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I thought it would be helpful to post what are my go-to grooming products. Having used and reviewed many grooming products over the years, I definitely have my favorites. This has come from running every product through the paces and using many grooming products.

I basically want to highlight the products I reach for when I go to groom and take care of business. I have so many grooming products that I have personally reviewed I hate to store the ones I don’t use down in the basement in a tote. So, I do have some experience that you might find helpful to make your grooming habits more accessible and more productive.

Let’s get to it, shall we…

My Go-To Back Shaver I Use

We, of course, have to start off this list with a back shaver; after all this is the name of my website and main focus, but I also review other grooming products as well. Not every man has back hair, but for those that do…I want to recommend the best shaver I have used to date, and I have reviewed just about every one of them.

Bakblade 2.0 Elite Plus

It’s no secret on my website what I find to be the best back hair destroyer it’s the almighty Bakblade 2.0 Elite Plus. This is the third generation of a back shaver from the best back shaver company.

baKblade 2.0 Elite Plus Back Shavers for Men: The DIY Back Hair Shaver for Men with Safety Blade Technology & Ergonomic Handle, Wet or Dry Shaving (Extra Blades Included)

Bakblade is the real innovator in the back-shaving world. It was the first company to stack razor blade cartridges, a total of three of them, and put them on a long handle to shave the back. If you want the best quality back shaver from bow to stern the 2.0 Elite Plus is where it is at. From the types of plastics used to the razor, this is hands down the most thought-out, built, and best-designed there is.

As performance goes on, it just obliterates hair without ever even blinking. The hair just falls to the floor, and you are left smooth. I have used over the years all of their three-generation back shavers and I have never even so much as nick my back once with any of them. Shaving time is really quick and takes a little under 10 minutes for me to finish and have a super smooth back.

To read more about why Bakblade 2.0 Elite Plus is the bomb, head over to my full in-depth review here, Bakblade 2.0 Elite Plus Back Shaver Review.

baKblade 2.0 Elite Plus Back Shavers for Men: The DIY Back Hair Shaver for Men with Safety Blade Technology & Ergonomic Handle, Wet or Dry Shaving (Extra Blades Included)

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My Go-To Beard Trimmer I Use

Brio Beadscape Beard Hair Trimmer

I know why there is a lot of hype surrounding this trimmer.

front side of trimmer
The Brio Beardscape is amazing, just amazing!!!

Newly tested and reviewed by me, I quickly and easily fell in love with this product for taking care of my facial hair and beard. The versatility of this grooming device will leave any man with facial hair completely happy and satisfied. This rechargeable trimmer has the typical four dual-sided combs but also has a Micro Adjust Lever that really makes this stand out. You are able to get the perfect level of stubble, if that is what you want, exactly to the height you want. It’s the best I have ever used for this feature alone.

This also has a fantastic battery life that can also be plugged into the wall with a cord if you forget to charge it and be used. Cutting speed can also be adjusted to five different settings. It has a lot of great features, too many to list in this roundup, but what you need to know is it just performs great and is highly versatile.

Check out more information on this amazing beard trimmer here: Brio Beardscape Beard Hair Trimmer Review.

box of the brio beardscape
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My Go-To Beard Razor I Use

OneBlade Hybrid Razor

I have been using many different cartridge beard razors over the years and didn’t really know there was better out there…until I tried the OneBlade Hybrid Razor. The light switch then turned on to the amazing world of using a single-blade razor instead of multi-blade razors. If you have been stuck in that old world of using expensive multi-blade cartridges, let me say there is better out there, and the OneBlade Hybrid is a wonderful razor.

run through of features of hybrid razor

This beard razor doesn’t leave any skin irritation as multi-bladed razors do. I am highly susceptible to skin irritation on my neck after shaving. But zero skin irritation after shaving with the one blade of the Hybrid. Oh, and by the way, it has a lifetime warranty. That’s lifetimes with an s at the end, people. This is more expensive but very worth it!

Also gone are the days of clogged hair in the razor, the endless tapping it on the sink. The single razor is prone to far less clogging by design and it has a very wide opening in the back of the razor for easy flushing of hair and cleaning. It is such a simple design idea that works fantastically.

