Best Christmas Gifts Under 25 Dollars

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Whether stocking stuffers or just gifts, these best Christmas gifts under 25 dollars ideas will help cross off names on your list and let you enjoy the holidays. For only 25 bucks, you can give a very functional and practical gift.

I will give an error of margin for $5.00. Prices often fluctuate so some prices might dip below or slightly above.

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Soaps make a wonderful gift!!!

16 bars of soap
Dr. Squatch makes excellent, great-smelling soaps.

Everybody uses soap. Soap can elevate your mood and also get you clean and smelling nice. So, this is a very practical gift that every person could use. These are my top-of-the-list recommended soaps.

You can buy more than one with various scents, too. I will list some of the best soaps I have reviewed and describe their unique characteristics.

Habitoux Mens Dopp Kit

Habitoux Mens Toiletry Bags for Women Travel Bag Dopp Kit YKK Zip Canvas and Leather

This three-compartment toiletry bag is made from a heavy canvas with a waterproof-repellent inner lining. This is very lightweight but also able to hold a lot of grooming accessories securely. This also comes in three color variations: khaki, grey, and camo.

This is built to last with ripstop lining and quality YKK zippers. This super solid Dopp kit should easily fit all the grooming essentials.

Komalc Premium Buffalo Leather Unisex Toiletry Bag Travel Dopp Kit

KomalC Premium Buffalo Leather Unisex Toiletry Bag Travel Dopp Kit (Distressed Orange Tan)

Here is another Dopp kit that is just a stunner and should last a lifetime. Very old-school looking, rugged, and sophisticated. This buffalo leather is thick and sturdy. I love that the sides are stiff and don’t fold in on themselves, even if this Dopp kit is empty. It holds its shape.

There are three storage compartments, two interiors, and one outer. Also, five solid brass bottom studs are attached to the bottom to prolong and help protect the bottom, thus increasing the lifespan.

Hollow Socks

Hollow Socks Black Alpaca Crew Socks

Getting socks as a kid was a real bummer, but now, as an adult, I think it is the complete opposite. I love wearing great-quality socks. These Hollow Socks are just that…a great quality sock.

I recently purchased and have reviewed these socks, and they are a true game-changer as far as socks go. These socks are made from alpaca fibers, which help keep feet cool or warm depending on the environment. Very heat-regulating socks.

These socks are just fantastic and make my full-time job more bearable. As they help keep my feet comfortable and happy throughout the day. They are also softer than traditional wool or cotton socks. For a complete overview, head to my Hollow Socks Review page.

They offer five different socks to purchase, but only three fall into this specific price bracket.

  • Crew Socks
  • Ankle Socks
  • No-Show Socks

Exfoliating Scrubbers

I never liked using a standard washcloth or loofah in the shower. Mainly because they quickly became gross and funky-smelling. But within the last couple of years, I have found two new and fantastic scrubbers that have transformed my shower routine.

Let me share those two exfoliators with you.

Happy Nuts Body & Nut Scrubber – Softer Exfoliating Experience

HAPPY NUTS Body Wash & Scrubber Bundle - Sea Man Body Nut Wash and Body Nut Scrubber

I just recently reviewed this and loved it. This fits in the palm of your hand and is made from soft silicone with hundreds of silicone bristles. These bristles help give a soft exfoliating experience. This can be used anywhere on the body.

This does not develop foul odors like other washcloths and such. It dries quickly and doesn’t hold onto water like a washcloth or loofah. For the 25-dollar price range, you can purchase the scrubber and the body wash, and I think this would make a terrific gift.

More information can be found here: Happy Nuts Body & Nut Scrubber Review.

Salux Exfoliating Washcloth – More Aggressive Exfoliating Experience

SALUX Nylon Japanese Beauty Skin Bath Wash Cloth Towel 3 Count Pink Yellow Blue

This has the best scrub feeling!!!

I prefer a more aggressive scrub, and nothing beats Salux. I’ve tried other brands, and this is still the washcloth I grab for. This long washcloth is 38 inches long and 11 1/2 inches wide and is constructed out of synthetic cloth with a patented texture woven into it. The patented texture is amazing, and they have it dial-in, at least to me, the perfect texture.

Because this is so long, it can easily scrub your back, dries fast, and never develops funky odors. I have used mine for over 1 1/2 years, and it still smells clean.

My full in-depth review is here: Salux Washcloth Review – You Need This Shower Towel.

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