number one step to properly apply deodorant. This can be either a shower, bath, or sponge bath. When soap is used this process removes dirt and sweat from the whole body not just the armpits.
  2. Dry Yourself Off. Use a towel to completely dry yourself before you apply any deodorant. You do not want to have wet armpits when applying deodorant, as the water makes it less effective. Just give yourself a couple of minutes after toweling off to completely air dry before applying deodorant.
  3. Put Your Shirt On First. Trust me…you want to put on whatever shirt, blouse, jersey, sweater, chemise, or turtleneck. Then apply the deodorant. This accomplishes two things. Keeps the deodorant where it needs to be and doesn’t leave residue streaks on the sides of your shirt. Which doesn’t look good either. This is super important especially if the shirt is tight as the deodorant will often transfer to the outside of the shirt when the shirt goes over the armpits. Leaving streaks of deodorant on the shirt and reducing the amount of deodorant actually on your armpits. So, put your shirt on then apply deodorant next. This makes it a little more awkward to apply the deodorant but at least it doesn’t spread where you don’t want it and you are fully protected.
  4. Applying Deodorant To Both Underarms. Most people only apply the deodorant to where the hair grows but fail to cover all the sweat glands. So swipe normally then circle that area with deodorant to ensure you have adequate coverage. This might mean applying more deodorant to your chest, back, and ribs.
  5. Have A Backup Stick Of Deodorant. Look, we sometimes forget to put on deodorant. So, why not have a backup in place at your job or gym? I probably over the course of the year 4 or 5 times forget to put on deodorant because it always feels like I’m rushing to get to work on time. You can have it for emergencies or if you happen to forget it. You can leave it in your desk, cubby hole, locker, or wherever for the times you forget. You’ll be glad you did.
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Best Long Lasting Deodorant

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mando mt fuji deodorant

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5 sticks of deodorants

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think deodorant charcoal & sage

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primal life organics stick up deodorant review

Best Smelling Individual Deodorants

These are specific deodorant scents that I love!!! Scents that left a very positive impression after reviewing many different deodorants over the years. These are some of my favorites and come highly recommended.

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Primal Life Organics White Coconut Deodorant – A more subtle coconut scent but still a winner that has great ingredients.

Pete & Pedro Super Fresh Deodorant – This is a damn good-smelling deodorant! The scent is fantastically well-blended Eucalyptus and Spearmint which is a unisex scent.

The Final Thoughts

Putting on deodorant is rather simple and just altering a few things you can improve its performance and really cut down on having deodorants staining your shirts.

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