Please read my full review here, OneBlade Hybrid Razor Review.

packaging and contents of hybrid
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My Go-To Ball Trimmer I Use

Meridian Trimmer Plus

The Meridian Trimmer kicks the balls off of its competitors. This is the ball trimmer I reach for when I need trimming down there sure, other trimmers I have reviewed have done well as well, but this is what I subconsciously and consciously reach for.

green hair trimmer

I want reliability, and most importantly, I want something that doesn’t nick the delicate and weird skin down there. The Meridian does just that. The ceramic blades are great for long life in retaining their sharpness over stainless steel and are the route most ball trimmer manufacturers are using. This will not bog down on you no matter how much hair you throw at it, as it runs at 6,000 strokes a minute. It also, in my opinion, has the most comfortable handle I have reviewed for a ball shaver as well.

You can purchase just the trimmer at Meridian, or they also have packages with many other accessories too. A must-try is their Ball Spray. I thought I would hate it, but I loved it. Keeps them fresh and dry.

My full review of why I highly recommend this product can be found here: Meridian Trimmer Plus Review – Worth Getting? Find Out.

Buy One, Get One 50% Off Just use the code HOLIDAY at Meridian. Offer expires December 15th at 11:59pmPT 2023.  

3 different colored trimmers
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My Go-To All-Purpose Trimmer I Use

Brio Beardscape Beard Hair Trimmer

Brio Beardscape is back on the list again, but this time as the best all-purpose trimmer, yeah, it’s that damn good.

guide combs and trimmer

Why is that?

Well, it does everything great. Cutting your hair, trimming your beard, trimming your groin hair, trimming body hair. It does it all and can handle it all. If you want a do-it-all trimmer, this is it.

With its powerful motor, LCD display, guide combs, micro-adjustable lever, and amazing battery, it leaves other multi-purpose trimmers in the dust. Plus, it has a wider blade than most multi-purpose blades and is a really serious trimmer that is built well and doesn’t feel like cheap junk—a real tool for real men.

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My Go-To Clay & Pomade Hair Product I Use

Lockhart Professional Matte Clay

A product that takes my dry and unruly hair and can transform it into looking sharp and stylish gets my nod. I get many compliments whenever I wear this, and it has transformed me from a man who always used to wear a baseball cap to enjoying styling my hair and going in public.

Lockhart's Professional Matte Clay, Medium/Firm Hold, Matte Shine (3.4oz.)

This has been a staple in my grooming routine for many years, and I always have a stash of this on hand. If you are new to pomades or clays, I highly recommend checking this one out. This is a medium-hold clay that still allows your hair to move without stiffness but still retains its shape. It smells clean and manly and blends well with other colognes. Very versatile.

Read more here: Lockhart’s Matte Clay Review.

Lockhart's Professional Matte Clay, Medium/Firm Hold, Matte Shine (3.4oz.)

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My Go-To Tweezers I Use

Tweezerman Slant Tweezer

I have had many, many tweezers over the years, but none work and stay sharp and able to grab hair like the highly affordable Tweezerman Slant Tweezers do. Getting older and heading into my 50s, my hair is growing out of places I never thought possible, but to the rescue is Tweezerman. Every hair I set my sights on grabs, and I am able to pluck it out.

Forget about keeping those cheap tweezers you bought at the local drugstore or superstore. They don’t hold a candle for longevity or function. Don’t just take my word for it. These are highly rated on Amazon, too.

My review can be found here: Tweezerman Slant Tweezer Review.

Tweezerman Stainless Steel Slant Tweezer - Eyebrow Tweezers for Women and Men (Black)

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My Go-To Nose Hair Trimmer I Use

Meridian The Up-Here Trimmer

A solid nose hair trimmer. Oftentimes times, nose hair trimmers are just junk; they feel weak and flimsy and usually break within a year. If you want to avoid having to keep buying a nose hair trimmer, get the Meridian.

meridian up-here trimmer up close

This is small and compact but fits nicely in your hand. I never experienced any hair pulling or nicks using it. The motor turns at 9,000 RPM and has a 30-minute run time.

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The Final Thoughts On What Are My Go-To Grooming Products

I would love to hear what you reach for in any area of grooming. Did I miss anything? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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